NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian cancels daily COVID press conference as state sets new infection record

  1. I thought it was very funny but I didn’t laugh out loud proper until she said “The government is about to announce what we call the final solution. We have been inspired by history and we realise we can very easily get rid of anyone thinking illegal thoughts” while nazi propaganda music blares in the background.

  2. They already started reducing contact tracing. (Also I forgot to mention but testing numbers seem to have reduced, why idk.)

  3. The cynic in me believes she doesn't want to associate her face with bad news, and she knows its bad news from here on out with many deaths to announce per day.

  4. Umm The Australian currently don't even mention it on their front page in fact it seems their most pressing story is currently complaining about the Wiggles still.

  5. Anything that affects the media would ultimately unite them. When the link tax was proposed, media across the spectrum united for it, since it would benefit them.

  6. i hope they do lose and blame the ALP... at this stage we all know its the LNP that fucked up and their crocodile tears wont mean shit

  7. Heck, she could have appointed a government COVID spokesperson who runs the press conference each day, it doesn't have to be her. We know that these conferences can't go on indefinitely, but asking them to last as long as lockdown does isn't unreasonable

  8. I'm sure they are just uniting to trash her in the hopes scomo can avoid the blame. They will swing back around to support her when it's her turn for an election.

  9. The writing is on the wall for them now, they will be a mad scramble to stuff as much cash into sacks and shred as many documents as possible before they get the boot and flee overseas.

  10. Remember Dan Andrews fronting up to the press telling us of the deaths and the record breaking numbers of cases? Remember he answered every confronting question? Said the buck stops with him. Wasn't afraid to make himself disliked by the public, in order to do the right thing?

  11. That's because Dan Andrews is a strong and capable leader, not phased by the opinion of fools and does what is right for his state. He is a fantastic example of how a leader should behave in a pandemic.

  12. As a Victorian, Dan has gained my respect as a leader. Do I like the lockdowns? Fuck no. Do I think it’s necessary? Until we know what to do unfortunately, yes. Is he a dictator? No. He’s just doing a shit job that has to be done by someone.

  13. Seriously. My first thought when I read this on ABC was 'She really has comes full circle as the polar opposite of Dan Andrews.' Instead of facing up to scrutiny and trying to instill a bit of confidence in the public, she's tucked tail and run. What an absolutely pathetic human being.

  14. Her implication is that other state Premiers that continue with daily press conferences are not doing their job properly.

  15. When we have to listen to her campaign every day running into the next election remind her of this...

  16. So, this is an admission from her that up until today, she hasn't been doing her job properly. No shit, Gladys.

  17. Meanwhile, in Victoria, apparently Daniel Andrews didn't make the presser today, after months of fronting the press every single day, and his stand-in was asked why the Premier wasn't there on a day that VIC reported over 300 new cases.

  18. Dan Andrews did it every day for much of last year during our initial serious lock-downs. Also, even if he is not there everyday, we still have a daily press conference where journalists and murdoch media can ask questions.

  19. Could you give me the lowdown on Andrews in his role? I know its a lot to ask but I don't know much about him and youtube, in its infinite wisdom seems to keep popping up sky news on my youtube feed and all I've seen is shit slamming him so I have this weirdly bad perception that I know is wrong. I have been too afraid to ask for silly reasons, so he must be alright if they're working against him knowing those fucktards

  20. It seems obvious that the media conglomerates would be pissed about this because there won't be as many eyes on their broadcasts. The media are 100% going to try and stretch this out as much as possible. Expect an increase in clickbait fear mongering articles as things open back up.

  21. Doing this whilst going through the transition to "living with covid" is especially cowardly given the NSW gov has rejected both NSW health recommendations on locking down and opening up. It's not about the public watching press conferences, but the ability for the media to put questions to the government. Showing up when she deems necessary is a distinct effort to reduce accountability.

  22. transitioning too soon as well, basically she's shifted into 5th at 10km/hr and she's wondering what all the knocking noise is

  23. Pressers are not a chance for the media to put questions to the government. Not when it's Bin Chicken or Scotty from Marketing. It's theatre. They are there to deliver talking points, control the narrative, and throw tantrum when ever anyone else deviates from the pattern.

