Back to holding my position as an atheist, and this time I'm in the Strong Atheism category. [Warning - This post is a bit deep so I would advise against reading this if you are new to this subreddit]

  1. If you assume our laws of physics to be true, and our observations to be accurate, then heat death is almost certainly the case. Unless there is some big unknown (witch is very possible, some would say likely), then I think it’s safe to say the universe will end in heat death.

  2. Death is real. It precedes interpretation. And I'm pretty sure it was around before humans were, too.

  3. By and large, I agree with you. My atheism can be defined in 5 words: "I don't believe in magic." But as a naturalist, our natural world is filled with awesome beauty, and as you said, crackles with life. We as humans bring our own meaning to the natural world. I love the idea that if we colonize one star system every 500 years, in 3-1/2 million years, we can colonize the entire galaxy! Elon Musk, lead the way!

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