Anybody else annoyed by the 'Happy Birthday Mum' Cadbury ad?

  1. I've analysed the Maccas ad where people are using it as a meeting point, and I've told people the last vignette of the daughter meeting her Dad at Maccas with the Mum dropping her off is clearly a divorce handover.

  2. You’re correct, it definitely is a handover - but that’s not a bad thing. We have a blended family and handovers of various kinds were normal when the kid was younger, and we were pleased to see Maccas showing a new and diverse family situation - because that really is life for a lot of families

  3. My friends and I usually meet at a local McDonald’s car park that’s central for all us on a Sunday morning to go riding. The amount of kid handovers you see at a Macca’s on a Sunday morning is astounding! - lol

  4. As a former family lawyer we actively use maccas when parents won’t agree. It’s well lit, with other people around, and usually covered with CCTV. They also have playgrounds and chips as a perk for the poor kids. Better than a police station!

  5. Huh, my sister and I went through something similar as kids but not with divorced parents. We were raised by foster parents, but every now and then we'd be sent to spend a weekend with our biological grandmother. When those weekends finished our grandmother's friend would do the handover back to our foster parents at a maccas carpark. Looking back, I really don't know why we weren't just dropped off home directly, it wasn't far away. Should ask my dad if there was some drama I didn't know about.

  6. I’ve done that! When it’s time for a handover to dad, our meeting place is always Dural maccas! We both live 3+ hours out of Syd in opposite directions

  7. That's pretty common knowledge? They don't try to hide it. They seem to be trying to normalise it so kids don't feel so weird about it.

  8. I honestly haven't listened to any form of radio in years but I also think this should apply to songs

  9. What gets my gourd is that Cadbury have two specific ads that have depressive thematics. One that shows a woman crying and in obvious distress, the other a low class/poverty stricken mother and daughter, with the mother in an obvious state while the child takes to the task of trying to do something nice for her.

  10. They're aimed at, and made in, post austerity Britain. It's not sadistic, it's just a reality Australians aren't yet familiar with.

  11. What about the one with the little boy riding the bus and trying to give a bar of chocolate to a distressed young woman? They really don’t out you in the mood to eat chocolate.

  12. I mean, they could go for the more modern take of the guy getting yelled at by the wife over the phone and stopping by to get chocolate on the way home to distract her so he is allowed inside his own house.

  13. I haven't seen the Australian version but that ad is years old. The UK one if from at least Jan 2018. If that's the same one with the unicorn for change, how lazy.

  14. I think that’s what makes it weird. You can tell it’s dubbed but their lips aren’t moving out of sync. There’s a few ads like this which are clearly from the US with Aussie voices dubbed over actors who are clearly not Australian looking.

  15. I’m more mad that they subtly changed the slogan from “there’s a glass and a half in every one” to “there’s a glass and a half in everyone”.

  16. And what the hell does is it even mean anyways. I've got a glass and a half of milk inside me? Or do I have a glass and a half of chocolate? Goodness? Fucks to give about shitty advertising? It makes no fucking sense.

  17. If we're talking of annoying ads nothing comes close to Real Life Insurance, Wallet Wizard and The Grout Guy. Good god shoot me now!!

  18. My mum used to loudly criticise Wallet Wizard anytime she could when my ex was around. She knew how little money sense she had and was trying to get it into her head not to use it.

  19. I dunno, have you seen that (Telfast?) as where the woman sings Bulletproof in a really aggressive way while staring into camera.

  20. “Chocolate? Again! Listen you little shit, ask for A LEG of LAMB and A PACK OF WINNIE BLUES! Say it! Say it! And remember next time, you’re utterly useless.”

  21. The ad that annoys me is the one on not drinking while you're pregnant. Where they pour a glass of wine into this "fetus jar" thing

  22. All of these 'mournful' Cadbury ads do my head in. The latest surly girl in the servo 'thankyou dad' pathetic. If only the chocolate didn't taste as bad as the

  23. Yes!! And this ad gives me the shits because if I was working at the servo, I’d be telling my Dad to get the Cadbury at Woolies or Coles and not to waste the $6 it costs at the petrol station.

  24. Or that one where Meerkats compare insurance (I think that's what it was?). Or the dog with a light saber that chops down part of a house. It's a crazy world out there.

  25. What about the shopkeeper? No employee would give something that has a price tag of $8.45 on it away for free, so the guy behind the counter must be the owner, not a good business practice to be giving away chocolate when the store isn't exactly doing a roaring trade.

