I’m making this post to discuss about Batman Returns. Not many people here talk about it so let’s talk about it. What did you like about it? What didn’t you like about it? Do you like this movie? If so why? Let’s get a discussion going.

  1. Personally I love when a director is given freedom to do what they want. It’s a shame he never got to finish his original plans. I actually wish Burton would return to do Batman Beyond with Keaton.

  2. I give that line all the credit as one of the most realistic secret identity reveals. As comic fans we had it drilled into our heads that the second a hero's mask comes off, their secret's out and it's game over. It never occurred to anyone that the person could just think "Hmm, Bruce is dressed like Batman? That's weird."

  3. It’s such a bizarre and horny movie but holy moly, it’s a delight. I understand what people don’t like about it yet also feel that if it doesn’t hit you in the feels by the end of it then you’re inhuman. A tragic display of characters who have experienced tragedy and all don’t belong. Selina, a woman in a man’s world, almost had her life taken for being good at her job. Penguin, rejected and cast aside since birth for being different. And Batman, a wounded orphan trying to do right in a world where wrong seemingly rules each day.

  4. I think it’s better than Batman ‘89. It’s more confident, stylish, and gothic. It being set around Christmas is great and the doomed romance of Batman/Catwoman is stunning. Also I think Keaton figured out his performance here; he always struck me as being a little awkward in ‘89.

  5. FAR better than 89 - it is a full on Burton film, and doesn’t hold anything back. It’s also absolutely hilarious - Batman torching the devil, shoving a bomb down a dudes pants, cracking skulls left and right will always make me chuckle. Yeah, it’s horny as hell too, and that makes it even funnier that it’s taking place during Christmas and during a recall election - everything’s squeaky clean and manufactured on the surface, but underneath the masks everyone’s either broken or horny, a message only Burton could deliver.

  6. Unpopular take but I like it more than 89’. Less commercial and they really let Burton embrace the gothic aspects. Still my favorite Catwoman. That opening where Bruce Wayne just sits alone in his study waiting to be Batman is one of my favorite Batman scenes of all time.

  7. The first time I saw this as a kid my parents fast forwarded through a few parts. That’s how you know it’s good.

  8. I think visually it's even better than 89, gotham just looks so stylised and gothic. Keaton gives a good performance but it's the villains who steal the show. Michelle Pfieffer is the best part of the film, she gives the character of Catwoman her all and delivers quite possibly the best performance in both films combined. Max Shreck is a really underrated part of this film, which is ironic since he is technically the true villain of the film and the main reason half the stuff in the film is happening. Danny Devito gives a good performance, of course, but I never really liked this Penguin that much, writing wise at least, I love his design and all the umbrellas he uses and of course the great performance. The soundtrack is also godly and the film is decently funny. I give a strong 8/10

  9. It’s a film I’ve loved since I was about 5 and I love it even more as a 32 year old. It is one of the most unique mainstream movies ever released. The visuals, the acting, THE SCORE, etc. I love it with all my heart. Top 5 Batman movies for me.

  10. I'm a huge fan of the Tim Burton Batman movies and especially this one. It is still my favorite Batman movie and one off my all-time favorite movies.

  11. My second favorite Batman movie behind Mask of the Phantasm. The art design the amazing cast, and penguins with rocket launchers strapped to their backs! What's not to love?

  12. On of my favourite things about batman returns is the world building, I love how Gotham looks as well as the architecture. Especially the great behemoth statues.

  13. I loved it as a kid when it came out. Of course times change but the one constant I feel is the penguins performance. It’s exactly how you picture him to be and was vicious and scary while having great power and outsmarting people. Got a little dark being Burton was involved but I think you could still use this character today in any Batman movie and it would translate. So that’s the one thing that still sticks out to me. The rest was awesome for its time

  14. Definitely the best of the Batman movies that came before the Nolan era. I remember as a kid we rewatched this movie a billion times lol. I really need to rewatch it sometime.

