be nice if I could actually get to play this map. played the same map 6 times yesterday.

  1. what is with the map rotation its like every day has a daily map like yesterday I got nothing but hourglass and the day before i get nothing but discarded and today I got nothing but hourglass & stranded

  2. If they took a chunk of this bitch out... and it's a medium sized map. I wonder what they will do to breakaway. I am guessing the entire peak is gone. I think I've had like 3 fights up there and it was when my squad was already there... I'd rather have the map be around the peak/mountain range then the glacier. Or move the mountain and the glacier together

  3. Holy shit yes! There is three things that's keeping me from 2042 now. #1 Having to find a new game after each match. #2 The amount of running. Maps are too large, filled with nothing but grass. At LEAST put in a bunch of quad bikes! Or better yet shrink them! #3 No server browser. I always always use the browser when playing BFV.

  4. thing is, lobbies are persistent, it is just nobody bothered enough to wait thr something like 5 minutes

  5. You'll be dissapointed. It's the same map layout as before the update. They didn't even bother to update it. What's even the point of the solar panel farm/giant suron eye. Even in conquest the team has its main spawn there so there is almost 0 fighting there.

  6. IMO the problem with 2042 ain't interiors (although they surely lack actual details and in fact are mostly empty rooms), but the periphery and unused space. It's either over-populated POIs or totally empty and boring areas no one wants to fight in.

  7. It seems that on any given day the game just insists on giving 1-2 maps. No matter how hard I tried yesterday all I got was Renewal and Discarded.

  8. Why cant we have a maprotaition with only the new and reworked maps? The last time i played exposure was a month ago or so...

  9. This game is a failure at the highest level. Spent $100 and the content is bare minimum non existent. EA has been doing this bullshit for years now, and only recently (Anthem) has it literally turned into false advertising fraudulent business practice.

  10. Happened to me too, I think I've gotten to play it twice out of ten matches. And honestly, the two times I played it, it really wasn't even that great. It plays the same or worse(depending on which side you're on) in my opinion. The only thing worth noting is there's more sandbags/containers lol

  11. I mainly play Breakthrough, and this map got played the most. Don't quit to menu after a match. Then you're still in the same lobby. But most people do. So you can go from a 32vs32 to a 8vs8 with the rest that's bots. If you do get a lobby full of bots, you can always use it to gain levels for your stuff. It pays out full xp in those lobbies, compared to a true bot server.

  12. I've noticed that I always get the same two or three maps, and I've been playing every night since early last week-ish? I've only played Discarded, Renewal and Breakaway maybe twice each?

  13. No kidding. There’s maps I haven’t played in months because they just never show the fuck up in rotation.

  14. What ? I play renewal over and over again. Today I did probably 10 matches on breakthrough and they were all renewal. Not lying ✌️

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