Who's your favorite between dick, Jason, Tim and Damien?

  1. I like Dick the best, he goes from the sidekick to becoming his own hero. He also serves as a great friend to Bruce, Alfred, and the other Robins. Bro also has game with the ladies!

  2. Nightwing has always been one of my favorite heroes. Creating his own identity and at the same time, never forgetting where he came from. Imo, he is the upgrade to Batman; he may not have all the same specs, but he performs better.

  3. He’s also one of the only people to completely understand what led Bruce to become Batman, but didn’t allow his past to consume him in the same way that Bruce did.

  4. Chuck Dixon made him so much more than a side character. If I’m up for a longer read I’m way more likely to grab a Nightwing off the shelf than a Batman anymore. Dixons Robin is fire too though.

  5. Tim. He's been with Batman through most of his toughest stories: Knightfall, Contagion, No Man's Land etc. And, while i wouldn't consider him any more intelligent than the others, I'd call him the brains of the bunch. Even Ra's called him Detective. I'm never calling him Drake though.

  6. Ugh why did they do that to him 😫. I think he should have taken the outfit his future self made when he called himself saviour. There were so many good choices but they chose Drake, why not Cardinal, Sparrow, Heron, Wren, Crane, I recently saw on here someone post a concept image for him in grey suit going by Grey Ghost that would be perfect

  7. They're calling him Drake now?? That's just his name wtf i thought it couldnt get worse than red robin

  8. Tim is my favorite. Robin became my favorite hero of all time when I read the Robin Chuck Dixon & Tom Lyle miniseries.

  9. Dick is awesome, but Jason is the best character. Yes he’s become a bit of a one trick pony these days but for the writers to take his story which was originally just scrapped entirely with his death because of the fans and create something more from it was inspiring. Jason’s pain, his sadness, his need for vengeance and to prevent others from going through what he did mirrors Bruce better than any other sidekick. Under the red hood is one of the best comic book movies ever made

  10. My favorite is Dick, then I would say a tie between Jason and Damian. I feel like Damian is pretty underrated, I love the idea of a super violent young robin, who's actually Bruce Wayne's son and who has to repress his violent urges and not go all the way. Like he doesn't necessarily see the bad in killing criminals, maybe he's the robin who needs Batman the most then. I can't wait to see him grow up and become a man Bruce would be proud of

  11. Jason as Red Hood is my favourite! If we're talking about their Robin days, it's probably Dick though

  12. Grew up with Teen Titans, so Dick holds a lot of favor with me. But from what I’ve heard of Red Hood, I’m sure I’d love him once I’m given more time to dive into him more.

  13. NGL im usually a hipster and don't like things that are really popular but dick always all the time forever

  14. I’ve never been a fan of Batman’s sidekicks. I’ve always liked him solo but over the years began to appreciate them more. Especially Jason. I actually find his Red Hood storyline fascinating

  15. Jason, because unlike the rest of the bat family, he gets shit done. As in: he permanently solves problems as opposed to putting a blanket on it and preaching justice after the fact.

  16. Jason Forever❤️ I literally cry like baby when he dies, but fall in love when Red Hood appears. So idk, I love dark background stories in general. Also Red Hood is one of my top 5 in DC Universe so yeah..xD

  17. Jason Todd. Specifically Arkhamverse because he gets to be taken seriously as a threat. He’s a terrifyingly competent person, and his skill set is pretty dang impressive (never played the games, but I have the comics for Arkham Knight).

  18. He’s a threat in that game for half of it, then gets his ass kicked once in hand-to-hand by Batman, then just becomes Red Hood and got a very cool but limited DLC.

  19. Timmy, I like smart characters. I also love his interactions with Bruce or Connor/Bart/Cassie. Him being bi is also a favorable point for me.

  20. i love nightwing due to the way he grew with batman and then decided to do his own thing, gotta respect a former side kick with depth. But at the same time i like jason todd as a reminder of Batman's mistakes and some times flawed way of doing thing. BUTTTT i do like how damien is a little shit he is just a pint size batman with hormones

  21. Tim is best Robin. Dick is his own man as Nightwing. Red Hood sucks and bringing Jason back was some classic comic book bullshit. It undid one of the few impactful stories that had lasting consequences.

  22. I love Dick. I’m a big Dick fan. I can’t stress this enough: I’m a huge fan of Dick. Dick is my fave. I’ve always loved Dick. My uncle introduced me to Dick at a young age.

  23. Damian i Always casually liked Batman and super heroes in general but it was the DC animated movie with damian in it who make me a Batman fan + i like prickly male character like him in fiction he's like a tsundere ( act like he doesn't in fact but care deeply)

  24. Definitely Jason. Red Hood is the anti-hero we need, one who’s not afraid to get his hands bloody and get the walls around him covered in gray matter when he has too.

  25. 1940's man. hell even into the 80's and 90's it wasn't super uncommon as shorthand for Richard ( which is his real name)

  26. Jason not necessarily because I think hes the best written, but he's the one I find to be the most consistently entertaining across all of the different Batman related media, I also love most of the costumes he’s had as Red Hood.

  27. Dick Grayson is my favorite comicbook character of all time, so I'm biased. However, I will add that my favorite Grayson storylines involve mentoring the other Robins or supporting Bruce when things fall apart (with the Robins)

  28. Dick > Damian > Jason > Timoaty always... Jason and Damian are interchangeble for me, though, Grayson is always -#1...

  29. Tim. Always Tim, even though they have not written him very well lately. Tim Drake is my Favourite comic book character. First comic I ever owned was Robin 3 cry of the huntress, he takes on KG beast & rescues huntress

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