  24. Just another way to avoid accountability and questions about her governments actions both on Covid and general business.

  25. Don't worry, liberals will actively deny this whole thing and vote her back in like the piss weak cowardice hypocrites that they are.

  26. Yeah she actually said words to the effect of "we won't stop reporting daily cases until at least 70% double vaxed", was thinking wtf did she actually just say that. Kinda backtracked on it because I don't think that was meant to come out. Almost wouldn't be surprised if that's the next step

  27. All I ever want her to say is that damn number, but she always launches into a spiel beforehand, when she could simply just drop the bomb on us.

  28. Funny how this wasn't an issue prior to the current outbreak but now that NSW is hitting 1500+ cases a day, she feels the need to step back from daily press conferences. She was happy to show up everyday to spruik the "gold standard"

  29. So she’ll be answering just as many questions honestly and adding just as much value as always….. except this time it will be as hospitals overrun and lots of deaths………thank you oh terrible leader and take the PM with you. We’ll sort this out.

  30. People really don't understand how Murdoch is the most damaging individual of the past 50 years worldwide. So much evil and death can be directly linked to him and his actions. If we survive this hopefully he's looked at like Hitler/Stalin etc

  31. I really hope they mandate vaccines to get into the building, some members don't and there is a massive blowup over double standards.

  32. Frankly I don't care, that gives us in Canberra - who don't even fucking like the politicians - more time to arm ourselves against the inevitable influx of COVID those scumbags will bring.

  33. I don’t care what you think of Dan’s policies, you can’t deny he works harder and cares more about the people of his state than Berejokelian does

  34. She's too busy looking for a new boyfriend to give tax dollars to. Cut her some slack folks.

  35. I think something like 120 in a row. Vic pressers also go on until the press have no more questions. Or the rare times when someone has to leave, they flag that at the beginning to allow whoever it is to be questioned first.

  36. When people say "What we need to do is all of us have to start accepting that we need to live with COVID" what they teally mean is that we need to start accepting that people will die from it.

  37. Exactly. Every state agrees to opening up at vaccination targets, and then she tries to open up earlier. Cases skyrocket, hospitals buckle, lives are ruined. And now this is some unavoidable fate. And then a huge media campaign to make it seem like she is the only one who will ever open up.

  38. The other thing that gets me is vaccination targets not including children. The argument is that kids don't get as sick as adults. However, most (if not all) vaccination adverts tells us to do it for our families and friends i.e. not just ourselves. So why then, does this not also apply to our kids!?

  39. "I can't do my job properly when I'm on the TV every day" or something to that effect. And My partner and I both screamed at the fucking TV almost in unison. "You don't fucking do your job properly regardless!"

  40. The state hasn't even peaked yet and still has multiple vaccination targets they are yet to meet. Guess they want to stop these before the deaths start pilling up. Pathetic.

  41. Jacinda Ardern is currently showing her up. NZ is gaining control over delta (gone from 80 cases a day, Down to 11 now) cos we didn't sit on our hands as soon as we had just one case and the infections rates were obviously going to rise, like in all the other countries that have had delta. It's like she didn't even try to manage it until it was obviously out of control and she had no choice?! Why the feet dragging? Cos there was nothing in it for her and her business mates?

  42. Haven't heard her asked "You say delta isn't able to be controlled, so what is the advice on what NZ has been able to do differently that we weren't able to do?" Or words to that effect. She's ducking for cover

  43. How about instead of going into hiding she does the right thing and resigns? Something she should have done right after the Ruby Princess debacle?

  44. Of course she did. Can't be answering questions on her mismanagement of Covid, or the corruption investigation against her.

  45. This is beyond fucked up. There's no other way to put it. She's definitely gotten tips from Scomo about how to run away during a fucking crisis. It's time to riot.

