When our students of this generation hold these kinds of views, we have badly failed as a society.

  1. Hi there; this post does fall under the controversial discussion umbrella and I'm glad that at the time of writing this comment that this comment section is keeping it civil. Appreciate that from the users partaking in the discussion.

  2. THIS COUNTRY BURNED DOWN A GIRL ALIVE just few years ago.16 PEOPLE consisting with her friend(F) who burned her classmate just bcz she raise her voice against sexual assault. Beside fragile growth in economy, we had a strong growth in ignorance , intolerance which will cost us definitely someday.

  3. Most modestly dressed niqabi girl, who was the apple of her family's eye, it broke my heart how they broke a beautiful family, don't know how they will claim "short dress" here or anywhere for that matter in BD. May Allah (swt) punish these animals.

  4. ভিডিওটি ছেলেটির বিদ্যালয়ের প্রধান শিক্ষককে দেখানো উচিত। ভিডিওটি দেখে প্রধান শিক্ষকও একমত হতে পারে।

  5. He needs to be fkn arrested immediately. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy rapes a 15 year old and when presented in court before a judge defends himself by saying that the girl was wearing revealing clothes and that aroused him.

  6. F*ck the education system where they don't teach the kids about sex education. Instead the kids learn from the messed up porn videos, where rape is nothing but just another way of sex.

  7. Before fucking anyone or the whole system I feel like we should think what is my, yours, or our contribution to solve these kind of problems. You know what, that’s where we are lacking. We always feel more safe to blame others like this video. We are cowards to talk about our faults loudly.

  8. I agree with you but Vietnam getting richer is not a solution for us. Now the question is how can we change our mindset? Where to start? How to start? We should focus on these. Its a tough job to do but as a nation if we come together its not that hard to accomplish. If we can die for our language we also can get some changes with right guidance and initiatives.

  9. Few weeks ago I read about a single mother from India who chopped his boyfriend’s d!ck off because he tried to rape her 11 year old daughter.

  10. YIKES. put this mf in a registry but well our country is a hell and he'll never be put in a registry. Mf is literally saying he'd rape an 11 year old of he gets the chance! As someone that has been raped as a toddler, I think my mom must've made a mistake dressing me into "sexy" and very "revealing" outfits because we all know 3 year olds are sexy .

  11. You know if ignorant facebook idiots encourages people to harass and rape girl, young people will take notice won't they? Our country has so much disgusting bunch of people you can see in every news articles comment section. People will want to go with popular opinion i guess the opinion now popular is girls should be harassed if they wear short dress.

  12. জেনেটিক কারনে কি মানুষ ধর্ষক হয়? আমাদের দেশের অনেকেই একাত্তরে পাকিস্তানের ধর্ষণের মাধ্যমে জন্ম নিয়ে ছিল। এসব বাস্টার্ড দের অনেকেই বাচ্চা পয়দা করেছে। যেহেতু ধর্ষণের মাধ্যমে তাদের সৃষ্টি। তাই ডারউনের তত্ত মতে তাদের মধ্যে নিশ্চয় ধর্ষক ডিনএ বিদ্যমান।

  13. Jutar bari dewa dorkar honestly. I'm feeling nauseated just by seeing his face. I hope all girls in his school sees this & get aware that this volatile humper might attack anyone & blame the victim.

  14. The next day this little piece of shit can r_ape his own sister too because of the dress issue And the mighty people of our nation will applaud him. Note it.

  15. ওরে দেখে রাগ, ক্রোধ হওয়ার চাইতে তো ভয় বেশি লাগতেসে। ওর মেয়ে ক্লাসমেট, বাসার মেয়ে মেম্বাররা ওরে ডিল করে কেমনে! এর সামনে তো কেউই নিরাপদ না। সদ্য জন্ম নেওয়া বাচ্চারেও এর সামনে প্যান্ট পরায়ে রাখা লাগবে।

  16. It's that age when western teens start following Jordan Peterson and think the world of him while teens in our country believe these shits! I am pretty sure some them will be able to see how wrong they were. I have personally seen some of my classmates from college with similar opinions become much more progressive once they were in the second/third year at the university.

  17. I kind of agree with your what u r trying to say. But there’s absolutely no excuse for rape, anyone who use these to excuse rape should be castrated alive.

  18. Nobody needs to lower their gaze or change what they wear to appease other people. People just need to mind their own fucking business and change their mindsets. Come on now, many other countries women do not cover up but you only see these types of behavior in our country

  19. You don't need to lower your gaze. You see a girl you like you can look at them, respectfully. What you cant do is fucking rape them.

  20. Literally speechless, no fucking words, we’ve failed as a society if this is the glimpse of the next generation, just no words. I’ve watched the full video the op has provided and it gets worse when girls are trying justify it.

  21. He doesn’t believe what he is saying is seriously fucked up. This is because of the people around him and when he was being raised.

  22. A rapist will always be rapist regardless of what a woman's wearing. How about those cases where women wearing burka/6yo kid get raped?

