do you prefer Batman to work with the justice league or the Batfamily?

  1. Strong agree. My favorite type of story would revolve around a cohesive and organized Bat Family.

  2. I agree with Justice League being a better group for Batman. The Justice League in general is a great fit because there’s a variety of stories to be told and more villains/intergalactic adventures that the Batfamily can’t explore. Also, I personally like having more magical adventures than what Batman gets to deal with, even though he sometimes is with Etrigan or Zatanna. I like seeing the League deal with Darkseid or The Legion of Doom/Injustice League, the team fights are great stories. It’s fun to keep the human element when there are more fantasy stories with superhumans as Batman shows his strengths in a team that’s mostly superpowered and many times he is the clincher for the win.

  3. Justice league. For the diversity and interaction between heroes from different franchises. They all aren’t Batman mini’s or spin offs. They are unique and different and provide different perspectives.

  4. Batman is only in the Justice League because DC wants all their biggest names in it, he's out of place along side superpowered-aliens & divinely-empowered metahumans which waters down the potential of threats they face and is turned into Mr "Prep time & contingency plans" which isn't nearly as interesting or compelling as he is in Gotham fighting his rogues gallery & with the Batfam.

  5. I completely disagree. Bruce has earned his spot and “prep time & contingency” within the Justice League is what makes him compelling, he doesn’t have any metahuman traits so if anything his role in the league is more earned than the others. He has to be constantly analyzing and evaluating every situation multiple steps ahead than anyone else that is there and that leads to more interesting solutions to threats.

  6. JL, Outsider, Batman inc, any new team. I prefer to see him spent more time with mature characters that he doesn't need to be a father figure or mentor, tbh the whole batfamily build is lean on Bruce being a bad parent or a big dark ugly boring background nowadays which gain him more haters than fans, I genuinely think he can't afford to be ruined like this anymore.

  7. I perfer Batman to work alone. I can’t stand the Bat-family, and his methods are too extreme for the Justice League. Batman is not a superhero like the rest of the league, he’s a vigilante.

  8. I like when the justice league is the focus and Batman is the guy in the corner doing his own shit while helping them. And I like when he’s the lead with the bat family. He’s like the cool uncle who you don’t see often with the justice league and the cool stepdad who lets you play videogames when mom says no for the bat family

  9. You know what, I'll say it. Batfamily fucking sucks. The mere idea that there are like 10 people out there in Gotham City alone that are somewhat on par with Batman annoys me to no end and legit diminishes everything Batman stands for. Fuck that shit.

  10. Batfamily. Justice League is cool, but I hate Batman overshadowing Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder Woman, which he often does. The Batfamily works better for him. Regular humans work better with batman than "gods among us."

  11. Yes, but I think it's only semiofficial. I believe it started around the time of Joker War or Future State. They've been working hard to portray her as more of an antihero lately, and I believe that's even been shown some in her animated series.

  12. Batfamily is always them bitching and moaning that Batman kept yet another secret from them during said story arc -

  13. Batfamily for the most part, but I still like the Justice League. It really just depends on the story and the tone they're going for.

  14. Yes, she's semiofficial. I believe that started around Joker War or Future State. She's been portrayed as more of an anti-hero lately.

  15. Justice League. Mortal man who holds his own against god-level threats is much more compelling than playing mentor to the absolute swarm of forgettable knockoffs that make up most of the bat family.

  16. The Justice League. I don't particularly like the "Bat Family". A lot of the same characters with different names. They all do the same thing in the same way.

  17. I’d rather JL or a batfamily that only consists of Robin, Nightwing, Oracle/Batgirl, and Red Hold (as a villain).. and maybe Damian. However I’d prefer him to be solo with some help from the batfamily and only go help the JL with well.. JL level threats

  18. 10/10 Batfamily. Especially the Robin Rises/Trial of Batwoman batfam (Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim, Damian, Barbara). This is the group that he fought thru hell to help him, who he consulted with because he cared what they thought, and who he surrounded himself with when the literal multiverse was on the brink of destruction. He's friends with gods and goddesses, but he will still put his trust first in his family.

  19. I always kinda disliked the bat family. Batman, in my opinion, is a superhero who works best when he’s alone, story wise and detective wise. I don’t mind a Robin or a Nightwing, or even multiple robins like Jason Todd etc…I just don’t like it when Batman has an entire family working along side him. I don’t know, just never felt like something Batman would do.

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