  15. It wasn't perfectly accurate to the comics but i think its better than most batman movies. I like the 90s vibe it has because i like batman comics mainly in the 80s and 90s. The people who complained saying it's too violent for kids are dramatic. There people who grew up on westerns and they tuned out fine. I do think the Catwoman suite is fine, but I would rather it looked like Jim Balent's Catwoman

  16. I absolutely loved the aesthetics of the world Tim built. I didn’t like how the movie spent way too much time with penguin and max shreck. The film suffers because of it imo.

  17. It was basically a Christmas movie that was released at the start of summer. That always felt weird. Overall, a good Batman movie.

  18. I have a special connection to this movie. I saw it before the '89 movie and it terrified me as a kid. It's such a great concept to have the story not just revolve around Batman, but Penguin and Catwoman too. I loved the levels in the lego Batman game that was inspired by this movie.

  19. It's got a lot of problems story and character wise, but it's fun to watch and has some great performances. If you want to do Batman as weird, this is it.

  20. Bruce and Selina's relationship in this movie is fantastic. I love the visual style, looking at a darker side to Christmas, and Christopher walken is amazing in anything he's in.

  21. Its ok . Ive always loved the 89 one . Returns is good without ever being great . The villains are all good but the feel of the film is far more Tim Burtonish than the previous one ( a flaw in Burtons career more and more as the years passed) . That said , it shits Forever and the even worse one after that.

  22. I love it. It's one of my favorite movies ever. The music, the ambient, the acting, it always reminds me why I love movies. I love the tragic stories of each character. I need time to organize my thoughts about this masterpiece, because I love it too much to think straight.

  23. I think Pfeiffer, Devito and Keaton are all fantastic but I hate this movie. I think it went way too Burton. I respect how much freedom they gave him but its just this weird and gross monster movie that’s barely about Batman. It’s too much I think

  24. Batman Returns is a MASTERPIECE of film making. The story, the visuals, the cast, the climax. I love that movie. It’s my ABSOLUTE fav superhero film and one of the best ever made. It has more visual imagination than most superhero films put together

  25. I did like this movie quite a bit. Honestly I’m more of a comic person but I think this is the best Batman movie. People say that it’s more of a Tim burton movie but I think it’s about as batman as batman could get. Also the music in this movie is absolute gold.

  26. Cristopher walken and Danny de Vito teaming up sheit nothing screams Christmas more than this movie……ok maybe die hard

  27. I grew up with shows like batman brave and the bold and other shows for kids so I personally don't mind a sort of goofy batman, so I actually really like that aspect of this movie. I always see people complaining about that batman not being good because the movie is goofy but I feel like another aspect of batman that I like is this sort of "omnipotence" he has. AKA I really love the "you can't stop the batman" and I think a goofy batman shows this the best. What I mean is situation where batman pulls out a completely random gadget that is perfect for the specific situation he is in. Something like his car losing its wing so he can fit through a narrow opening in a wall is a great example of this. It's also my favorite scene for some reason (always gives me a chuckle)

  28. Love Keaton, Pfeiffer, and Walken. While I appreciate DeVito as an interpretation of the character, it's not my kind of Penguin and I don't think he's as tragic as people think once you realise he wants to kill a bunch of children.

  29. When I was younger there was a long period where this was my favourite Batman movie, but having re-watched it recently, it has aged incredibly poorly. While the Gotham in B89 felt like a massive gothic metropolis, the set design feels a bit more limited here. Pretty much every scene takes place in the same Gotham Plaza square.

  30. Returns is a good movie that was ahead of its time. Bruce sits alone waiting for the signal shows that he is Batman and Bruce is the mask. The circus angle for Penguin was interesting focusing on him being an outcast wanting revenge. I've read that the villains are mirrors of Batmans own personality. I love having an older guy like Keaton play BatMAN. Pattinson is too young looking. I'm sick of people wanting kid looking superheros. Movies are movies I want a man in late 30's early to mid 40's to be Batman.

