can't wait to see the rest of the rogues' gallery he brings with him

  1. It's worth pointing out supervillain Lex Luthor divested his holdings in LexCorp before becoming President...

  2. I forgot that Luthor actually followed the Emolument clause...(though it would have been interesting i think a storyline of lois and Clark being surprised that he actually did)...I heard about it but I wasn't back into supes then(least comic book or animation wise)

  3. Back in 2016 I posted a poll on a different site that if the election was today and you had to choose between Luthor and Trump, who would you vote for. I was honestly kinda surprised at just how absolutely one-sided the results were with less than 5% out of the 600~ votes were for Trump.

  4. Running for president again to avoid prosecution from the crimes of the last run isn't more crazy than the Joker becoming the Ayatollah's ambassador to the UN for diplomatic immunity... but it's on par.

  5. The Penguin might be a more apt comparison just because he is more known for manipulating the system for his own ends. On paper he is not breaking the law, but you can tell he is only after his own unscrupulous gain.

  6. I do think President Batman would be a cool Elseworlds story. Bruce runs, is elected, and now has to balance being Batman with being POTUS.

  7. Have you fucking watched a Batman movie or read a Batman comic? He’s a pretty political character. Especially in the 2022 movie.

  8. This bizarre notion that politics should be left out of entertainment is ridiculous. It has never in human history been separate. Maybe try engaging critically with ideas you don't like.

  9. Yeah he’s just a man going against a corrupt government, asylum, prison system, and police force. Keep politics out

  10. Guys... please leave real world politics out of batman. Fictional politics? Go ahead... but please don't do this to batman, I don't want to ruin another form of escapism with reality

  11. You're on reddit. Vast majority ProTrumpers and people who are against leftism got banned a long time ago on various subs and moved on to other places where they could comment and not get banned. So, you're left with one-sided subset in almost every subreddit at this point.

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