Long term, who’s better to invest? I’m thinking judge, mainly because of the yankee status associated with him, thoughts?

  1. Freddie will age like fine wine, in the closet until he’s 40 and we realize what he was. Judge is a yankee and we all know how yankee following is… and last the sho, the player our grandkids will talk about for generations to come.

  2. I don’t know as far as investment goes, but I prefer Ohtani to collect. He is a unicorn as far as ability

  3. Personally Ohtani but I don’t think you can go wrong either way. All are awesome talents who will be remembered fondly unless something drastic happens

  4. 100 out of 100 times Ohtani. Judge it a long shot to Hall bc of his age. Ohtani is doing things never done before in 140 years of baseball history.

  5. I agree. Judge is great but having his great years a bit too late (age wise). Freeman has been consistently great for years. He will quietly sneak into the hall no doubt

  6. ohtani will get traded which may cause another spike in his prices. he definitely has to keep doing what he’s doing at a high level for several more years but he’s the guy i most enjoy watching and following of these three.

  7. Judge is 30 years old. He’s not going to have enough time to acquire hall of fame level career stats. Long term he’s a very bad investment in my opinion based on his cards current price.

  8. Ohtani. There’s the unique two-way player aspect and the fact that he’s younger than the other two, which means there’s room for even more growth.

  9. Hmm...as far as those 3 in general? All 3 are great. All will be Hall of Very Good and very popular for a good while to come at bare minimum. HOF likely for Freddie and Ohtani. Judge maybe if he keeps bashing. I think I'd take Ohtani though. Absolute unicorn. Unprecedented in MLB. Even if he fades, he may keep a Rickey Henderson vibe of "we'll probably never see his like again."

  10. I’m worried about all the ages tbh. Trout is only two years older than Ohtani. Harper and Betts are both the same age as Ohtani and younger than the other two. They have both had more impressive careers and their rookie cards are still low. The pop of Judge, and Ohtani rookies are pretty high. Compared to other equivalent stars.

  11. Ohtani is 1 year younger than Betts and Harper, and close to 2 years. I understand the stat piece, but there is no other Ohtani. Betts and Harper are “just” great talents of their era.

  12. ohtani is the flashiest most intriguing. i don’t think freddie will ever be a big time player to collect and judge value will swing wildly as he has good and bad years

  13. Ohtani is the safest being a 2 way guy and from Japan. I’d go with freeman though, 3 years older than judge but 6 more years of stats.

  14. Ohtani …. this is literally the person your children and grandchildren will grow up hearing about. not judge or freeman, those are legends they will stumble across on their own.

  15. Ohtani or Judge are most likely both going to be solid investments. Freeman is a great player and worth some money, but he’s not at the other two’s level.

  16. Sho will price wise judge then freddy that's my vote sho has the world behind him judge has Yankees and there fans and freddy has fickle la now he had Braves fans that would die for him but he wanted the money I guess

  17. Wild thing about Freeman is this might be his best year. He's creeping up the ranks. Our generation Hank Aaron(obviously not a 1for 1 comparison).

  18. On the surface, this seems like an absurd statement. But the more you think about it, this is extremely accurate.

  19. My vote is for O-town! VERY few players can or will ever accomplish what he has already done. Plus, one can’t argue what a unique player he is.

  20. Ohtani. Freeman is great but unexciting. Judge could be with the Yankees next year. He could also be with the Angels or Marlins or Mariners or Twins.

  21. Judge is old compared to his counterparts. Ohtani is all around a solid player but his cards are expensive due to that fact. I think long term you’ll get more bang for your buck from freeman

  22. Long-term, Ohtani. If he stays healthy, his 2-way play will be placed among the all-time greats (Ruth, Aaron, Mays,etc). Judge legitimately might sign elsewhere this offseason, and while he’s a monster, leaving the short right field porch of Yankee Stadium could hurt his numbers.

  23. I love Ohtani but he can’t last a long time in both roles unless all he does is DH. If he plays defense on days he doesn’t pitch they will burn out his arm. But I would collect and do collect all three.

  24. In terms of the card values and the trajectory, Ohtani will always have a larger demand due to the international popularity. All this being said in addition to being a unicorn player.

  25. Frankly Ohtani in a league of his own. Once all 3 are done Ohtani will be the one talked about for years to come. That is unless Judge has like a 100 HR season.

  26. Freddie will likely HOF and his rookie cards are from the end of one era of production while Trout and Ohtani come in in a much more high volume era. Just one factor but a notable different.

  27. This question has nothing to do with long term baseball ability and there is only one answer to the question. It's Ohtani and it has nothing to do with him being good at hitting and pitching. It's because he is Japanese and there are some deep pocket collectors in Japan. Long term the Japanese collectors will continue to push Ohtani higher long after the others are forgotten.

  28. Freddie is 33 but still playing at an elite level. He’s at 48 rWAR with 6ASG and a MVP. He will hit 2000 hits and 300 HR next year. I think he’s the “safest option.” If he can play out the rest of his Dodgers contract then he should be a HoFer with some nice accomplishment even with some age regression.

  29. Ohtani is the youngest - Freeman is the oldest and very talented. Judge has really proven himself. Ohtani is just incredible even compared to Judge. Just wow factor. Freeman wow - Judge great no doubt and Ohtani supernatural - super human.

  30. Ohtani because he brings the Asian market into the picture which means more money spent on his cards and higher demand long term. Judge has age against him but being a Yankee for him. Freeman is just too unsexy to be honest. Great player but unfortunately overshadowed by teammates his entire career starting with Chipper who is arguably top 5 switch hitter all time and even he isn’t a great investment

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