Rebirth Era Nightwing and Robin (Tim Drake) vs Red hood and Robin(Damien Wayne) who would win? winner by knockout.

  1. Do you really a 14 year old Damian Wayne would defeat 19/20 year old Tim Drake. I know Damian has much more potential and will most likely become one if the most skilled fighters ever by the time he reaches adulthood but currently Tim would to strong for him.

  2. Damian and Red Hood are more brutal, but also tend to be hot-headed and that's easily exploited. Even with Tim being the worst fighter of the four, I can't imagine Dick and him wouldn't be able to swing that conflict their way.

  3. Everyone’s mentioning Tim being the worst fighter. Which while true, is grossly misleading. He’s FAR from a push over, and has in the past won more fights against the robins then he’s lost. In fact I think of the ten fights so far between Tim and Damien it’s 5/5. Where as Jason and Tim are pretty evenly matched. Tim might be the worst. But that’s far from an easy fight.

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