Look hairless baby this is my baby

  1. I've seen this one before. I think it's likely that the cat is putting her kitten with the human baby because she expects the human mother to watch both kids while the cat mom goes out to find food.

  2. I am fostering a mama cat and her 5 babies. Mama after week two fucked off under the bed for long stretchs.

  3. Doesn't the mom who goes out for food also commonly bring back some food for the cats/kittens who stayed behind in the colony? Which also explains why cats will bring you a dead mouse or bug - like, "friend, you bring me food every day, now I bring you some food"

  4. Yup cats are communal mothers. It's cool stuff. Kind of sad how we expect human mothers to do it all alone so much of the time.

  5. A lot of folks don't realize cats are actually quite social animals. They don't hunt together but females in particular will often group up for safety. Which makes sense tbh. Even human parents didn't really raise children alone until relatively recently. And it hasn't gone well tbh.

  6. There are a lot of videos of cats bringing their kittens over by a human baby. I kinda think you’re right, they are putting their babies on the baby pile…

  7. Believe it or not that's a real thing cats do! Cats in colonies often co-parent and one mom will drop her kittens off in another mom's litter while she goes hunting. It makes sure the maximum number of kittens survive because they're always being kept warm and fed by at least one adult at a time. Cats kept as pets still do this even though their "colony" is mostly humans, lol, which often leads to adorable attempts by the cat to help care for a human baby as if it's a kitten by snuggling and bathing them (or bapping them for doing dumb/dangerous things).

  8. Why are you bringing X here ? You want him to met the y ? You want them to be friends? ( I have seen this video alot )

  9. “Stop being rude and walking away, I’m trying to introduce you to someone. I didn’t raise you in a barn.”

  10. That was exactly the vibes I got when she pawed at the kitten and started meowing as it walked away. "Meet the baby and get in the baby pile!"

  11. I’d like to think her patience is running thin- “Do you see how that baby is sleeping nicely and not causing trouble! OMGOODNESS- where is the mother! Don’t you make me chase you! Get back over here! I do not have time for this! Where is MOM!” (Or Dad, somebody please help this Mom!)

  12. "Hiiii, little guy! This is my son, Jeffrey, and I thought you two would get alo- Jeffrey! Oh, my gosh. So embarrassed. Jeffrey, honey, come say hi! Jeffrey!"

  13. Every time I see this clip I am weirded out by how still the baby is, I'm sure it's fine i'm just not used to seeing a baby not wriggling about.

  14. This. Normally the hairless baby would be freaking out with joy that there are two fluffballs next to it. But nothing. Stillness. Probably sleeping (I hope at least)

  15. That’s why when my kids were babies I had to check their breathing all the time when they were sleeping. It’s unnerving how still they get when they’re sleeping.

  16. It looks like she's saying to the hairless baby: "Look, this other baby gets up and walks around!! Why are you just lying there!! Get up! Move!"

  17. If you're going to post videos that aren't yours here, the least you could do is credit the OP. This is @pearlsragdolls on Instagram. She breeds ragdoll cats and owns a cattery to sell them to be show cats

  18. Under supervision yes, sleeping on their tummies is fine. And "tummy time" is a crucial part of baby development. Baby might just have had enough and fallen asleep here (or be staring at the kitty)

  19. I thought "back to sleep" was the slogan they used to remind ppl how to lay their baby down. Not sure what country this is tho & whether that slogans used anywhere outside uk.

  20. AAP says putting babies to sleep on their back is safer in terms of SIDS; if your baby is old enough to roll from stomach to back and from back to stomach, you need it reposition them if they roll over to their stomach while sleeping, but if they can only roll one way you should roll them onto their back rather than lifting them continue to sleep on their stomach. The AAP doesn't say anything about supervising tummy sleeping.

  21. I don’t know, my kid hasn’t cat puked on my keyboard 100 times yet, or shit on the floor 100 times.

  22. I believe the baby is Blossom and the video is posted by Pearl on her Instagram and YouTube page called Pearlsragdolls. Ragdolls are seriously one of the sweetest cats ever..

  23. When you want to organize play date between your child and your best friend’s child but your kid won’t effing cooperate…

  24. "Look love, she's your non furred sibling. No no no, you come back here, say hi, because you will both be together for a long time, mommy loves you both."

  25. There's just something about when Momma Cats and Dogs bring their babies to you. They're literally telling you that they trust the shit out of you to watch their little ones. I freaking love that.

  26. No lie, the pad the baby is sleeping on looks great. I wonder if they make them for adults because sometimes I’d like to just fall down onto one like that.

  27. "Hey hey hey, focus! Stop being rude. Say hello like a good kit. I don't understand where this is coming from-she's going to be cleaning your litter someday."

  28. I don’t trust pets around babies they’ve been known to smother just saying . Go ahead and downvote it’s just a fact

  29. Wouldn't it actually be risky to let a cat close to a baby? They're not anywhere near as inherently friendly or docile as dogs. They may scratch.

  30. Under supervision they can sleep how they want. But yes certainly good to encourage sleeping on their backs even during supervised naps as this will only help with their night time sleeping too.

  31. Babies sleep however they damn well please. You can try to start the baby on their back, but after a few hours of crying, any sleep is better than none, for both the parents and the baby.

  32. " mom why did you bring me to this play date, we have nothing in common and all they do is sleep and smell like poop"

  33. Cats tend to gather their young ones together to keep each other warm and safe. If they are in a colony, they do this to also have some cats taking care of the kittens while exploring/hunting for food.

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