1. Wait, they gave them hyperbaric oxygen? They're not "social", they're stoned! By this definition a fifth of vodka counts as an "Autism Treatment".

  2. This. Looking at the data it's statistically significant but with a very small (n=15) sample size. Furthermore, they are only testing short-ish term effects and only in one specific mutation, that is certainly not ubiquitous amongst the general ASD population (ie only relevant to a small subset of people with ASD). Furthermore, the "treatment" they are using (Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment) has not been conclusively proven to be effective in the amelioration of ASD symptoms, with the majority of trials conducted having very small sample sizes without control groups.

  3. And only tested on SHANK3 mutant mice. Who knows if it's applicable to all autistic people, particularly those without the mutation.

  4. Very interested. Nothing in the headline implies anything scary, imo. Don't think it's going to rewrite your consciousness or anything crazy like that. Meds can help all kinds of things, no reason to be afraid of science for its own sake. Judge the treatment by its own individual merits and downsides.

  5. It makes it seem like autistic people are the only ones with the social skill problems, not taking into account that NTs make no effort to understand us, forcing the burden on us. More work needs to be done on their side before they start trying to “fix” us. It’s a two-way street

  6. Hyperbaric treatment has been shown to minimize the aging process & in some cases reverse it on a cellular level. Let’s all embrace this as a treatment, convince insurance companies to cover it, & WE ALL LIVE FOREVER! 😁

  7. if I could be myself but with additional social skills and the ability to actually do things that need to be done, I'd literally be unstoppable. sign me up.

  8. If they got anti anxiety and social skill pills that don't make me feel like an empty vessel, I'm interested as well.

  9. This won’t give you any new skills. It hold likely only give you the ability to function better. Ig maybe that can seem like new skills but really skills you have but are unable to use.

  10. Lmao my executive functioning skills indeed would improve quite a bit if the executives at my company stopped sucking and setting people like us up to fail

  11. I mean cool and all but correlation doesn’t equal causation. Further human social behavior has infinite factors and variables, so it’s hard to find this relevant to human autism in anyway. Especially since social behavior in mice is nothing like human social behavior when you factor in the most complicated aspects like making small talk and reading facial expressions and body language… I don’t really see autistic mice struggling with that much.. 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️😂 I certainly know that’s where I need the most help. So for me it’s kind of a “cool story bro, but how the hell does this help me in anyway?!” 🤷🏻‍♀️ It would take a loooooot more development and research to take this from a “hey this could be something maybe” to a relevant idea that actually could help someone like myself that’s ASD with social issues. At this point eh not really all that exciting as far as I’m concerned.

  12. Idk...I feel like the need to "cure" everything speaks to a larger societal issue. There's always a 0.0001% chance to consider with anything. This would not be my first course of action.

  13. I read an article that said they began with a girl and then moved to mice to understand it more

  14. Exactly; this is potentially promising, but one can't claim that this treatment will have the same effect in humans until various sizeable trials have been performed with people - controlled double-blind trials with very careful quantative and qualitative analysis.

  15. Heard on the radio that a breakthrough had been made in the understanding of the physiology of autism…then the presenter followed up with “hopefully this will be a step closer to finding a cure for people suffering from autism”. 🙄😑

  16. Yeah no… not for me anyway… not everyone has to be forced to socialize, instead of ‘fixing autism’ we could work the long term and fix the root problem; society. :/ a quick fix normally doesn’t actually ‘fix’ the problem- if there was even a problem to begin with.

  17. I'm immediately suspicious of this. I don't want to be forced to be someone I'm not. They can go to fucking hell.

  18. The way I see it is that I would never accept any form of treatment for my autism. My autism makes who I am and I'm proud

  19. I really don’t like how a large part of the medical community is seemingly working tirelessly to “cure” autism. Autism isn’t a disease, there’s no “cure” to autism just as there’s no “cure” to having brown hair.

