AC3 still my most fav game, I know this game in and out, and have mastered the combat (hope u like the video)

  1. The Jaeger was falling back, and when any enemy moves backward or flinches, they are open to a chain attack, no matter what enemy. I've used this many times lol.

  2. im really glad you liked it and i will try all of these things, theres a lot in this game that people dont know you can do, for example vaulting just before an edge or a fence will do a quicker and cooler parkour jump

  3. Damn I miss when combat was just well timed instal-kills. Made the whole experience more immersive and cinematic and just let you go back to the rest of the game without having to sit there mashing the attack on a sponge for 5min straight.

  4. I'm currently playing The tyranny of King Washington expansion for the first time. I played the base game back in 2012 and recently finished the story mode of the remaster. It's a great game but, because of the annoying controls, is not one of my favorites on the franchise.

  5. I wrapped up that DLC a few weeks ago. It took me a while to readjust to the controls. The story on the DLC wasn't all that great but 🤷‍♂️

  6. I do not care that this combat style made the game easy. It was hella scinematic and what made me immerse my self into being an assassin and a badass.

  7. I agree with you, these animations always made me feel like an actual trained killer. The finishers were so damn good

  8. I loved how brutal Connor’s fighting style was. It felt like a great mix between skill and raw aggressive power. It helped that Connor was built like a brick house.

  9. My immersion always breaks when the entire dock yard is piled with bodies after fighting for 20 minutes straight without a break.

  10. at the start, instead of waiting at the firing line for them to go into combat, you can press sprint button+counter button to roll into them without taking damage.

  11. 3 is super underappreciated. Yes it takes a while to get going and getting to play as Connor, and the streets are too wide to easily cross over sometimes (though I don't know how you'd make them smaller and still have room for all the carriages)

  12. I feel like 3 is the black sheep of the old formula. But I always liked it the most because of the story. Connors story is my favorite, felt more mature and nuanced when compared to the rest. However, AC4 is a very close second

  13. To be honest, the combat is the easiest in the series. AC3 was one of my favorites but it does honestly have its short comings. Nevertheless, I absolutely loved the experience.

  14. I’d say black flag is easier. While it’s pretty much the same, black flag heavy improved upon the combat, I find myself dying a lot more in 3 than I do in black flag

  15. It was the first AC game that I owned, besides Bloodlines on the PsP. I can't even tell you how many times I've beaten Bloodlines before it broke.

  16. Easy to kill everyone sure but you still need to practice and learn the game to do it with style, as seen here with tool kills and double tool kills, this video is one of the few I've seen where the player doesn't just spam counterkill or break defense.

  17. AC3 is my second-least-favorite AC game, which plants it firmly in the category of 'games I can return to and have fun with every couple of years'.

  18. Even though AC3 is one of my least favorite AC games, I will admit that it did the rhythmic combat better than the other games, the combat was satisfying and the animations were very well done.

  19. The combat in the new games is so bad. What a shame. Personally I think the most fun I had with an AC combat system was in Revelations. Not saying it was the best, just that I really connected with it.

  20. While cinematic effects in AC3 combats are cool, I still think that it made the fights less enjoyable. I love combats in AC origins, there so freaking awesome.

  21. I was just playing it and sees this for sure its the best in the combat and animation what i really loved about this is sometime it can have that cinematic look with no hud and precision aiming mode

  22. This is a great example of how I would like the gameplay to be in the AC-game of my dreams. Regardless of time period, I don’t really feel it if the playable character is a walking arsenal with armor, maces, spears, swords, rifles and what not. Let the fighting rely on hidden blade combat, disarms and ranged weapons, whether it’s guns, rope darts or throwing knives. Really makes you feel like an assassin that can blend in and make the best of his surroundings.

  23. I never understood why Altairs robe physics are so bad in all the later versions of the game, with the lower portion stuck to the legs of the character instead of it free flowing. Like they had better physics for that outfit in the og assassins creed, what the heck.

  24. The combat was so basic in this game it was amazing for 12 year old me when it came out. I remember cutting down redcoats for a solid 45 minutes because the kept spawning and attacking me

  25. My favorite thing when it comes to combat in the first 3 games was the pacing of the animations and interactions of characters they were fighting/moving, something new, way more realistic that what most games did not have at the time, most were to something closer to hack and slash style but the trilogy?

  26. Your a beast, I didn’t like AC3 that much but after I finish Unity I’m definitely going back and practice its system.

  27. It's so fluid! I'd love love love a PS5/Xbox One X remastered edition, but maybe it's old enough that they'd choose to completely remake the game. idk 🤷🏼‍♂️

  28. That was swedome. Which is cider and autocorrect for awesome. If that was an ad for a film I'd be buying my ticket right now.

  29. Friend and I used to play this game and just walk around beating up guards. The fun part was, you didn't need weapons. We would just leave the guards battered and beaten, unless someone tried to shoot us. Then it was personal.

  30. Such an underated assassins creed game one of my favorites. I loved the combat system and using the tools. You could counter kill peoplle with traps or rope darts. But the story was one of my favorites the interaction between conner and haythem was the best example of the true differences between the Templars and the Assassins and how compromise for what we are capable of doing for our goals is better then doing nothing

  31. AC3's combat is awesome. I wish Unity's was similar because I hated not having the ability to counter kill. I'm most comfortable with Black Flag and AC3's combat system.

  32. Man I'm so excited to get to this game. I own all 12 mainline games and I'm playing them in release order. AC1 has some good story but the audio has not aged well. And the voice acting is sub-par.

  33. Hell yeah. It was my first ever AC game and will always be dear to me. And this is synced beautifully

  34. Seriously man! AC 3, in my opinion, has the coolest combat, side story, collectibles and parkour puzzles. This game doesn't the the appreciation it deserves

  35. This is one of the things I look back on when folks reminisce about the pre-RPG days of AC. The whole idea in the 1st AC was that it was dangerous to get caught in combat, and you were supposed to do everything you could to avoid these situations. That changed so quickly, and before you knew it there was no real tension. It became a game of how well you could press that parry button, and start chaining these combos. I honestly don't miss this at all.

  36. This AC will always have a special place for me, dunno but I love everything: Connor himself, story, characters, setting. I enjoyed Valhalla more, (cause ac3 optional objectives were a pain in the ass) but I put this at the same level, maybe a sentimental thing not so sure. Don’t care if they are different, both are the AC games I love the most.

  37. I would rather have easier combat with bad ass animations than more difficult combat with shitty animations. AC3 animations are god tier imo. Bravo sir

  38. All games that used this combat system were easy as hell but at least AC3 somewhat made up for it with enemy numbers, while Black Flag and Rogue rarely has you fighting more than 4 at once.

  39. Hearing that theme reminds me of when everyone started to speculate about what AC Revelations was gonna be about and people being generally excited for the next entry. Good times.

  40. Still don't see the appeal. It was fun at first with brotherhood but the insta kills started getting stale every new title after it

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