First sand bass trip after moving to Texas was a bit of a success.

  1. I took handicap kids sand bass fishing today on Joe Pool as part of a thing they do. Had about 30 captains so nice turnout. We boated 17 which is an off 3 hours. Normally I can catch more but the kid I had had 11 so he was stoked. It’s called CAST for Kids and they do them on other lakes as well. Another one on Pool in August.

  2. They are pretty fun to catch. I’m from MS and had never seen one before. So rather than catch largemouth we decided to go for sand bass since I haven’t done it. Hit a limit in 2 hours had them on ice and filleted in 3. They fry up nice. It’s more fun to just sit and catch 50 sometimes than hunt largemouth, although I have caught a lot of largemouth bass, so I may have a differ opinion than most.

  3. They are prolific. They do a run in the spring and, if you find a school, you can reel them in as fast as you can catch. I ran a Roadrunner over a brush pile in a creek once. Caught around 40 fish in an hour. Tossed them all back but normally would have kept some to eat.

  4. The things are overpopulated in most Texas lakes. Catch 100's easily and quickly on a big school. Great for a fish fry, but don't come close to tasting like crappie. They sure are fun to catch. Put 3 jigs on catch the 3 at a time

  5. Were you on the Sabine River just north of Toledo Bend? That’s where we always go and have huge success too. Especially in March and April.

  6. I’ve eaten them just fine. I’m not great at cleaning them so I usually make tacos, but I know it’s really popular with people from southeast asia. I don’t know how they prepare it though. Maybe steamed?

  7. I’m from Mississippi. I had my fill of tourney fishing last summer and when I moved here I sold my boat. That was my first trip in a while. Told my buddy I hadn’t seen sand bass before so guess what? We limited in 2 hours. See it’s not fun to catch double digit largemouth if you’ve done it before. I haven’t caught fish like this in a long time.

  8. Did the same today, also in Texas, didn't catch as many though, was a slow 2hrs, took a dozen home for tacos.

  9. Haha I actually bought a license the day beforehand just in case. There were more people than just me obviously we all limited.

  10. No, but there are hybrids and young stripers that you have to be careful of, that are commonly caught with these where we fish. You have to pay attention to the dark lines running to the tail and the tooth patches for identification. If in doubt-throw it back. We usually catch a couple per trip that are hard to identify so those are always released. Without taking some to eat the fishery suffers as the population gets out of hand quickly. I sometimes go with friends and family and what we catch goes to a fish fry at the church.

  11. Congrats man! I'm a little frustrated that i posted a pic of my 100+ sandbass in an evening on this sub and didn't get even a single like tho :/ but, c'est la vie

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