If you had to pick would rather have a Nightwing, live action TV series, live action movie or animated series?

  1. I agree, if anything animated hands down. There was a live action mini series back in 2014 with 5 episodes. So let DC stick to what they are good at which is animated shows and movies

  2. For sure. I really loved Neil Patrick Harris voicing Nightwing in UtRH. I'd watch a whole series with him at the helm.

  3. I cannot even begin to fathom the cringe that would be a live-action Nightwing movie WB’s track record for live-action DC content is dismal

  4. DC excels at animation as well as video games, so I’d love to see an animated series, but a video game from Rocksteady would also be great!

  5. Neither; a game, where the prologue is Dick’s last mission with Batman as Robin, and the opening title sequence could be Dick moving to Blüdhaven and him adjusting to the new environment and role as Blüdhaven’s protector. After the credits, it shows Dick suiting up a prototype Nightwing suit and transition into gameplay of him just doing some street level vigilante-ing

  6. Everyone is saying animated, but that’s literally all we have of the character outside of the trash ass titans show. The best possible way to have exposure for nightwing would have to be a movie starting as Robin and moving to nightwing. WB could make nightwing as big as other side characters in dc but there’s only been 2 live action robins on the big screen. One was Burt ward and the other was Chris O’Donnell. They’re fine but they’re supporting characters not the main protagonist.

  7. I wouldn't mind a movie if they did a good job with it like The Batman or Dark Knight trilogy. DC has been pretty much missing the mark on most of their live action movies though and coming out with really good animated movies.

  8. DC DOES do animation best though. That's not a debate. Yeah, a lot of stuff has been sucky lately, but they still have an absolutely amazing track record. Especially when you compare the meh animated stuff to the sucky live action stuff

  9. Animated series without a doubt, dc hasnt had a bad animated series ive seen, although im worried it wouldnt click for the public as much as a live action movie

  10. For quality, I'd probably say an animated series. I'd be afraid they'd go too dark in a live-action series, but if not I'd be interested in that, too. My answer has to be a movie, though, I know the DCEU is a mess, but maybe now would be a good time with James Gunn at the helm. And I'd like to see a good version of Dick brought to the masses.

  11. Animated Series that’s rated MA or tv-17. I feel like animated movies and series is where DC thrives. I do like the guy who plays Dick/Nightwing on titans but the show could be a bit darker imo.

  12. Aside from Nolan, Reeves and the 2nd Burton movie, DC has not done a good live action anything for a while. My vote is animated, which DC is great at.

  13. As long as they don't ruin it I am up for anything(definitely Not a series they'll stretch for 15 seasons though)

  14. Nightwing live action series (NOT CW QUALITY) could be genre-redefining if it was allowed to be. Movie could also potentially be great as well.

  15. I’m learning towards Animated series but I’d have to see the artwork to know for sure. A film would be great tho [+]

  16. Honestly, if given the option I'd always prefer a mature (not grimdark or anything but not made for kids either) animated series over anything else.

  17. Nightwing animated series hands down. You can be more faithful to their comic looks without the worries of it being “goofy” as when depicted in live-action. The acrobatics can be extremely fluid and dynamic in a way that can’t be expressed by the typical stunt person. No worries about your Nightwing actor suffering any injuries besides his throat. You can do episodic and serialized content in a 26-episode animated season versus that of a live action movie or even 10-13 live action tv series. Relatively unlimited budget in terms of depicting fantastical stunt sequences and the like as compared to the live-action medium. Also, you don’t have to worry about actors aging in real time and thus having to necessarily end the character’s story at a certain point.

  18. If the WB execs would stay out of the way and let the writers do their thing, I think we could get a decent live action movie or show. Until then, I say animated for sure. They kill it.

  19. Animated series, without a doubt. They can do so much more with it. Plus, DC continually kicks ass in animation.

  20. Animated series dc has a much better animated universe and has consistently put out banger animated series I don’t trust them to give a good live action adaptation

  21. We’ve had plenty of animated content with him. And he seems to be making a fair mark in TV with the Titans show. I’d like to see a Nightwing movie; maybe even a Joseph Gordon Levitt led movie where he’s an aging nightwing and trying to raise his daughter with star fire in a more dangerous Blüdhaven.

  22. Id say movie. Animated series would work too. Nightwing i think is more of a villain of the week type guy and i don't think a live action series could pull that off.

  23. Titans on HBO is already a live action Nightwing show. (very far from the comics, but if you can ignore that it's pretty good!)

  24. I haven’t been impressed with a single live action dc show in years, besides Superman and Lois. Not that I’d be opposed to it, but I don’t want a CW style, mopey Nightwing. I want a Nightwing that’s been trained by Batman, with hope for a better tomorrow instilled in him by Superman, with a brotherhood between him and his fellow Robins and Babs at his hip. That’s the Nightwing show I want. Whether it’s animated or live action, that’s what I want.

  25. With heath ledger passed away, Noland had to perfect opportunity to keep Bale's Batman as simple 2 moves, and instead go one to make a Nightwing film.

  26. Animated series, because there is way more freedom and they can actually show off the acrobat with the ass that has in a better light than any live action show can

  27. DC needs to focus on animation for now till the get their shit together. The movie situation is a big cluster fuck and their live action TV shows are shit

  28. I’d say the animated series easy. Especially if we’re getting more than one season, but hopefully it would be done like old tv shows with individual episodes with their own stories that still advance the main plot

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