Jetstar responding to complaints about their service by getting sassy on social media

  1. Well they can... Given it costs twenty bucks and a packet of chips to get a flight with them. You get what you pay for, and they're more than comfortable filling the Ryanair role

  2. Ah yes, the airline that loves to strand people and fuck the airport by cancelling their flights and not telling anybody including the pilots.

  3. Have I just been freakishly lucky? I've flown Jetstar twice every few months for about 3 years and have only been delayed once during lockdowns in 2021. Even then it was only by about 45 minutes.

  4. The Qantas Group in general has gone to shit anyways, after they outsourced everything to China, including their engineering.

  5. Stop making shit up. QANTAS has outsourced stuff, but none of it to china. Most of their engineering is still done in Australia, in fact they've started moving stuff back on shore, not off shore.

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