  20. I’ll take my actual work related skills over social skills. Maybe consider conducting a study on educating NT people instead of trying to fix autism which naturally exists since the dawn of time and surprisingly in other species.

  21. My brain feels so inflamed and I’ve had headaches my whole life (prob related to inflammation) so I’m all for it. I know damn well im not getting enough oxygen

  22. It doesn’t seem like this would change you much, just make social things easier. Idk maybe it helps with the anxiety part? Don’t think it’s going to automatically mean we can pick up on social cues now but more like you can speak more fluently and make more sense when you talk. I have that issue a lot so that’s why I’m intrigued

  23. I am not broken and meds will never change my brain like this and it don’t have to, social skills are made by learning and masking which meds will never be able to control. This doesn’t sell happiness, this is ableism.

  24. Any study that involves mice should be taken with a grain of salt. Mice may be common in experimental studies, but they are still neurologically different than humans, even autistic humans. As such, I hope that this study has a follow-up with some kind of trial with 20 or more autistic adults doing this same study.

  25. Well it literally says treatment in the title, so you’re obviously using inflammatory language to try to stir something up. I’m assuming that it involves you assuming that the article implies that autistic people are broken. When in reality, this is a treatment for the objectively negative things that come with being autistic. Which is a net positive thing. Why would you choose to suffer for the sake of pride? I guess that’s rhetorical, but regardless, there was no implication of “curing” anything.

  26. It is dangerous when people here don’t read the article and start stating “ we don’t need a cure “ when the article says nothing . It is also selfish to autistic people who find it hard and want their lives to be easier . Oxygen isn’t going to “ cure” autism but treatments make life better for many .

  27. All too often you see NTs trying to force autistics to adapt to the world. When will we start getting the world to adapt to us? That’s a much more desirable outcome

  28. The easier thing though is depending on why you think autism is hard. Is autism hard because of the autism or because nts want us to be like them?

  29. Why do neurotypical professionals always focus treatments on trying to make us socially behave more like them rather than putting more research the subjective aspects of suffering that come with this condition? I don't like more money going into funding the narcissism of neurotypical culture. Now, this study does mention that this therapy could have the potential to modulate glial cell neuro-inflammation, which may have more clinical relevance. But that only matters in helping autistic people if they can demonstrate that particular kind of inflammation is cause of other unwanted neurologic health effects from autism.

  30. No thank you. I have no desire to be more social. And I know what social skills are - i just don't always care to use them because, honestly, they don't make a whole lot of sense to me!

  31. so they gave mice concentrated oxygen and it made them more social? Are we certain the mice weren’t just high?

  32. Interestingly, I am autistic and had to undergo HyperBaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for brain damage. Purely anecdotal, and there are obviously confounding variables (such as the fact that I had literal brain damage and improving that obviously made my mental health better and therefore made socialization easier), but I do think that it improved some of my more difficult autistic traits related to understanding others and interpreting non-verbal cues.

  33. I like my brain the way it is. In a complex world with complex problems you need neurodivergent brains to help solve these problems. The world is broken people with autism arenot. I think, perhaps we should focus on something more useful than “curing“ autism, like curing religiosity, racism, facism, those with melanin deficiency.

  34. Ok I read this and yes, I would do the treatment. If and when it was proven to do really well on humans, and I made sure to talk with my psychologist about it. There needs to be a lot more done for me to be willing to do it, but ultimately, yes, I would do it.

  35. “If you get an autistic-ish mouse high on oxygen and then put it in a social scenario it acts more like the other mice” I knew the 🍃 was for a reason

  36. As someone who used to do neuroscience research it sounds stupid as fuck. First, give any group some mind altering excitatory drugs and they will socialize. Second, the mechanism by which this operates is no prescriptive for autism. Autistic people have no oxygen related differences compared to neurotypicals. This won’t go any where.

