When you are wildlife photographer the goal is to blend in with your surroundings so that you don't scare off the animals

  1. I'm guessing they are aware of him but since he isn't reacting to their presence he clearly isn't a threat. In which case, hanging around him is probably safe because he is a pretty large animal and most other predators are probably scared to come close to him.

  2. "I can't seem to shake it, Jenkins... The feeling we're being watched... Anyway, let's set up camp here on this mound and double the watch for the night. That should do it."

  3. I'm no expert but I remember seeing that meerkats will have designated scouts like that so the others can forage/play. Chances are they know the human's there and the scouts are on watch while the rest inspect the curious looking creature.

  4. FYI this is Nick Kleer, he’s a photographer and conservationist who has a lot of really cool stuff on his Instagram! Highly recommend you check him out

  5. I appreciated your comment 😊 It’s a beautiful sentiment. Luckily I haven’t lost a parent myself but, I’ll never forget how deeply my mom felt the loss of her father, and then just a month later her mother too. It took at least a couple of years for her to get back to a place where I recognized her as the happy and fun loving person she’d always been. So I know how deeply you must feel the loss of your father, even all of these years later. My mother was sure to make me understand that you never really lose the pain of their loss. Instead you just sort of get accustomed to living with that pain and their loss. That’s always stuck with me. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope you took all of this as a little message or reminder from your father and that you were able to enjoy it for the happiness it brings remembering those moments together, instead of focusing on the pain of loss.

  6. Why do I feel like these fuckers would be awesome pets if you could get them not to dig holes in ur shit

  7. Except they seem to live in social groups... which might mean that you'd have to have more than 1 to ensure their happiness!

  8. "Day 78: They still do not notice my presence and I have taken this opportunity to take amazing pictures together. I fear that one day they will finally realize I am not one of their kin and flea or fight me. I attempt to immitate their behavior so as to prolong this outcome for as long as possible. Last night, one of the younger ones tried to put a larvae in my mouth. They are learning."

  9. Not if you're scouting a large animal (elephant..?) 400m away. Silent shutter won't necessarily make that much difference...

  10. Meerkat, especially those that have been studied by scientists a lot, become completely used to humans around them. They're friendly social animals to begin with and humans don't hurt them.

  11. Loving the real love you are getting from the animals, they are understanding and feeling that there is no harm to be near you and that's a good thing for all of humans.

  12. Am I the only one who thought the one on his head was a "fake one so he can "blend in" until it started moving

  13. I'm currently reading the Bobiverse (book 3 in the series) and this is how I picture the 'Pav' in my mind albeit they would be larger than these meerkats.

  14. I love the fact that wildlife photographers have spent years with meerkats that they associate people as movable vantage points.

  15. When you are wildlife photographer the goal is to blend in with the animals so that you don't scare off your surroundings.

  16. Capybara: a large chill animal who is friends with lots of other animals because he has no capability to be violent or disturb others. This man is a capybara

  17. Genuine questions: If he got up quickly, would it scare them? And if it does scare them, would they retaliate? I am imagining since there are so many that they might swarm him?

  18. That’s the first thing I thought when they got near his face. I’m curious how much of a danger this actually is

  19. There is a slight risk of disease from meerkats. Rabies and toxoplasmosis can be transmitted from them .

  20. I'm curious, what are they looking for when they do this? Every time I see them in videos/pics they're just doing this, lookin around lol.

  21. I wonder if the sunglasses trick them into not realizing he's another animal, a potential predator, no eyes and all.

  22. "..I swear he was just here moment ago.. well don't just stand there, look around...come on climb up on this rock, you will get a better view.. "

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