Can we seriously fuck off the Sp0rtsbet & [email protected] ads please?! Not only are they ridiculously obnoxious...

  1. Not quite as bad as those lottery ads which try to guilt retirees into it with imaginary families that love them after they've won. It's honestly quite sickening.

  2. I remember listening to the triple m morning show in which day we're going on about addiction to gambling an how so many footballers are addicted to gambling.

  3. They seem so fucking predatory because they are so fucking predatory. The whole point is to convince impressionable teenage boys that gambling is part of being a real man.

  4. I'm so glad they're banned in SA. When I went over to Victoria they seemed to be in every ad break and even in the newspapers!

  5. Are we talking on this platform? Because there’s like at least two gambling ads per break on TV here in Adelaide, and I’m pretty sure they’re blasted on radio too. I hate gambling and I feel like whenever I try and watch any sport, including on the fucking AFL website I’m flogged with ads.

  6. Okay I'm sure there were gambling ads when I lived there until last year? I'm going to say not as many as Vic though, because, Jesus, they are every third ad I swear. Minimum one per ad break. Minimum. Not a gambler my self but they're so obnoxious. Whoever that's Sportsbet guy is...I hate him.

  7. Unfortunately they arent fully banned on TV in SA but they are banned for live sports betting and SA have more restrictions than elsewhere. They aren't banned everywhere in SA on billboards either. I work in outdoor advertising but they are looking to ban them in the outdoor space in the near future across the whole country, which is partly why there is so much proliferation of ads right now - and TV have less restrictions than many other media.

  8. Shit should be banned Australia wide. Good on SA for getting on it. I reckon the gambling companies know that the bans are coming so they're trying to milk as much out of consumers through advertising as they can.

  9. Funny that, we have these ads that encourage gambling, heaps of fast food ads to the point of encouraging unhealthy eating. Yet cigarettes need to have disgusting labels. Makes no sense to me

  10. I've seen a lot of what changed with ciggies over the past 30 years. A lot of it has to do with timing - it took a LONG time for cigarette advertising to get to the state it's in now, but overall it's been a good thing. I can see the same happening with gambling too - where advertising gets banned - but it'll take a huge fight and time to change.

  11. Yep and also that ad for the alcoholic spritzer where the chick puts one in her bag for later like wtf. And the KFC ad where the guy eats a $10 bucket of wings by himself in his car like we don't have an obesity problem.

  12. Because Big Sugar is more powerful than Big Tobacco on a global stage, at least - made it easier for Australia to adopt the FCTC:

  13. People get desensitised to it. Have you noticed how this issue only becomes mainstream discussion when the ads start saturating a new space that they weren't in before?

  14. It happened around the time that Philip Morris announced they were moving away from cigarettes (and didn't mention they were breaking into kids' entertainment, by which I mean flavoured vape with lolly-themed labels). The answer is lobbying.

  15. I also think that gambling in sports that involve animals should be banned, as it's detrimental to the welfare of the animals (same as how banning on junior sport is usually banned). Can't see it happening though.

  16. But where will one find out where to get same game multi bonus bets, between the hours of 18:00 and 26:00, on the fifth day of every pass mercury makes around the sun?

  17. Nothing gets me so irrational mad as gambling ads. I feel for the people battling with this addiction, having these cunts constantly trying to trigger a relapse.

  18. In Darwin Woolworths bought all the taverns, first thing they do is get rid of the weekly strip shows because woolies is a family company that doesn’t want to be associated with that kind of thing. THEN they triple the number of pokies and build a bigger gaming room for them because fuck poor families suffering from gambling problems.

  19. It's wild to me how normalized gambling is in Australia these days. Pretty much most ad breaks will have something about gambling. I feel bad for those with a problem who have to see this shit on tv or on radio.

  20. It is so normalised though especially in a certain demographic of younger more aspirational people of traditionally more lse background. From fitting in a few rounds of two up on anzac day to playing a round of keno at the pub, the majority of my friends are conditioned to spend small amounts often as if it wasn't a big thing. Then when a big event comes like the 10MM powerball they're all frothing to put down a tenner at minimum

  21. I noticed a shift around 2008-2009 at least with people I knew, I think with smart phones coming it they really pushed how easy it was to gamble.