  37. I swear at this rate we are going to figure out how to cure and treat every single affliction that can be faced by mice several generations before we get close to figuring out how to do the same in humans. On the bright side at least mouse veterinary care in the future is going to be phenomenal

  38. If this provides relief to the symptoms we experience that actually bug US, the affected individuals, that’s great. But the article has this quote in it:

  39. I always worry about things like this because the idea of finding a cure or treatment for autism is such a hot topic on this sub. I personally have never thought curing or treating autism would be a bad thing. I think a lot of people on this sub forget that most of us here are high functioning so we can live normal and fulfilling lives with a little help. However there are some severely autistic people out there who can't communicate and need round the clock care, there are autistic people who will never be able to live alone, have a job, maintain relationships. Just imagine how much better their quality of life would be if there was a treatment. I think its a good think that people are looking for a treatment. I don't think i would personally use it but I can see situations were someone would.

  40. Isn't that what they used in a study to treat ptsd in veterans? If so count me in, I'm v confident I'll come out autistic, but ppl hate autism more than they hate ptsd so if this is my only chance at getting my ptsd treated I'll take it haha

  41. Kind of difficult, would have to look into the mouse model but it's definitely possible that they just found a "cure" to the mutation they gave the mouse which yes might even be overrepresented in autistic people but we know that it's not a simple monogenetic thing.

  42. Oxygen improves brain function, who knew? Absolutely nothing with autism, because autism is as much a human social condition as it is a medical one. I am my autism as much as it is also the way my meat brain is constructed.

  43. Surely the MOUSE autism mommies are thrilled. When are science journalists going to learn that a successful mouse trial is not a "breakthrough"? Humans are not mice.

  44. Interesting considering we kinda all have sleep problems and sleep apnea can be related to central nervous system problems, and leads to lack of oxygenation and considering autism us s difference in nervous system.

  45. Always wary of these things that show promise to increase social awareness or otherwise alleviate autistic traits, because the language can immediately tell you if ableism is underpinning their study. From the abstract it seems like the ableism is strong. Too many studies focus on erasing autistic symptoms when time would imo be better spent raising awareness of ableism and how to cultivate a more inclusive society for ASD people

  46. Not everyone is the same. You may find this offensive since you have learnt how to function better.. However I know people who genuinely struggle with Autism it isn’t fixing them because they’re broken. I don’t like that mindset, however my sister may not ever speak because of this. If a treatment came out that could fix/help some of these “negative” effects I believe that is great. Since not everyone is sharing the same experience when it comes to autism.

  47. ASD Breakthrough! Studies suggest loving your ASD child/friend/self and practicing positive skill building everyday in small, manageable amounts from a young age, that are encouragement and welbeing focused significantly improves skills and brain function!

  48. I hope they make an allistic version of this treatment - they surely need it, with all their bickering and wars and shallow thinking and mob mentality they have going.

  49. Have you ever considered that people like you are the reason that ND’s think we have severe issues? An autistic person could literally fall into any of those traits. You think autistic people can’t be shallow? Well guess what, society dictates what shallow is not individuals. That’s called narcissism. It’s ironic how you also lost mob mentality, when you’re just repeating the same rhetoric that’s said over and over among the ND subs, in regards to having a bias against NT’s.

  50. Read that article and I wish I could have that so people irl could see my charm, but I’m too anxious and my anxiety is in my way. certain people in the comments are acting way too “proud” ngl

  51. Some of us would like to actually fit into society. I am on the border of accepted as nt but also incredibly nd. If something can help to ease my ability to socialize I’ll take it. Not everything is out here trying to change autistic ppl just to make us fit into society. Its about the addition of ease. It’s like people really think we’re going to change it so we live in a nd world now and the NT’s are in this position. Idk about everyone else but I would like to live and not just survive my entire life.

  52. I will keep it the way it is. I have basically "hardwired" my personality and life so significantly around how I am now, that to "overhaul" myself would be an astronomical disaster

  53. Preach. I've been on this rock for almost 40 years. It took people 36 of them to figure out what was going on, and by then I've already hacked my life into a somewhat livable, ok life. For something to come along now and negate all my studies, struggles, gains and losses now seems like the biggest insult to my entire life. I mean, great for other humans, and I guess mice. 🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁🐁

  54. People keep commenting this. You clearly didn’t read the article. Please refer to the other responses given to these exact takes.

