[OC] we are bringing this fella home on Tuesday. What should we name him?

  1. I had a tri pawd dog named max but I did want to name him either wobble or hat trick( Wife at the time didn't think it was funny, nor the shelter when I asked for 25%off).

  2. I can vouch for this, we have a cat with the same leg configuration, and that sole front leg has to absorb a lot of impacts all day, jumping down, hopping along, etc. He definitely isn't the most graceful, but he can still book it and run like crazy when he wants to.

  3. My friends called me that in high school when I was on crutches😂😂😂 Edit: I didn’t lose the leg but it was totally lame for years so I might as well have for a minute there

  4. Also a good reference to Stardust, where Tristan is trained to fight by a pirate (which matches the lip curl). Win-win-win!

  5. Name him Stompy, then whenever you have new friends over, you can wait for them to go "Stumpy?" and then pounce on them like they're being insensitive lol

  6. Our cat had a stroke and his front right leg was paralyzed. They can get along just fine with 3 and still run fast. Digging in litterbox was a bit more challenging but do-able. He just had to make new adjustments.

  7. D’aww he’s so cute! I like Waffle cause of his coloring. Give him some big cuddles for me please! 🥰

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