How realistic it is to single handey recreate AWS?

  1. It's absolutely not realistic to recreate all AWS services. But it is absolutely possible to create a simplified copy of a single service and maintain it by a single person. And you can evem find such examples on the Internet. Just google for a service alternative and I assure you that most of those are maintained by a very small team.

  2. I worked for HP more then a decade ago and one of my assignments was on HP cloud. You’ve used HP cloud right? No? Oh that’s because it was a massive failure. There were a number of reasons for that failure. We had the hardware. We had the technical ability. We understood the need (and at the time we wanted to just replicate EC2 and S3). And it was still extremely hard.

  3. Don't forget to factor in the back-end ops component. Alarms, dashboards, getting paged-in at 3am because a network segment in some random region got interrupted and, downstream, it affected your service enough to throw it into alarm state.

  4. Totally unrealistic. Any given service can take man years to perfect and maintain - an individual could never hope to compete.

  5. I wonder if it’s even possible for a single person to improve the UI for AWS glue a little. They haven’t managed to do so for years

  6. Oracle's OCI makes for a great case study of your question. Their first attempt, OPC, was largely a train wreck they ended up scrapping. With OCI, their second attempt, they hired away top talent from AWS and Azure to build it and at least as far as IaaS goes it fairly feature complete. (Someone referenced the 10x engineer. They needed lots of those. ) It took billions of dollars and even then they had to spend years buying market share.

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