  26. What annoys me is the little girl's lack of economic savvy. At 4 years old I was capable of working out how many bullets 20 cents would buy me, and knowing that a gobstopper was the cheapest lolly if you used a money:time equation. Buying mixed lollies was our introduction to maths and no one ever tried paying in buttons.

  27. I just wonder if Cadbury are accepting bits of pocket rubbish as payment from their stockists now? Cause it seems like they’re expecting them to accept it as payment from customers.

  28. I figured the point is that the shopkeeper has a good heart and recognised the little girl's efforts to cheer up her distressed mother. He was willing to lose a small amount of money on a block of chocolate to help a little kid make her mum a bit happier on a bad day.

  29. Hate it. Cadbury act like it's a heart warming story but its just a kid begging for free food from a small business owner. Think that would work at Woolies?

  30. The latest Cadbury ad campaign is so miserable, it is pathetic. It has possibly cost them business, I think twice now when selecting chocolate. If there is a half priced mars bar Cadbury doesn’t stand a chance.

  31. The girl crying on the bus makes no sense to me. She doesn't even take any chocolate. The one ad that really bothers me is the Oreos ad where the white guy is dancing with a black kid... Looks like a pedo seducing a kid with Oreos before creepily leading her away. Or is that just me?

  32. Lol nah that one is like, hey adopted dad, you’re on your phone too much and I want you to pay attention to me, so imma put this Oreo on your phone to make you remember you should be in the moment with me your kid who you paid lots of money to adopt, and he feels guilty and overdoes it with the fake dancing to the busker to alleviate his guilt and show her he’s being present lol. Still a bad ad though 😂

  33. The Mum knows the kid has gone in there, so she knows the kid is buying something. She's obviously been told by the kid to not come in because she just waits outside, and it's not really that normal for a Mum to just wait outside while her young kid goes "oh hey wait here Mum, just gotta go buy something from that store".

  34. I always see them as a grifter pair too! Like, the birthday detail, the fact that she waits outside when she obviously knows her young daughter has no money of her own - it’s too convenient. They’ve done this before! I’ve always seen them as a pair who are well practiced at it.

  35. Why can't it be two kids picking out some chocolate for Mum on their way to the car after school? Or some kind of 'every year the three kids wish Mum Happy Birthday with a block of Dairy Milk' right up to adulthood?

  36. Yes! I just watched the long version and while he gives her back the unicorn, he actually keeps a plastic ring she gives him…a bit too creepy for me.

  37. It doesn’t bother me half as much as the iPhone ad where the little kids (as in under-10’s) are Christmas level excited about the release of a new phone. They’re squealing “it’s here it’s here” like they’re spotted Santa’s bloody sleigh. Every time I watch it I feel like I’ve entered a dystopian capitalist nightmare!

  38. Like I had to check it was Katy Perry because I was like this song is so bad surely she wouldn't risk the reputation risk

  39. Yeah it's a bit weird. But so many adds are just so stupid. But my current pet hate add is the passports aren't boring in the pepsiverse. That just makes me want to throw something at the tv.

  40. Mums so busy on the phone doesn’t notice her daughters wandered off somewhere & has no clue she was in the shop. Doesn’t question how she got the chocolate …

  41. Yes! This is exactly what I thought, before watching the full ad on YouTube where she nods for her daughter to go into the shop. And then her daughter comes out with chocolate and you’d think she’d ask…

  42. Each one of these Cadbury ads is worse than the last. A team of fuckwits in suits got paid millions to come up with these

  43. Reminds me on the McDonald’s ad where the women announces her pregnancy to her mum with a soft serve with pickles… yet pregnant women aren’t suppose to eat soft serve.

  44. Her family has a monthly account with the shop, and the shop owner recognises/knows the girl. The chocolate is put on the monthly account.

  45. But also the mum is just leaving her kid in the store? She's outside .. She must know her daughter is not next to her lol

  46. Yeah, I thought she was being negligent, but the longer version shows that she lets her daughter go in. Still…the appearance of the chocolate would be sus.

  47. I always wondered this: so is she being negligent while on the phone or putting her daughter up to it? The longer version on YouTube has her nodding to her daughter as she goes in. Still, she doesn’t enquire about the chocolate?

  48. Mum was in on the heist. That day, armed with nothing more than a pocket full of buttons and cheap trinkets, they hit every corner store and florist in town.

