2023 Topps design to be revealed tomorrow. Who's gonna be on the card? Get your guesses in!

  1. Well it’s not going to be released for half a year. SC is probably October, got pushed back.

  2. Just please NOT yet another dull white border design. It’s hard to tell any significant changes the last two years.

  3. Topps declares 2023 the year of the thick boy. All packaging features Luzinski, Bartolo, Pablo Sandoval, Vogelbach or Astudillo.

  4. Aaron Judge or Brock Holt. One of the aforementioned names is a joke. I leave it to you to guess which one.

  5. So is Fanatics sticking with the same design team that has been there or are they going to try to shake things up?

  6. Would love for it to be a Red for a change, but I’d probably put my money on Judge, Soto, or Julio. My “maybes” list would include, Goldy, Adley, or Torkelson. But then again, what do I know? Haha

  7. You mean the pack odds? I have no clue. They printed probably twice as much of Series 1 as they did Series 2 this year. Hopefully they don't bump it back up with 2023 S1.

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