Can I request a crusade?

  1. I agree. An animal does not have the capacity for consent and saying they do is ignoring that you can Pavlov the shit out of any animal. Provide them food and associate something with it, and taking advantage of that for sexual gratification is disgusting.

  2. Someone woke up and chose to make this. It wasn’t an accident. A human being put time and effort into making this a reality. I simply cannot believe it

  3. To me this reads as an extremely deluded person who is projecting a LOT of weird inappropriate emotional needs onto animals. Feels like a symptom of some kind of mental illness.

  4. The word Zoopride is everything cursed. Pride in raping animals that can't talk or consent. Beastiality was shamed and mocked for a good reason. But these people are trying to make it mainstream. Shame for shame.

  5. Oh dont try to shame this, it wouldn't work on these degenerates, shame is for people who still have dignity and a little bit of sanity left to tell right from wrong.

  6. Same goes for any self proclaimed """"map"""" pedophile. They should all be permanently fixed with ankle monitors at the absolute very least.

  7. Fucking furries becoming the new pedophiles. If they keep this up they're going to turn into a church and a conservative party.

  8. I mean, if we trust statistics, it was literally mainstream throughout all of history except for modern day. Evidence suggests that people who live on farms are substantially more likely to engage in zoophilic acts than if you don't. And before recently that was almost everyone.

  9. I'm glad I was alone "oh this will be interesting. I find myself in the middle on the ethics of zoos... Wait why is that person next to a German shepherd, that's not a zoo type animal- oh wait..."

  10. Ohhhhhh fuck. Went back and read it again in that context. What the hell is wrong with people? I'm seriously about done flying around on this planet with all these seriously messed up things going on. Like, everything, everywhere is just fucked.

  11. Oh wow, I just made a comment on this because I thought I would be the ONLY ONE to make this mistake. Reassuring to see I'm not alone.

  12. There is a whole podcast these monsters made where they talk about these kind of awful things along with other awful topics. Sadistic zoophilia was a new low for me to learn about

  13. Rescued 2 dogs that were raped and the physical damage was horrendous. The emotional and mental damage even worse. There is no consent, there is no relationship. There is just waste of a meat suit that rapes animals. The correlation between bestiality and pedophilia is well documented. As is animal abuse and sadistic rapists/murderers. I hope whoever made the comic ends up in a cell with a much larger, meaner pervert and gets to experience that "consent" he referred to.

  14. As a student of ornithology I will disagree on the statement of animals not having lust. It’s something I’ve observed among my own birds and others. I do agree of everything else though

  15. It's ironic they state in the comic the person can't understand their words, while pretending to understand what a dog wants and doesn't want...

  16. I can't believe a fucking furry is trying to take the high road. You're not as bad as these sick fucks but you're still not right.

  17. I’ve been in a psych ward for a month and that’s more messed up than anything I’ve seen so far, inc the girl that low key wants to throw her three children off a cliff

  18. Begin the crusade...I guarantee you the furries will be right alongside you in this one...we hate zoophiles more than anyone else

  19. Completely agree. Furries aren't a problem, it's zoophiles. Zoophiles aren't part of the furry community, and they never will be. It's absolutely abhorrent what they do and shouldn't be associated with that community.

  20. We who? You might not, But it is a documented fact on the furry Wiki that furries are much more likely than other people to be zoophiles.

  21. The fact that someone drew this, and throughout the entire process still thought "yeah this is ok" is really disturbing

  22. What the fuk did I just read what in the holy spirit did I just saw what in the space fucking hell did my eyes just witnessed... What da fuck dude I think that it's getting too for mates I'll just can't I can't anymore I don't wonna live anymore

  23. Telling people like that to game end will get you banned yet they can post shit like that no problem.

  24. If I ever meet somebody that confesses to doing things like this to their pet, I will ask that they send themselves to a psychologist before I send them to a hospital. Disgusting

  25. The fact that this dog looks like a puppy is even worse. Like, even if we could understand dogs and they could give consent, that'd 100% be pedophilia.

  26. I, myself, atheist, who was muslim before, but for this?... Deus Vult, my bröther in Christ, we are going to war.

  27. Literally the only animal that has even the slightest possibility of consenting is a dolphin because they have sex for pleasure and have attempted to rape people before. Women are not supposed to swim with dolphins if they’re on their period because they will try to rape them. Still it’s fucking gross but if you’re gonna fuck an animal a dolphin is your best bet. Not a male tho because they can and will kill you if you try to have sex with it because of how physically powerful they are. I’m not condoning or trying to support any of this, I’m just saying it’s a possibility and more of a possibility than a dog consenting

  28. Literally everyone hates zoophiles. Furries more than most because zoophiles call themselves furries and drag down the reputation. This is why they all end up on Twitter, because any furry platform they get banned from

  29. Eeeewwwww!!!! Ugh!... when I read "anti-zoo", I thought it was people against caged animals at the actual fucking zoo!!!

  30. I hate it when people assign human characteristics to animals to justify thier sick behaviour, animals cannot consent to humans, they can only consent to other animals that is the same species of them

  31. Part of me is hoping it's just a bad photoshop over a good webcomic... But part of me is also thinking people can be shit, talented ones are no exception.

  32. When I read anti-zoos I was stocked to see someone giving zoos shit for keeping wild animals in cages all their lives and shit like that

  33. Some humans and furries don't like each other and tend to harass each other and such but I'm pretty sure that we can get along and agree that zoophiles deserves to be in the deepest pits of hell

  34. im not a furry and i do think they are odd but there's a huge difference between cosplay and fucking an animal

  35. Slippery slope to what? People fucking animals has been a thing since forever. It's probably less common now than it used to be.

  36. The fact that people like this exist makes me so angry that I couldn't put it into words even with a gun to my head, strapped into an electric chair, and wearing a reverse bear trap

  37. How did you write this whole thing out, read it, and then think; “yeah this is really funny”? Like it doesn’t even make remote sense as a joke, it’s not even a good pun.

  38. killing animals is worse than raping them, (that's an attack on killing animals not a defence of raping them) both are unacceptable and plenty of y'all are hypocrites.

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