  22. But don't you want to put a cheeky bet on before the misses finds out? That's the takeaway I get from those ads anyway.

  23. Worse than the ads are the in game updates. Having the smug looking cunts pop up during pre game show or whatever. Even shows like Today I think I've seen talk about the odds during the sports report.

  24. Yeah, even if the ads aren’t banned, they should absolutely not be allowed to integrate into programming. That shit’s straight-up evil.

  25. As a stablehand for both harness racing and thoroughbred racing, it's just like every industry, most of them are good people who treat their horses like kings but you get a few bad people and the media loves to focus on it. There's bad cops too should we ban the police?

  26. I don't know how we went from a state banning all sports gambling and no pokies, back in the 90's to this ridiculous situation where you can gamble on your Lphone on just about anything with ads shoving it down your throat 20 times a day.

  27. It is quite extraordinary. We already knew then that having a casino in every suburban sports club was a terrible idea. And yet here we are. I think there needs to be a historian consulted when winding back laws that were written in blood, (real or metaphorical).

  28. But but 2GB says racing is a noble profession and It’s only being a total true blue Aussie to have a punt at the rugby.

  29. I agree completely. I dont understand why such a destructive activity is allowed to b advertised

  30. It's pretty ironic that the powers that be will jail a drug dealer, even though most of the time the 'drug dealer' is normally a drug addict who doesn't want to partake in other crimes such as armed robbery, break and enter or mugging to sustain their habit, yet Ladbrokes is an upstanding example of setting up a useful business that supplies Australians with an opportunity to bet. That is beyond ridiculously obnoxious. The drug dealer get jail for providing a wanted service because....he is selling a habit forming product. How the fuck is Ladbrokes any different. They both fall into the entertainment category.

  31. The worst ads are those money lending ones during sports. It’ll be like “gambling ad”... “oh you need money? We can give you $6000”... gambling ad”..

  32. yes! plus those short term loan adds.. they're horrible.. I predict in 5 year personal debt will be huge due to afterpay etc

  33. They are known as payday lenders in other parts of the world and are very dangerous due to their extortion level interest rate costs.

  34. What bugs me is the blokey nature of them. Always a bunch of blokey guys ... down the pub ... it's such a fukkin boys club.

  35. But dude it says to gamble responsibly in the ad. Anyone with a gambling problem that sees that will become more responsible and fix the problem. They're like a community service.

  36. This is one of the things that surprised me the most when I moved to Australia, the gambling problem and the normalisation/acceptance of it. I remember being at a restaurant and the table next to mine were celebrating a birthday. The birthday person got scratchies and money to gamble. Also bizarre for me, ads for father's or mother's day promoting scratchies as a valid present, or bars and pubs that have a whole area dedicated to pokies.

  37. I vaguely remember getting $2 scratches at Christmas as a kid if we won $2-5 we’d go and collect with our grandparents not that kids were really allowed to claim. Thankfully I haven’t seen one gifted in the last 15-20 years so it’s no longer a tradition.

  38. Except maybe for the forced inclusion of the totally insincere and gratuitous: "Gamble Responsibly" message they all put in without any hint of sarcasm or cynicism.......

  39. Dont worry though guys the scary gel blasters will be illegal soon. Priorities for keeping civilians safe and healthy!

  40. If it wasn't already bad enough, they let you bet on almost anything nowadays. The afl alone seems to have an infinite number of possibilities for gouging your money.

  41. I remember these ads would only come one late at night. Now they are there from 8 when kids are still up. Thank god we don’t watch tv anymore.

  42. Great company name. [email protected] broke. Summarises in the title what you will be if you fraternise with the company.

  43. "It's UN-AUSTRALIAN not to abide by the same social conduct as me, MATE! I'm the self appointed arbiter of the AUSTRALIAN IDENTITY!"

