Well it ain't called Mighty Fine Fries! Who's got the best fries here in Austin? my vote is for 5 guys Cajun style.

  1. Posse East. Saw a comment for Crown & Anchor too - right down the street from each other. Both solid. Posse East fries with the little crunchy batter bits are hard to beat anywhere.

  2. Posse East has delicious tater tots. We would walk down from the Crown and grab a bag just to eat behind the bar while working.

  3. Came here to say this. +1 if you do the chili cheese because the fries stay somewhat crispy with all that chili and cheese melted on top.

  4. I was thinking about this the other day, For some reason my dumb broken brain thought you were either a Crown person or a Posse person (I was a Crown person). But they're both great and there's no rivalry afaik

  5. Basically any drive-thru or take-out fries are going to get soggy and lame by the time you get home. Gotta eat them fresh.

  6. You know I had them fries on the way home too in the car, can't resist it. They were the same unfortunately.

  7. I think they changed the fries recently, because they used to be awesome but left me wanting last time. They went from a batter fry to a crinkle cut

  8. Yep, I also love that they know to put fries on top of other containers in takeout bags so they don’t get soggy and steam, pro move.

  9. Fries have a half life of five minutes. It’s why you must eat them in the car before you get home. And, I don’t have the answer on best fries so I’ll stick around to find out.

  10. First off, any crinkle-cut fries can go fuck themselves, along with the establishment that served them. Fuck them, and fuck them hard. Same with waffle fries.

  11. 5 guys is not a local chain. If we are including everyplace to get fries from I would go Wendy’s or McDonald’s. Local though? Chez nous had awesome fries but sadly they are gone.

  12. Shake shack does most things well their fries hit the spot. I went to some place that had a ranch buffalo powder the tossed the fries in and that was legit.

  13. I haven't been to many burger and fry joints but I absolutely loved the fries at Mighty Fine Burgers, their burgers were also great, I thought the fries at Wholly Cow Burgers on South Lamar and Dan's Hamburgers were great.

  14. Garlic Parmesan fries at hi wings left quite an impression on me. I ended up eating more fries than wings and just wanted more

  15. Koko’s Bavarian. Huge. Crispy outside, fluffy inside, generously seasoned and 3 dipping sauces. I can find no fault in these fries.

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