if you are prescribed weed and smoking it out of a bong can you get in trouble by police if they raid?

  1. No , I was involved in a mental health and police home visit they don’t give you a hard time if it’s prescribed . Just don’t try taking a glass bong with you to hospital - that’s where they draw the line in my experience

  2. So Im a community MH nurse who had to go assess a bloke who was becoming a little paranoid , he’d convinced his parents to that there were being spied upon and had convinced them that every time there WiFi to was dropping in and out that it was the NSA or Australia federal police spying on them . He was a nice enough bloke who was on medical cannabis for his sciatica and anxiety . He’d become paranoid after smoking a 20% thc product which had recently been prescribed via Telehealth . He was getting a bit antsy about having to return to hospital ( but agreeable) and the police were with him when he was packing his bag to return to hospital he was trying to pack like 10 grams of medicinal cannabis flower ( the cops didn’t really care that he was packing it because the hospital would just lock this in you personal locker when you arrived anyway . It was only when he insisted on packing his triple chamber glassey when the police intervened. ( you aren’t allowed to take glass into a mental health ward ) He became argumentative when told this and arced up a little bit resulting in being retsrained by the cops .

  3. At the end of the day. They’re just people doing a job. Yeah, there’s a few with big egos on power trips but respect is a two way street and goes a long way from my past experiences. It’s gonna be a case by case basis though. Majority probably wouldn’t give two shits but all it takes is one having a bad day.

  4. They will smell it and say suspicion of cannabis. How Mr Plod knows what burnt cannabis smells like, given he is not permitted to partake, nor even be around, such behaviour…well that’s just conveniently ignored

  5. Friendly Aussie Buds website owners house got raided and because they were in (I think) Queensland one of them got charged and eventually fined for having a bong despite being a legit medical patient so it may be dependent on the state you are in or how the cops feel on the day.

  6. That's an outlier case though. Cops only do shit if they really have to . In that case they probably had some higher up cop telling them to lay whatever charges you can. Be nice make them feel entitled and most of the time nothing will happen.

  7. A friend had his place raided over drug shit his housemate was doing. As soon as he said he was an MC patient the cops just walked out of his room and said they have nothing to look for anymore in there.

  8. I would be more worried of why you are thinking you might get raided? They don’t go around raiding just for bongs.

  9. Prescription or no prescription bongs are illegal for cannabis use, it is a grey area and really does depend on the cop .

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