I turned off my data to avoid ads...

  1. Been using this for a while but every so often it'll say it can't connect with my wifi and default to mobile data.

  2. Nice thx. I run Pi-hole at home but when I'm out and about the ads obviously come back. Will be using this one for sure

  3. Yeah, I wonder how often this really works. If the app can't get its ads from nastyads.appdeveloper.biz will it be satisfied if it still can connect to other servers? Or will it refuse to work because "hur-dur, no interneht"? I highly suspect they treat not being able to retrieve ads as "no interneht".

  4. Is one reason I still use my ancient Amazon Fire tablet. Play something while online, and it's ads out the ass, but just turn off wifi, and it's whisper quiet, might be bugged to rate the game at the end of a play one time that session.

  5. It's not even asshole imo. You're not entitled to free games. People worked on that and they need to be paid.

  6. And as always, another person complaining that their free game isn't actually free. Sigh. Who would have thought a free to use application relies on ads to make revenue?!

  7. Ads are the reason the game is free. You turn off internet access and they'll stop the game from working. Pretty simple.

  8. Did you pay for the App? Because if you didn't then ads are how they finance themself. And disabling ads is therefore the same as stop paying.

  9. I used to use an app call lucky patcher where I could basically take ads off most game apps. Could also hack certain games lol.

  10. obligatory "devs are still in the wrong bc some players will end up taking their mobile device somewhere where they can't get internet" comment

  11. Those bastards putting in all those hours of hard work developing a game and not giving away the product for free! Damn them to hell!

  12. I don’t think that’s a fair argument to make if they don’t even give you the option to pay for the game (either as in traditional video game consoles or a la Apple Arcade) in order to avoid the ads.

  13. So you’re playing a free game. And the only way they earn something is by some ads But you don’t want ads so you turn off your data And now you’re angry??

  14. NEXTdns usually deals with these pretty well, they have pretty good instructions on how to set it up for every platform (Android, ios, windows, mac and linux all work).

  15. For those of you on Android, in addition to running an adblock DNS server, you can also use a program called LuckyPatcher that can strip out ads, online requirements, etc from games (will render them local/offline only though). Can do even more things if you have root access.

  16. I just want to make a free game where the ads are so worth it to watch that people willingly choose to watch them. No pop ups. No banners. Just solid rewards and good times

  17. If you run a vpn even if you don't connect to the internet it will think that all is fine. Used it with orbot

  18. All apps should have an option to pay to disable ads. $1, $5, $10, doesnt matter how much they want to charge, give me the option and if you app is worth it, I will pay.

  19. I like using Blokada, I turn it on before playing games and off right after, better than telling every website you visit to some shady dns server. Because switching dns everytime is gonna be annoying so you'll end up leaving it and they'll know every website you go to.

  20. What do you expect? Them to let you play games without giving something in return? This isn’t asshole design this is profitable design!

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