  31. I just watched this for the 1st time a few nights ago i have to say its a good movie. Catwoman is spectacular. Penguin is great ( would have been best live action penguin if wasnt for robin lord taylor). Max shrek was in my opinon a delight.

  32. It was my favourite batman movie growing up, things have changed but it is still to me better than 89' and up there with my favourites of the batman movies. I absolutely loved Keatons suit in this and to this day it's one of my favourite batsuits. I loved Michelle Pfeiffers portrayal as catwoman and Danny devito scared me. And loved Keaton. I also loved the dark undertones of the movie of penguin being abandoned as a child for his appearance and sort of using his tragic background for his own personal gain.

  33. THIS IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME. I’m too high right now to go into detail but this movie is a HUGE part of my life. 🦇🐈‍⬛🐧

  34. Hi i want to start reading a Batman comic so i wanted to know where to start should I start with NI52 Or somewhere else.

  35. This still remains my favorite Batman flick of them all. Batman basically has to fight the darker versions of himself. Max is the Billionaire. Oswald is the Orphan. Selina is the Vigilante. They're all who Bruce Wayne/Batman could be if he didn't have his hero compass. He's fighting against himself. Also, the scene at the ball where Bruce and Selina discover who each other really are, and they have no idea what to do about it is one of my favorite cinematic moments off all time. It takes itself just seriously enough to care about the humanity in the characters while being silly enough to accept your watching a guy in a rubber batsuit fight crime without asking too many questions.

  36. I think it was an improvement from the previous film, but still not the best. Let’s start with what I don’t like. Batman still kills people, although it was just one guy and it was comically with his own bomb so whatever. Bruce is still a boring character, and Catwoman has some cringy dialogue here and there. Speaking of her, I don’t buy her relationship with Bruce. It feels a little forced and he’s kind of a simp for her for no reason. You could say he saw the good in her or whatever and that is more prevalent in the climax, but before that there isn’t really anything to show it. Now here’s what I do like. Just like the first movie, it looks and sounds awesome. Burton’s Gotham is just as cool and gothic as before, and Danny Elfman absolutely killed it with the score here. Penguin and Catwoman’s themes perfectly fit their characters and aesthetics. Not to mention, they’re both great characters. The Penguin is a fun villain with some great drama and funny moments, and Catwoman is a really interesting antihero type. The climax is also very entertaining and creative. It’s cool how they actually use a bunch of bats and penguins. So all around, pretty good movie.

  37. great film. a lot of batman characters and the gothic styling of batman himself was based on german expressionist cinema, and tim.burtons best stuff draws from the same well, so it worked perfectly stylistically. best onscreen gotham imo. best romance in a batfilm.

  38. Too many villains. Just Catwoman would have made for a better movie Leaving out Danny Devito and Christopher Walken would also have saved money.

  39. It was ok, but certainly disappointing( to me at least) after Batman '89. This was the start of two rogues for long time in Batman movies, and to me, it just never worked. It seems like a lot of focus was on one and not the other. That's one of the reasons I enjoyed the latest movie so much. It was about the Riddler and only the Riddler until the Joker insert eye roll had to be teased. Again.

  40. I love this movie! The only goofy thing I never quite got was, her coming back to life from the cats licking her. Other than that, it was such a great follow up to the first. I think it still holds up!

  41. I agree with you there! I love this movie as well, plus another goofy thing I found was her licking herself. That was really weird. Other than that it’s a great film.

  42. I don’t like these movies because they are basically Tim Burton Batman fan fiction and they just aren’t about Batman, first of all Batman kills in these movies which under no circumstances is what I would like in a Batman story and Batman isn’t even a character, he has no character development and both Tim Burton movies are basically more focused on the Villains.

  43. I've always loved Michelle Pfeiffer's performance as Catwoman, but I would've preferred if they used the classic backstory for Selina Kyle instead of creating a brand new one.

  44. I really love this movie, but I do admit that it has its issues. I always thought the best way to describe was "a great Tim Burton movie, an ok Batman movie"

  45. I liked his suit in this one a lot and Catwoman was sick but I don’t go out of my way to watch this one. Just doesn’t feel like Batman to me.

