If drug testing is halted during the lockout, would it be worth it for some players to do a cycle of PED’s before a new CBA?

  1. Would any of us really be upset if Cano took PEDs again, kicked ass for a month, and then got busted so we didn’t have to deal with his contract anymore?

  2. You're going to get a lot of people saying no, but truth be told if I were a player trying to rehab a fucked up ligament injury, I'd be tempted.

  3. Not really - you can’t just “do a cycle” without messing with your body chemistry in a way that shuts down normal testosterone production. This requires you to do one of two things afterwards - either use lower dosage testosterone to supplement it, or perform what’s called post cycle therapy. The issue with the latter is, in the interim of getting your normal testosterone (and estrogen) production working and normalized again… you go through some pretty crappy physical and mental side effects.

  4. I don't even think it would be a question, unless I was an established player with a good contract in place already. Risk

  5. Just for the record, there is an exception for players returning from injury. It is my understanding they do have access to team staff and facilities for rehab and medical treatment purposes during the lockout.

  6. Is there a PED that would help Gary Sanchez learn how to block the plate when he tags? I want him to take that.

  7. Maybe Gary should just accumulate so much mass even a throw 10 feet off the plate would still be blocked by his body. Now announcing Gary Sanchez the 800 pound catcher

  8. It's obviously Trenbolone. Yeah it might turn him into a bit of a clubhouse nuisance, but they've dealt with Billy Martin

  9. Is there a PED that will help Eric Hosmer play baseball at a replacement level? Nah, didn’t think so either.

  10. No , just normal steroids. Injected directly into his pecker. Make a goalie stick out of that fucking thing, he’ll look like Henrik Lundqvist out there

  11. How long would the effect stay in the players body that would cause a positive test? Because a player would need to make sure it it out of their system by the time the lockout is ended which no one knows when it will be

  12. Yep but that’s part of the risk/reward dichotomy. Would have to take them with the expectation the lockout will end in time for the PED’s to be out of your system.

  13. They all have different lengths of staying in the system. Winstrol goes out quick for instance vs DBol or different test

  14. 80% of players are definitely pushing the rules as far as they'll go if not outright breaking them across all sports. I'm a huge Rams fan and love Aaron Donald to death but you don't get to be 300 lbs at 6ft with a 6 pack naturally lol. Many many ex athletes over time have said it happens idk why people refuse to believe them.

  15. Everyone is on something and they use masking agents to pass the tests. Or some of them probably just have doctor's notes stating an athlete in the prime of their career, healthy as a horse, somehow has "low T".

  16. Yup! Or they have taken peds at lower levels, minor league guy trying to make the bigs? Yeah they’re gonna do whatever they can to make the next step. I can guarantee a lot of squeaky clean well liked athletes have taken peds at some point.

  17. Considering the epidemic of player injuries going on nowadays, I don’t think players are taking PEDs.

  18. Here’s the thing - it sounds like there are types of PEDs that can be super beneficial for injury recovery and/or prevention if used correctly and not abused. I’m not a doctor but that’s what I can gather with my super limited brain capacity.

  19. Thats my dad's every year for the Olympics. Well actually he says let's have 1 clean and 1 where everyone juices. Who doesn't wanna see a 8 second 100m.

  20. Agree - baseball is however, the one sport where we see a lot lot of normal genetic limit sized dudes. Football on the other hand… ummmmmm

  21. Players in every sport have gotten bigger and stronger and faster. Yes part of that is better training methods and diet and nutrition and selecting from a larger population of people, but I definitely believe that part of it is increasing prevalence and effectiveness of steroids and other medicine that allows humans to get that extra 1%.

  22. I tend to believe the reporting/anecdotal evidence that the post-Mitchell culture changes and JDA testing program works really, really, really well at stamping out steroid use. Specifically, the sort of hardcore, old school, anabolic steroids that were common.

  23. This is not how steroids work. Steroids are done in cycles, doing them for a short period of time will have little to no effect - and will throw your natural hormones off. It’a not a worthwhile risk, unless the lockout lasts for several months - which hopefully doesn’t happen.

  24. One cycle could be huge. Any cycle would include post cycle care to get your hormones back to normal

  25. You can get a lot of keepable gains from one blast. In this case, if we’re operating on the theory that they’re totally clean, then even a short 12 week blast is absolutely going to have keepable results. PCT sucks but it’ll bring your natural hormones back just fine.

  26. I was literally thinking this when I read that drug testing has stopped. Haha. Bout to see some dudes showing up like late 90s Mark McGwire.

  27. It wouldn't really work because you don't know when the lockout would end and even in a realistic worst case scenario its likely to end too soon for the stuff to clear your system.

  28. If you use steroids, Frank Thomas’ nugenix commercial will appear every time you close your eyes ad punishment from the baseball gods

  29. Man please don’t let Bregman see this. Dude bragged about putting on 25 pounds of muscle last year and it didn’t help for shit this season and he was constantly hurt - probably from the shit strength and conditioning practices pro athletes believe is needed to improve their strength despite the damage it does to the body.

  30. If your rehabbing use HGH asap. Can help you recover which shouldn't even be against the rules to begin with.

  31. I don’t advocate it, I’m just thinking of guys struggling to stay in the league evaluating their options and pondering the risk/reward of doing a cycle of PED’s if they aren’t worried about testing.

  32. They don't know when testing will resume so there's still risk of getting caught. The risk is low but I suspect many of them are already using something, either that isn't tested for or using methods to cover it up so the reward probably isn't great either.

  33. Fuck, take all the drugs. Experimental race horse steroids? Take it! LSD? Fucking do it! Hell go to your nearest pharmacy and just take everything you can find, if it doesn't kill you then you've won!

  34. IMO if Manfred can fuck with the balls to change the outcome of the game and alter the “integrity of the game” then juice away, boys!

  35. Now this is coming from a bodybuilders prospective but PEDs only truly benefit you as long as you are taking them. The lockout wouldn’t necessarily provide a long enough period to hop on a cycle and with the amount of time you would need to be off it before getting tested again you would really just revert back to you pre-PED state.

  36. I’d rather players juice themselves with banned peptides to heal quicker. Like those with lingering injuries that never heal just get their body healing rapidly so they can survive a full season!

  37. Depending on the goals, yes. Simply to be a better player? I’m on the mindset of there are other things you can do to improve your performance if you’re healthy.

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