A lovely afternoon on a mountain lake | Upper Twin Lake, Oregon

  1. When your body is aching and you just want to sit down, nothing beats finally getting camp setup. Bonus if you're snow camping and can build a trench in the vestibule, it becomes the perfect bench to sit at and cook dinner. This photo is from an overnight snowshoe trip I did a few weeks back to Upper Twin Lake near Mt. Hood. I have a video of the trip that I'm uploading this evening, let me know if you'd like the link!

  2. I just tried snowshoeing for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Just smaller day trips to try. I would love to see your video to see what's possible :)

  3. Totally comfy. The sleeping pads and sleeping bag are what matter, not need for netting as there aren't bugs and it doesn't insulate. It was easier to save the weight. 😊

  4. Freaking love it. It's the best backpack I've owned by far. It's my only backpack now. I use it from easy day hikes to multi-night trips and it's always really comfortable.

  5. That is a deluxe looking sleeping pad. Much more plush than what most folks use, I am with you, I carry a pretty thick pad myself and looking to upgrade. Have my eyes on a Big Agnes pad that looks similar to yours.

  6. Mine is a Nemo with a Z-Lite underweight. I actually want to switch to a thermarest xlite, but it's not a high priority ATM.

  7. Compacted the snow down then pitched as normal. After the trip I found out about Deadman anchors, which probably would've been better to use, but it wasn't windy so I had no issues. 👍

  8. If you haven’t been, the twin lakes in the Bull of the Woods wilderness is a great little backpack trip from Opal Pool or Elk Lake. Lower twin lake had some nice Brookies in it when I was last there.

  9. It's the Durston X-Mid 2. I got it when it first came out and it seems to have grown in popularity. I think it's usually out of stock. It's been a great tent so far.

  10. Please remember to post a short paragraph as a comment in the post explaining your photo or link. Ideally at least 150 characters with trip details. Tell us something about your trip. How long did it take to get there? How did you get there? How was the weather that day? Would you go back again?

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