Shaved my hair off a while ago still trying to get comfortable with the bald Look. The combover was becoming a hassle but still I wouldn’t mind a Hair-transplant. I’m Turning 30 in January! :)

  1. You look older but most definitely cooler so that’s a big plus. It suits you. Don’t worry.

  2. Man, I rarely feel the need to comment around here, buy seriously, great decision, you rock! I will not lie, it gives you a slightly more mature look, but it just feels right. So no need to feel shy about anything!

  3. Vast improvement bro, you look great and more confident with a shaved head, that’s the key, wear it with confidence. Try some facial hair if you want, but know you have made the right decision

  4. Dude, you look so good completely bald! Much better than the balding look. How long have you been shaving?

  5. You’re the classic case for why shaving is the better option. That comb over looked terrible. You look bad ass bald. Never go back.

  6. Thankyou for your honest opinion I will see how things go if I decide to get a HT once and then it last me 5-10 years after that and I bald I will accept it as life. :)

  7. I was on the same boat when I shaved it off, really wanted a hair transplant and worried about shaving it off. Still think about the transplant sometimes, but honestly have learned to love the bald head, it’s so easy and fresh

  8. LMAO.. when I see threads like this, I think “booooorn to be baaaaaald” like the song “boooorn to be wiiiild”.. dude, the bald look was designed for you. Holy shit. I would shave my head right now if I looked like that

  9. And in case it comes off the wrong way, I mean you’re totally rocking this look, in the best way possible. No sarcasm

  10. Thanks so much! I’m sure you look fine! I noticed so many people don’t even notice from what I read in these comments. People are too invested in themselves and on there’s phones these days

  11. Dude you're one of those Lucy bastards that look fucking dope bald. I feel for you when it comes to hairloss but then again I'll just let myself say that you were never even supposed to have hair considering how much better and hotter you look without it lol

  12. Dude not going to lie, if you grew a beard you’d be fine. Would be much much better than the longer hair balding look

  13. Shaved looks good on you! Especially with the forehead patch. Is there a better name for those bangs up front that hang on for dear life as the rest recedes? I call my husband's patch Homer hairs

  14. This man looks like that famous porn star, astronaut, gym instructor, race car driver, construction worker, teacher, dad, and step-dad.

  15. I wasn't this bad at 30 but I have been buzzing my hair with a 1 or 2 clipper attachment for years now. I think if you can afford it and it would make you comfortable go for the transplant. But you look good shaved. Try a 1 heights or no attachment clipper. It's easy and looks good too.

  16. OP…. Please! Spare yourself the time, money, and ultimate disappointment of hair transplants. They might look good for a short period of time, but they ALL have one thing in common, they FAIL! The only guaranteed thing you can do, is a wig. Everyone I know that went to “THE BEST” hair implants, hair restoration, blah blah bloody fricking blah… all ended up with two things… a bald head and a non interest free loan that they had to pay off in spades. It simply doesn’t work long term.

  17. I actually said "Oh wow!" out loud when the first shaved head pic swiped through. You look fantastic with a shaved head my friend. It suits you and you're a fine looking guy!

  18. You’re very attractive without hair. Don’t bother wasting thousands on a hair transplant, it will look worse/weird, trust me. Get out there and spend your money on the holiday of a lifetime or something. Travel the world and get international pussy/bussy with your hot new look.

  19. I'm so close to doing this. I still have full hair, but it's almost completely grey and is getting thinner and thinner. I just can't imagine myself without hair. How did your scalp look freshly shaved? Was it obvious that you freshly shaved and usually have hair?

  20. I haven’t actually freshly shaved it yet. I just buzzed it all the way down to a 1. I don’t know people said it looks a lot better and much cleaner and to be honest it is very freeing and the time you save in the morning for me anyway is A lot. But I’m still shy with it so I’m going to see how my hair turns out now that it has been shaved and seems to be growing a little more healthy but in the end I think I’ll shave it all off and just move on with life. I know I’ll only look back and realise how much time I wasted on hair

  21. I fuck with the bald, embrace your self it happens to every man around that age and I plan on shaving it all when I get there too plus you look tougher

  22. It looks like you can grow an incredible beard tho! Shaved head with a full beard is a cool/tuff look. I only have a slight receding with my hairline But I also have a widows peak so it really accentuates my hairline. When I get tired of styling my hair, I will occasionally shave my head and grow my beard.. but I have blond hair so if I shaved my head and my face I would just look sickly.

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