  46. all the idiots that believe the murdochracy propaganda machinery and it's not just the voters either but also the rest of the main stream media that sprout newscorpse shit like it's the absolute truth

  47. Well NSW you can wash hand of it if you like, but don't expect to holiday here in QLD any time soon

  48. She got sick of trying to pretend they didn't fuck up? Poor form from a supposed "leader" to not be there reassuring the population you failed to protect from a pandemic.

  49. She has turned her back on the people. She has actually fuckin done it and now she is in hiding. She won't face the music and it's a bit like not answering a summons. An arrest warrant should be sort and gained and there is a very strong case for no bail as there are multiple deaths on her watch.

  50. I think I see a theme. Cases go up, stop mandatory testing. Cases go up Focus on vaccination. Cases go up Fuck it, I'll just stop reporting on them. I'm too busy selling NSW assets to talk about the people covid is killing.

  51. She was useless and wasted our time doing the pressers anyway. No facts, no plan to deal with situation, always boasting about her self concocted "gold standard", "next question", "I don't need to hear that bit"... As a neutral voter, I have larned a lot about LNP and their so called leaders. Can't wait for the next election in both Federal and State.

  52. Just following standard Liberal doctrine. If someone criticizes you on twitter, don't engage, block.

  53. I wonder how much is because she needs to attend and wants to avoid questions about the ICAC enquiry.

  54. Don't worry everyone, modelling has shown this is all in the plan. And while things are going to get worse before they get better, I'm going to do a Morrison and duck away quietly till they do. PS Might not be back...

  55. If she’s not willing to do her job; then she shouldn’t be paid; that’s how capitalism works right?

  56. "I'm bored. You'll die, you'll get infected, you'll get vaccinated, I'll go on holiday. Let's just stop focusing on it, okay?"

  57. Yea run and hide you ugly bitch. While you leave your state ravaged by covid, should just bite the bullet and quit.

  58. Check the contact tracing graph for NSW, contact tracing was completely overwhelmed weeks and weeks ago. Now the plan to reopen depends on contact tracing being effective.

  59. Scomo needs NSW to win election, can’t have labour using her press conferences as attack ads showing his incompetence

  60. NSW doing it Florida style. It’s not gross mismanagement of an emergency if you just withhold the truth that you are doing a shit job and tell lies instead.

  61. Wow, I wonder if Dandrews or Kevin Rudd would be willing to take it off her hands? Lazy cunt.

  62. For all that it will probably make little practical difference, this s incredibly bad optics.

  63. On the bright side, they're finally doing something to help our mental health... By not fucking gas lighting us everyday of the week.

  64. Going into hiding as the shit hits the fan with this ridiculous plan to let people infect themselves as the new strain is pumping up in the US SAfrics etc. Health systems are collapsing around the planet.

  65. I can understand daily press conferences can't happen for ever, but to stop them on Monday on a Friday announcement on the eve of the peak deaths, cases and hospitalisations is unjustifiable. At least do them on Mon, Wed, Fri or arrange for other representatives to attend.

  66. Announcing all those deaths (which she leaves health minister to do) is just too hard. Guess the Lord Farquaad comparisons are getting to her.

  67. Gladys must have run the numbers and decided that the disadvantages of fronting the media everyday and getting her face on the telly have outweighed the benefits.

  68. Absolute Fucken cop out. “Do your job properly” ?? HAHA. Yeah right, like your shit ego would allow you to do that anyway. Blood is on her hands.

  69. Its not odd if you think that Scummo has apparently told the party room to get on a war footing starting now, for a potential November election. Pull back, take the spotlight off covid (we're only going to tell you the numbers you "need" to know, and "when" you need to know!) And try to get another 4 years locked in before the reopening bears any fruit in escalated cases/deaths

  70. Can't stop this madness, will at least wear mask and try to keep my distance once the restrictions lift. She knows things will only get worse.

  71. The media is so useless and ineffectual in this country people are literally cheering them on no longer being able to ask the Government questions.

  72. Jumping ship before the real shit hits the fan...... As an X NSW's man I feeling for you all over there as you really are on your own! Remember 'all animals are created equal however, some animals are more equal than others'

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