Kangaroo but cat

  1. I believe this is an angular limb deformity, which can be caused by injury or genetic condition. Many kitties with this might suffer pain, arthritis and inability to take care of themselves - but this can be mitigated with surgery. Many also live perfectly healthy lives with the help of weight management, joint supplements and a loving home to terrorize.

  2. Specifically, it’s radial hypoplasia. His name is Toad, and the Instagram account can be found at ivartheincredible_blindcat

  3. I just adopted a kitten that does this. I asked the vet if it was weird. She took blood and she said, "she's healthy, but just just like ppl, she my just do weird stuff." She's normal, but sometimes does this to look around, when playing. I call her my lil meercat

  4. I raised a litter of kittens and one had abscesses in both elbows and seemed like he was going to grow like this. He got adopted so I don't know but I truly hope he ended up as happy and mobile as this kitty is. I'd think this was him but he was medium hair.

  5. I’ve been watching this show on the big D+ called The Wizard of Paws and this dude makes prosthetics for animals. There was a dog like this. Owner should call up that guy.

  6. Interesting it’s considered a deformity and we are all “Awwwww!”. I was all excited to find out it was some Japanese silly puss I’d never heard of….and then I read about the pain the kitties live with and I feel bad.

  7. It's the same when I see pugs or French bulldogs being fawned over while they struggle to breathe and keep their eyeballs in their heads.

  8. It's at an increased risk of complications, but there isn't anything wrong in going "aww!" to this cat. Even pets born with disabilities, deformities and/or differences, or those who get injured, are deserving of love. (see

  9. There’s a great show on Nat Geo (Disney +) called Wizard of Paws where a highly skilled technician fits animals like this one with prosthetics.

  10. OK, i thought I had a weird meercat. I've had 4 cats over my life, never seen this behavior, and just adopted a kitten that does this weird shit. She just sits up and looks around like a confused lil creep...

  11. My sweet boy has the same condition and is much less nimble, lower to the ground. Was interesting to see a cat with the same condition move so quick lol

  12. Except for the fact that most cats with this type of deformity might deal with serious pain as a result. So, not so perfect.

  13. I saw a fucked up documentary about some stupid lady purposely breeding cats with this deformity because they were soooooo cute. Called them “twisty cats” IIRC.

  14. Cats have a primordial pouch. This video just proves that cats are a distant relative to marsupials.

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