  46. Disliked that it was not a direct sequel.Disliked no Billy D as Two Face, or, at least, a continuation of his story.

  47. Michelle Pfeifer’s catwoman was crap, it was an outright stupid interpretation, only JUST better than Halle Berry’s. A cat lady secretary who gets walked on by her boss till he attempts murdering her? 👎👎👎 garbage. How the fuck do you take away Catwomans biggest trait OF BEING A CAT BURGALAR?! Its like Xmen First Class taking away Banshees accent.

  48. Have you seen any other Batman movie before? Because there’s others that are literally in the top 5, top 10, top 20 movies of all time and this ain’t one of them as much as I loved it for it’s time

  49. This sub is just full on karmabaiting these days. I swear like half the posts are "What are your opinions on ?" Or "Unpopular opinion, but "

  50. I flip back and forth with this or ‘89 being my second favorite. I feel like for returns it’s more nostalgic cuz that’s the movie I remember watching and having the vhs and all that. Love everything about the movie wish it had a proper trilogy ending. Penguin and Catwoman are my favorite iterations of the character. Love the dark gothic feel to it as well.

  51. Batman Returns was a great follow up. Burton really had consistent villains. This one tho really amped up the gothic feel along with Xmas which was cool. Burton and Keaton really had a great idea of what they wanted. Would’ve loved a third!

  52. I remember seeing it in theaters and was just blown away at how good it was. I loved the Christmas vibes and how the set looked at Times. I was too young to understand it’s a burton movie. It wasn’t til I was older and it all made sense why I love this movie and beetlejuice. I loved Danny’s take on penguin and was legit terrified of him. I was totally saddened by his death and how the penguins took care of him.

  53. I think it's a bit underrated. At the time it was critisized for being too dark and violent but I actually think the dark, depressing tone works really well for a Batman adaptation. I actually prefer it to the first Burton Batman movie.

  54. It's a visual feast - production design improves on the original in almost every way. A recent viewing in 4K shocked me how good DeVito's Penguin makeup still looks.

  55. Like it? No. More like LOVE IT. The only thing I wish was different was that Billy Dee Williams’ Harvey Dent was involved. But that would have likely replaced Penguin. Michelle Pfiefer was awesome as Catwoman. Danny DeVito killed it. The story was cohesive with a satisfying finale. There aren’t many two-villain movies that juggle the characters so perfectly. Oh what could have been in Burton’s Batman 3… Good thing we got the comic continuation in Batman ‘89!

  56. Think it's completely overrated. I don't like 89 either, but at least the aesthetic is cool, at least the joker is kind of accurate. Penguin is just a burton character but crap, catwoman is a mess and maybe insane and not at all herself, bruce has zero character and kills, hurray, and the whole thing is boring. Legit no clue why anyone likes this.

  57. Liked the music, Bat Boat, and how the suit looks. My favorite scene is easily when Bruce is sitting in Wayne Manor, just waiting and then the signal comes on

  58. The movie would have been better if The Penguin had been left out of the movie Every scene with him was stupid. have less a.problem with the portrayal of.Catwoman. .. But why is it That they can.not. refer to the character as Catwoman? Why can't she be Selina Kyle? Didn't like.her origin. Same problem with the Halle Berry movie. . Stupid origin and not Selina. Best Catwoman was Julie Newmar.

  59. I thought it was one of the worst superheroes movies I’ve ever watched. The atmosphere is grim and Gotham like but looks so fake, Danny DeVito and Michelle Pfeiffer’s acting performance was amazing but their characters sucked, the Penguin had an amazing origin but his motives sucked, he also was very cringe at times and just bizarre. We barely saw Batman in it, he was Bruce Wayne more and even when he was Bruce he didn’t do much. Max Shreck was completely forgettable and Jim Gordon like in Batman 89 was nonexistent. Where was Harvey Dent too? Also, where was Batman gadgets? He barely uses any of them.

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