  44. Well if you ever want to watch any sort of live sport, you’ll have it rammed down your throat. Including paid channels and on demand.

  45. I’m not exaggerating when I say probably 4/5 out of the guys at my work are ALL putting on Multis every week, playing the pokies, everything. Most under 23 years of age as well. It’s ingrained in our culture sadly.

  46. Nothing worse than taking the kids to the newsagency and seeing 10+ people lined up at the lottery counter, sparkling foil at the scratchie display, notices about joining the local syndicates and posters on the walls advertising the latest jackpots. Hearing the joyful jingle of the lotto terminal as someone scans their ticket. "You won $5 sir. Would you like to take the money or buy another ticket?"

  47. To be fair, the article you linked explains that the VAST majority of Australian Gambling spending is wasted on gaming - the pokies, for the most part, and other casino games. Per the article, of $242B overall spent on gambling in 2017-18, $181.4B was spent on Gaming. That’s a solid 75% of all gambling expenditure.

  48. The theme of this thread comes up from time to time, & the threads are inevitably the same circlejerk - Reddit is very anti-gambling. A comment like yours which offers mostly facts (from the article that very few here would’ve read, & your opinion at the end which most here would actually agree with) should be up the top. But you haven’t whined about the ‘scourge’ that is gambling, so no upvotes for you!

  49. I think most advertising works by encouraging people to do more of something they already do.

  50. They shift perceptions of what’s societally acceptable to those who watch the ad. For example, all the betting ads really target hard the 15–35 male, I remember a Sportsbet(?) as where the guys are all having blokey larrikin antics whilst betting in the pub and they pick up some chicks. What this does is not only make it look like gambling on the footy is something “real Aussie blokes do”, but anyone against it is just a wowser and a killjoy.

  51. But kids are being influenced. After seeing the effect of these adds on my kids, we have greatly reduced our TV time.

  52. I Fkn hate it, I use Sportsbet a couple times a year (Victorian) and get bombarded with these ads. My partner now as well will get them on her phone as well and hasn’t placed a bet in years. Gambling ads are like tobacco ads from the 90s, the nrl comp used to be called the winfield cup after all. I think until there is government intervention on these, we will keep seeing them. It’s bad enough watching sport on kayo and getting Sportsbet updates before matches, they used to provide half time options as well until that was challenged I believe. Tom Waterhouse was advertising a lot throughout coverage in his early days until people spoke up. We really need to lobby government for change but unfortunately I think we are too far from that “long may we play”

  53. The ads will stay to affect the lives of as many Young Australians as possible for as long as the industry can keep paying the politicians.

  54. Horse racing still happened, even in the middle of the lockdown. Even having the broadcast vans out into regional areas for the tv coverage.

  55. We'll look back on these years in a few decades, just like we look back on how we fed cigarettes to our youth, and shake our head at the amount of damage we did in the name of corporate profits.

  56. If I can't get adds for my fuckin' winnie blues mate then why should these pricks get to flood me with ads.

  57. The government gets 1 third or gambling profits in nsw as profits. It's for their own best interest to let these adds screen. At the detriment of the chronic gamblers. There should be an enquiry into this. It is malicious and self serving. Add several more adjectives.

  58. They need to also be outside family time and yes I noticed they are just constantly showing them and extremely annoying.

  59. I know I want to take that selfie stick from those idiots watching the horse race instead of enjoying the view on that outback hike and belt them around the head with it. Then take what's left of the stick and jam it up the arse of whoever authorised the ad.

  60. Love that they are "official wagering partners" of the NRL. Ads and segments in all of the programming related to it. Definitely nothing suss going on there.

  61. Nothing sus at all. It's just the wagering company giving millions to the NRL in exchange for getting to say "official wagering partner" and having their brand stamped over everything.