  49. Does anyone else find those Australian Cadbury adverts on TV extremely uncomfortable? The lighting is depressing, there’s always a subtle undertone of child neglect or poverty passed off as kids doing cute things.

  50. Sounds like that maccas one where the kid just leaves the mum to do everything and grabs himself some food then begrudgingly gets like a single burger for the mum and acts like he saved the day

  51. You missed the main part of the mother waiting outside. She has sent her daughter in there knowing she has no money for chocolate. It’s a scam. I bet if it didn’t work they’d be 5 finger discounting it.

  52. How about he just says no to exchanging pieces of worthless plastic for chocolate? If he gives nothing that's nicer than him giving in exchange for something?

  53. Every.sinhge.time. my partner sent me this post link because I make vomiting noises every time it comes on. It's just stupid and tacky and sickening.

  54. I don’t get why the shop keeper dude actually takes some of the little girls things lol. He didn’t just give her a free chocolate…

  55. I always thought it had an Oliver(Olivia) Twist theme...Mum(Fagan) sends the kid (Olivia) in to emotionally blackmail the shop owner into handing over a chocolate for buttons. Unless mum and the choco;ate shop owner have an 'arrangement' we are unaware of.

  56. When the shopkeeper says “your change” is the worst bit because it is so clearly not his voice and it irritates me every time

  57. I loved the concept until I assumed I could send my kids up to the store with a handful of spare buttons, small toys & trinkets to buy a block of dairy milk... they came back empty handed and crying! Wtf Cadbury :(

  58. Don’t watch tv very often these days except for the news, footy or Bluey (watch it with my toddler) but would love The Chaser to come back and do their re-enactments of ads; imagine watching Chaz try and haggle for some chocolate in a milk bar!

  59. If you look at the whole ad as opposed to the “short version”,it’s fine when she goes into the shop and when she comes out it been pissing down rain…….. PS The shopkeeper also looks like a pedo.

  60. But she didn't have money, she just had a handful of pocket debris. Imagine her dad giving her that and being like "here sweetheart, go buy your mum a birthday present" lol

  61. Well all of the stuff she gives as "money" to the shop assisstant is probably worth the $2 or $3 the chocolate bar is worth

  62. How about the V Energy ad where it's a world of anthropomorphic bugs, and they're on a road trip singing their hearts out, when they hit a mosquito with the windshield.

  63. I can’t stand that ad. And I thought I was the only one. I really can’t tolerate most ads, so I rarely watch live television anymore. Whatever…

  64. Annoying ad. Surprised they can use footage of the block of chocolate though, it’s probably halved in size 4 times since it was filmed… are they selling a single row these days for the same price?

  65. Maybe she had been doing chores and earned pocket money? That's what I used to do and it worked out just fine as far as I can recall come family birthday time.

  66. It put a smile on my face. Our family grew up poor in Perth. Among the three brothers, a block of chocolate and bottle of coke became a go to birthday present. I think my younger brother was the one that set the norm. Yes a little shameful, but it worked. Now in our mid to late fifties, it still gets brought up and reminisced.

  67. Dude is supposed to be the good-guy in the story, but essentially he gives the chocolate away for free. But if he’s willing to give the chocolate for free, why is he keeping all her toys!?

  68. The part that annoys me most is how they cut out the part with how she pays with buttons and a toy. Went from a sad story about poverty and human generosity to just some kid buying chocolate.

  69. Yes and the way the shopkeeper takes some of her trinkets as “payment”. I mean, you’d just give her the chocolate - you wouldn’t want to really take her small plastic unicorn, would you?

  70. Seems strange that instead of him giving something and that being treated as positive it seems like he's being treated as if a miser?

  71. Why does the old guy behind the counter a rag tag collection of odds and bobs anyway? Just give her the chocolate and let her keep her kiddy treasures man!

  72. what about the gorilla playing drums from like a decade ago? did you get this annoyed by that too?

  73. I'm always saying to my mum when we watch it like oh it's cute when she robs someone by giving them useless crap but if I do it it's "illegal" and "I'm being taken to a mental hospital"

  74. What gets me is the recent Cadbury ad that takes place at a petrol station. There is a split second shot of the petrol station itself and if you're quick you'll notice that the petrol prices change every time they air the ad to keep up with the current price. If it was me I would just remove that shot or obscure the prices but good on them for the extra effort I guess.

  75. i woulda kept the little pink horse he gave back, that thing was the only thing of value among the button, lint and old receipts she used as payment

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