And here's a sticky bun for you!

  1. Yeah dog on the left got shafted... Actually did anyone notice that there are actually four dogs outside? The last one makes his first appearance in the end!

  2. My understanding is that the dogs have a hierarchy and if the dogs eat out of turn they will be punished by the higher-ranking dogs

  3. Absolutely! Someone argued with me for hours after I posted a comment like this the other day though so be prepared for the backlash.

  4. Theres more of of them?? I have this gif saved on my phone and been rewatching it for years! Where is the more??

  5. They’re probably okay, but yeah they may have some health issues. All things considered I’m fairly sure (not a vet) that human food for dogs isn’t that bad. Still should feed them dog food just in case.

  6. It’s Gary’s turn next week, but if he can’t do it, we should be able to get Tanner to post it.

  7. I don't even think this is a repost, every time I see one of these the food is different. Someone just makes a ton of videos of them feeding their dogs interesting food.

  8. Yeah this was cute the first time. Even the second. And if I don't see it again for a year or so, it might be cute enough then for an upvote. But not today.

  9. What throws me off is there is variations with different food. I see the bun one a lot but this one is new.

  10. God damn I love that little doggo! Please don’t ever stop treating him or her like gold!!! You are an amazing person for sharing your love, life and time with such an amazing friend!

  11. It's not junk food. These dogs eat better than most humans. They eat a lot of different foods. They are fine. Take your bs elsewhere

  12. Call me crazy but with regards to animals ... there's not much scarier than a dog who has its sights on food, and will stop at nothing to get it.

  13. I know this is supposed to be cute but all I can think about every time I see this is how food aggressive these dogs are.

  14. Repost. Edit: Well looking at all the downvoted comments it seems like there are quite a few idiots on this subreddit

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