  55. dunno why they keep funding this stuff instead of using the money to help autistic people. oh wait... they want to get rid of us

  56. Dude have you ever met someone with severe autism? It's a circle jerk in the autism community sometimes but we forget we're higher functioning. Not because life is fine and easy, but because we don't have to have 24hr care. This research is more aimed at them

  57. this has nothing to do with genetics, it’s a form of therapy which supplies more oxygen to certain parts of the brain that otherwise are hypoxic in autistic people.

  58. This isn't eugenics, it is an optional treatment. Some people really can't function with autism. It's not a fun disorder to have.

  59. Why do fucking neurotypicals want to cure us so fucking badly? If the roles were reversed, and we were intent on curing them, they would compare it to atrocities, and we’d be the bad guys.

  60. It’s a hyperbolic chamber that provides pretty intense pressure and then they give you 100% oxygen. I think the increase in oxygen is suppose to then help with anxiety and executive functioning issues which in turn make socializing easier.

  61. It's probably nonsense. The brain is not at all well understood, even those features of it that reflect neurotypical minds, much less neurodiverse ones. If it turned out the commonly accepted neurochemical interpretation of depression was proven wrong not to long ago, I wouldn't be surprised this is as unclear as any of it. And this is completely leaving aside the fact that "autism" actually isn't one thing in the mind or even brain imo, just a group of people that happen to align on a diagnosis and sometimes have similar difficulties with other people.

  62. Well doctors and especially my parents label me as " so high functioning it might have been a misdiagnosis" so I'm good... maybe. (the doctor was joking)

  63. if breathing more oxygen can improve my social skills or lessen my sensory issues, gimme all of the O2 in the world. this sounds less like a cure, and more like a new potential coping mechanism. i'd love to hear more about this in the future.

  64. Maybe its the ground breaking new method of treating them like human beings. With important and valid thoughts and opinions that they should listen too.

  65. Even though I'm a researcher in academia myself, I just am so rubbed the wrong way by autism studies that use rats as subjects. It's just not comparable to me.

  66. Will it make me understand tone and nonverbal cues better? I can carry on a conversation, but if this can’t teach me how to recognize communication stuff, it won’t help.

  67. honestly i would do anything to have that. Im sick of not having anyone around me except my parents because of being awkward socially. I just want a friend tbh. I hate the social side of autism :/

  68. Well, it would be great to not be socially challenged, and it would be nice for my brain to stop making things more difficult than they need to be. But of course, id they start giving it to people I'd probably wait until people report side effects.

  69. No, I don’t think onions are OP. I mean they can grow in hardy climates and they’re very versatile but I think they’re important for a balanced produce meta.

  70. Looks like bullcrap to me. I remember a similar “breakthrough” several years ago where they fed these mice a solution of mercury claiming it caused autistic symptoms that could be reversed by changing diet. At the same conference there were parents going into debt to pay for hypobaric oxygen treatments. None of those cured anyone. I am extremely skeptical. But it’s a great scam in these economic times!

  71. I have done Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for toxic mold exposure and post-concussion treatment (40 treatments over 90 days) and it was very helpful all around.

  72. Honestly, if I can take something or have something done to get rid of meltdowns and sensory overload I would take it. Imagine being able to go to an amusement park and staying for longer than 2 hours… or a club. Or any crowded area. What a dream. 😭

  73. so drown autistic people in a highly oxygenated environment all the time? hardly a breakthrough, just give me amphetamines and call it.

  74. This is extremely flawed. One study, on animals, with no show of long term effects. They used 40 one hour treatments. They researchers themselves also have an inherent bias. How do they expect this study to be applied? And for who? They did not do nearly enough

  75. It should be a requirement for science journalists to include in the title when it's a study on mice. Just a lil "...in mice" at the end would really help.

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