  23. There ia atill time to save him. I will do it. When I meet I will crack open his skull with a baseball bat. That way he will be saved and potentially many innocent women.

  24. What are they learning from society. Where are their morals and ethics. What is the education system teaching them. More importantly what are their family teaching them. I see all the time families forcing their forcing them to get good grades and stuff but what about being a good person. Do they teach that i Don't think so. They are talking like wild people. Like they are not from a advanced civilization.

  25. What the actual fuck? Maane ok mamu tomar cokh ase. Tai bole rape korar odhikar ase? Let life live. Eita sadhin country je jar iccha moto cholbe law er vitore theke. Ar amar mote mone hoy na western kapor na porar kono law ache. So eita matter kore na. Sadhin desh sadhin manush. But rape nischoi law onujayi dondoniyo oporadh. So eita kapor na eder mindset.

  26. ছেলেটা আমাদের চোখ আসে,ঠিক থাকে না বলে পুরা ছাগলের পরিচয় দিসে,আর কিছু না,একজন মুসলমান হিসেবে আমি অবশ্যই মনে করি যে শালীন ভাবে নারী-পুরুষ সবাইকে চলাচল করতে হবে(( ছোট পোষাক-বড় পোষাক কন্ট্রোভার্সি তে না যাই,ওই বিষয়ে আমার কোনো মতামত নাই,আমার সালোয়ার-কামিজ,জিন্স-শার্ট যাই পরুক,ছেলে মেয়ের কোনো স্পর্শকাতর বডি পার্ট না দেখা গেলেই চলে)) বাট এই ছাগল এমন ভাবে বলল,তার চোখ ঠিক থাকে না, যেন আল্লাহ তা'লা এই ছেলেকে বলে গেসে,বাবা, তোর কোনো সমস্যা নাই,তুই বড় ভালো। জাহান্নামের আগুনে এই পোলার মত মানুষরাই আগে পড়বে, আমি বলে দিলাম। শালা এই কথা মুসলিম হয়ে বলে থাকলে আগে এইটার ধ*ন কেটে ফালায় রাখতে হবে।।

  27. Talking from an western pov, yes it would look weird if you walked around wearing a swimsuit on the roads. You might even catch a felony in some places . Yet, No one gives you the right to rape her because of that

  28. We should keep in mind these type of views are not shared by most people in bangladesh. There is more of them than we like but they aren't the majority.

  29. I don't give a flying fuck about America or Arab. I don't know why you would even bring those countries into this conversation. If students in my country have this kind of mentality, that is alarming.

  30. Ha ha ha. This dicklet thinks he can get away with rape. He hasn't lived long enough to grow ass hair. Once this little shit is caught his ass should be stuffed with stick and rocks and then tossed into the water where he will drown. Of course record it and show it to his friends and families.

  31. I'm watching this from the comfort of my home in Britain and i am really depressed about the direction that my beloved ancestral homeland is heading towards with this nasty and backward mentality.

  32. Wouldn't be surprised if he raped an eleven year old himself and justified it by her attire. Living in this country as a woman honestly sucks as fuck because even if you are raped, your own family might blame you more than your rapist.

  33. Wtf. Shit like this is why everyone I know back in bangladesh wants to leave and move to a western country. There’s zero tolerance for shit like this in the west.

  34. Well then we have a clear solution now, scooping his eyes out along with all the people who share the same mindset as this thing right here.

  35. The crimes we want to reduce and possibly turn extict requires proactiveness of both gender. Both sides need to work on how they perceive the world and how they are perceived by the world. The male gender need to control their eyes and the devil inside them and the female gender need to control how they dress because basic human insticts urges a male to degrade down to their innate animalistic insticts and vice versa. Because even if there are next to none male rape cases registered, don't think I have to remind you that still exists

  36. Are we still stuck in that part? Women don't need to dress properly to save themselves from rapists. Rapists rape regardless of the victim's dress. This has been researched to death by everyone that believes a rapist will rape anyone regardless of the dress. It doesn't matter to rapists. So, for the love of God, let's put an end to this "woman has to dress properly".

  37. Bear in mind he's talking about modestly dressed conservative women not bikini/mini skirt wearing, partying, promiscuous liberal Western women, also girls who most likely hasn't had period yet (11 years old), hijab is not obligatory for a child who hasn't reached puberty. May Allah protect me, mom and all women from such plausible future rapists. Men and women must lower their your gaze and protect their private parts in order to protect themselves from falling into haram relationships which are not marriage (bf/gf), there is no question of rape here. This is the vile outcome of consuming porn and cultural mindset. I thank Allah for parents who are not cultural, and will stay abroad as long as God wills, Ameen. This is my biggest fear, Wallahi. This reminds me of France and how perverted they are/were throughout centuries and also India that used to be called the rape capital of the world, now BD has reached a new low just like them. We must talk about eastern degeneracy as much as western degeneracy. I apologize if I have offended good folks of BD, I wasn't talking about them, just degenerates.

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