20 seconds of cuteness!

  1. It is very cute, and most of it was kinda believable... but when the dogs are trained to hug other animals like that, it spoils everything I just saw. It’s an over-the-top level of training that I don’t care for.

  2. The hug at the end is...exactly why I support civilians owning fully automatic .50 cal machine guns. RAMIREZ, PROTECT THAT CUTE CANINE.

  3. All these comments and no one mentions the dog resembles the Futurama dog???? Are you serious. This subreddit let me down. ...also Im smashing like and subscribe button

  4. That dog looks like my Kit Kat 😭😭😭😭😭 now I'm sobbing in loneliness. I want to be with my KitKat I wanna go home!

  5. Mixed breed: Love, attention, knowing the intelligence just waiting to be brought out. Whenever that 'breeding' happens to be put together by a human, well, this is the outcome.

  6. Just because you beat your dog to make them do tricks doesn't mean everyone does.

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