what tf ?? Humanity is being slaughtered..

  1. “Yemen is home to 4 million child brides. Of these, 1.4 million married before age 15. Notably, there is no legally prescribed minimum age for marriage in Yemen. The Yemen parliament tried to pass a law to set a minimum age for marriage, twice once in 2009 and in 2010, but it was rejected by the Sharia Legislative Committee which termed it “un-islamic,” resulting in rampant child marriages in the country”

  2. So abstaining from pedophilia is un-Islamic? Backwards savages. We need to do away with religion if we hope to move forward as a species

  3. Stopped reading, just couldn’t finish it. Sadly this isn’t the first time and won’t be the last time either

  4. ik but an 8 yr old, a bride!!! and that to forced to married a man 5 times her age, who clearly abused her physically !!!

  5. Y would America try to help solve this, when u can get more money by selling weapons … those that can choose not to and blame it on those who cannot even though they would, if they could

  6. Has nothing to do with race my brother, from my experience most of the cultures have some shitty aspects to them, some more than others obviously.

  7. It's not part of the culture and there are about 1.8 billion Muslims in the world, and you think every single one of them would think this is alright?

  8. The world has always been hell. It’s just that every now and then a golden age of progress, wealth, science, and art makes us forget about how bad things still are in places that aren’t experiencing the golden age, nor how bad they will get when the golden age concludes.

  9. There was a video where a young girl, maybe 10, stepping up to her parents, saying she doesn’t want to marry so young. It was heartbreaking. The mom was insisting. The girl kept saying she just wants an education. The pain in her voice was beyond heartbreaking. F**k religion!!

  10. Why the fuck is the child's pic on display. Victims who are minors should be protected. The dude pic should be on billboards to shame him

  11. These people and this culture are the scum of the fkin Earth. Their laws protect this man, and put this 8 year old child in a situation where she got fucked to death before she ever made it to 10. We just don’t have words for how fucked up and sad this is.

  12. This is a story from 2013 that keeps getting posted like it's new. The whole story is even worse than the headline. There are even more stories about babies getting raped on that part of the world. Russian solders in Ukraine raped a toddler and filmed it and put it on social media. Our society is horrible.

  13. I was disgusted hearing that they still allow this. And we fight for oil instead of human rights. Same thing goes in those crazy southern states but with their own family instead. Incest is just as disgusting. And it is all over america.

  14. Incest between 2 consenting adults is as disgusting as a grown man raping a 6 year old child? Get your morals checked.

  15. Incest is illegal in all but two states in the US and neither of them are southern. Only 12 states have no minimum age when it comes to marriage all exceptions considered and only two of those are in those "crazy southern states". Try again.

  16. Absolutely fucking disgusting. But I'll be honest with yall, OP's mighty sus right now. It's literally crossposted from

  17. That is The Worst Human Being on the Planet at this Moment. He Deserves Castration. WHAT PERSON FEELS THE NEED TO ....HAVE SEX WITH CHILDREN !! WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU !!??

  18. This is not new/recent. I had to do a reverse image search because I knew I’d seen this picture before. First reported ten years ago. No less disgusting and horrific, but it’s recycled content.

  19. You guys do know that this is fake right? The amount of retarded comments I see makes me lose faith in humanity ...

  20. Reuters reported it in 2020, and another time in March 2022. Read the link ^ up there before you go spouting off “its fake” because it is not and child marriage is a plague in these sick ass countries with pedophiles claiming their god wants them to rape the little girls

  21. I see some terrible, terrible shit on subreddits like this and a lot of it just washes over me but this... This makes me want to fucking die. This is the worst thing I have seen in a long time.

  22. Prophet was 55 when he married aaisha she was 6 Prophet was 58 when he banged aaisha at 9... I see where muslim people learns to do all this filth...

  23. Before jumping in blaming Islam and Mohammed for this criminal action let me tell you what are the conditions for marriage in Islam: 1- the girl must be sexually mature and adult (puberty) and physically capabile of a sexual intercourse 2- the girl must be psychologically adult 3- the girl must approve and accept the marriage 4- the marriage must be accepted from the society's point of view....... So this man is not following islam nor mohammed, he is just a piece of shit who is hiding behind the ignorance of people who say (the prophet did it)...... And guess what no one actually know how old was she when mohammed married her (some sources say 9 some say 14 and some say 18).

  24. Humanity is being slaughtered? It’s been like that throughout history, it’s just that these muslim shitholes are still living like millennia ago.

  25. Yeah because this is somehow Biden’s fault even though it happened in India? Also the orange skinned freak you idiots adore like the second coming of Christ was friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Moron.

  26. Honestly I wish no one would post things like this, I know it exists but I don't need to see it because it just makes me want to Nuke an entire country and I know not everyone in that country are scumbags.

  27. For fucks sake. Something like this would have been unacceptable even 2000 years ago. What the fuck is wrong with people. Honestly. This is a good enough reason to invade a country.

  28. Ask yourself, if YOUR God is so great why does he put these monsters here. Religion is a real concept just misconstrued to the point where the average person's mind has become enslaved.

  29. This happened in Yemen, and the UN urged the government to raise the minimum age for marriage because 52% of girls under 18 are married. A Literal majority of girls in Yemen are married before hitting adulthood!!

  30. That looks like the child bride cnn filmed being sold to an old man and did a story on it but did nothing to fucking help. Her parents sold her so they could buy food.

  31. This makes me grit my teeth. This is so fucked up and beyond disgusting. Basically being a pedophile is not illegal over there

  32. If this is their tradition then they should just burn their traditions to the fucking ground, ruining the lives of children for generations over the choices of their elders

  33. I am kind of surprised that the child's parents even agreed to this marriage. It's like the girl's parents sold her off to that man and the person who ended up dead was the little girl. What kind of culture the parents must have to sell off their daughters to someone so old.

  34. They don’t marry them. They rape them then teach them its ok because “Allah” a former camel herder who claimed he hallucinated God in the desert says it ok because that what he liked to do. Its sick. Its demonic and every last one of them will burn in hell

  35. This post and article is from an indian. People will fall for anything these days. The amount of Islamaphobia i just read is terrifying. People will naively believe anything that is against islam. If westerners aren't aware, indians have been spreading a lot of fake anti islamic news. I won't deny child marriages happening, but using it to spread hate is disgusting. Indians will use muslim women any way possible, whether using their pictures to scream 'raped' or using their pictures to sell them online. All these racist posts just reveal who you people really are, stop pretending you care for women. As a woman, I am proud to be a muslim and thank you for this fake news, It just strengthens my belief in Islam when I look up my religion and learn more and more about it. Like Allah says, "they plan, and Allah plans, and Allah is the best of planners"

  36. Read the actual news article. It happened and all of you sick perverts who use islam as an excuse to rape children and women will burn in hell. And I will be with God while He throws you in there.

  37. Don't say "that wasn't the only thing that was slaughtered", don't say "that wasnt the only thing that was slaughtered"

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