I'm not comfortable thinking about this

  1. Why would it do that? Serious question. I thought urine was meant to go in the urnairy tract but idk anything about it really lol.

  2. Or I have an idea…when your bladder is full- and hers isn’t. You could deposit the contents into a vessel. Possible porcelain, with a small amount of water in the basin…and then when complete- push a button and then your urine will flush into a sewage system so that it is properly disposed of.

  3. From someone who has a catheter in right now (spinal injury sent my whole pelvis into spasms, waiting on surgery) if you try to push with a catheter in it actually comes out around the tube and makes you piss yourself.

  4. There was a news story of a nurse who did this with her bf. They both ended up with severe bladder infections.

  5. How often in one lifetime could two people with this 1 in a billion fetish actually find each other, isnt love grand!

  6. Why do this when they can have the ultimate piss to mouth experience? In some sort of human-piss-centipede infinity loop action? We can even have Kermit the Frog do a reaction video to it! Sorry kids, this sort of stuff was so 2009!

  7. I guess I am comfortable thinking about that. Im imagining the dirty talk. “Oooh I’m so full of your hot piss baby” “yeah I know you love it please I want to feel u piss it back in me hard.” No darling it’s my piss now and if you want it you’ll do as I say. I want you to eat a handful of this peanut butter and go down on the back of my left knee while I twist this folded in half orange pipe cleaner coated in crisco into your hairy rectum. Oh you eat out that back knee so good sugar! The smell of your peanut butter breathing and the sound of this shortening coated fuzzy stick penetrating you rhythmically is so getting me off I’m gonna cum and piss in you at the same time keep going honey ! I know you want all this pee in you!”

  8. It seems like a 9 year old boy was being babysitted by a 25 year old woman, she ends up being a pedo, and 10 years down the line, bam, this is the kind of shit they're doing after 10 years of weirdness.

  9. I’ve seen people using sounding rods between each other (2 guys) but they were stainless steel and maybe that makes them less likely to transfer disease? Dunno.

  10. I cannot even fathom why someone would want to do this? Is it a sexual thing? Thats very dangerous & will not end well for either person. Weird weird weird.

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