  62. And where would Foxtel get the majority of their revenue from? Murdoch won’t let these ads go away anytime soon.

  63. It is not just ads, if you have an account in any of these sites they keep sending you mails with offers to play even though you have stopped long back

  64. They also call you a lot like "hey! I have added a bonus on your account where we match your bet till $250!"

  65. They're a bunch of predatory cunts. For the past month they been offering me deals and slowly escalating them. Deals like "Deposit $50 get $100", don't bite next week it's deposit "$10 get $80" and so on. Nope, nope. So yesterday they up it again to a free $25 bonus bet. I'm sitting in the doctors waiting for my appointment and think, fuck it. I'll put it on a long shot and see what happens. Jag my unboxed trifecta, Win $616 Dollarydoos and get the fuck outta dodge asap. Thanks for covering most of my rego Sportsbet! now kindly fuckoff, please and thankyou

  66. They are so predatory and wrong and not in the spirit of sport, which to me should be about mateship and teamwork, and having a good time with your mates watching, not spending every last dollar and then some, and being conned with the false hope of something more.

  67. I cant watch the footy anymore. I saw may family's wealth go down the drain through poker machines and i see so many people getting sucked in the gambling. I started to watch the West coast Collingwood game on the weekend but i just couldn't do it because of these bloody ads. The footy has lost me as a result.

  68. They are the only thing keeping the commercial and TV industry alive, no one else pays the money or amount they do. Why do you think it hasn’t been banned yet? Murdoch.

  69. Online gaming targets Aussies the most then the pokies both should go, our government was making the big bucks off gaming tourism. What’s scary is people are gambling at home on their couch watching the footy. The effort so low to easily lose a lot of money.

  70. Now they just schedule certain games later. State of origin used to kick off at 7pm years ago and now they don't start till 815 so they can get their gambling ads in. My young kids (or me for that matter) can't stay up till 1030 on a school night.


  72. That’s really appalling but the top few countries are actively trying to attract tourists to gambling, especially the wealthy mainland Chinese. So COVID has really stuffed these governments strategies.

  73. No it’s okay they say “gamble responsibly” right at the end super quickly so that makes it ok /s

  74. my friend using them to hedge and extracts all the bonus bets and promo's. He's probs made about 5k all up over a year

  75. Whilst I agree with you wholeheartedly (like who doesn’t want to punch Tom Waterhouse?) in Scotland I was shocked by how many gambling houses there was in every town or city. Like both sides of the Main Street, three of four in sight of each other easily. They need to fuck them all off.

  76. Ads like this have driven me and my family away from FTA Aussie tv. We stream stuff with adblockers nowadays and miss most of the tripe.

  77. I hate the ones that are like ‘if you don’t win you get your money back’ or whatever. Makes it seem less risky, suckers people in. If you’re going to gamble at least acknowledge that you’re taking a risk and you might lose. How are we supposed to get people to stop if they think it’s safe?

  78. Yeah we do our government has a gambling problem, normally it takes in so much taxes from the gaming industry and it’s getting pretty desperate right now thanks to lockdowns and event cancelations. Like no spectators at the spring carnival not patrons at crown casino or the TAB.

  79. They're also during the time my daughter watches TV. There are far too many of them and at the wrong time.

  80. I am a big afl fan and I watch as many games as I can and am sick to absolute shit of the American Sportsbet ads we get here. Like they’re featuring American athletes who I assume I am supposed to know but why would I give a fuck about them? Half their sports aren’t even played in this country. The ads are obnoxious, predatory and annoying and I can’t believe they’re played as much as they are.

  81. We have these ads everywhere, yet everyone talks about how bad gambling is, how it destroys family's etc. Just makes no sense advertising like this is even legal. So many things make no sense to me.

  82. The sorry state of australian entertainment is the sportsbet guys need to work for a horrible company instead of getting thier own sketch comedy show.

  83. Been touched on by a couple of podcats called kickin the punt and addicted to the game, goes into depth on how these normalise betting and how they have an affect on children

  84. My cousins 10yo can cite betting odds and payouts. It's genuinely disgusting. Loves footy, which we encourage, but seems indicative he will grow up to be a gambler.

  85. Oh I so agree, the ads never stop with those guys - as bad as the Kleeva Range of kitchen stuff! I thought Peter Russel Clarke had died years ago!

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