25979ST City of Sails" 30th Anniversary Limited Edition. It is a 2003 watch, and some of the outer chapter kinda faded like the #5 at 50 seconds. Also some of the seconds white lines. Is this natural aging?

  1. That is a little odd. Probably is some aging on the dial yes. I’m sure AP will gladly replace it for you at exorbitant cost and take a looooong time. Love their watches but find their quality is not always what it’s cracked up to be. I’d leave it. Enjoy nevertheless a great piece!

  2. Pre Le Brassus renovation and upgrade I think pieces are susceptible to this sort of wear as most of it is hand painted with materials that have less “science” than what is uses currently. Looks pretty good for a 20 yr old watch though! (2003 being nearly 20 years ago is my depressing realization of the day)

  3. That is so disappointing, a modern watch should not fade like that…but not a lot you can do, I bet AP will say it’s natural wear and tear…

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