How do you feel about all the trans porn floating around?

  1. My boyfriend once showed me a search for trans porn on a big site and of the results I saw only one video didn't have a slur in title. So my feelings aren't great honestly.

  2. As a trans person who has done some cam work, it's hard to stomach. I like entertaining and feeling appreciated, but then there are the ones who believe I want to be degraded or that I'm inferior to them because of how we're portrayed in semi-mainstream porn. A lot of people have preconceived notions that all trans people are the same, or like the same things, and then they bully you into the box they think fits.. which is literally the opposite of what it means to be trans.

  3. I'm okay with it as long as the subject in the porn was consenting. Otherwise I'm totally fine with sex work of all kind- consent among adults is the key ingredient.

  4. I do enjoy trans porn but I am very discerning about what I watch. It has to be at least somewhat respectful. No slurs in the title and not blatantly catering to a fetishistic viewerbase.

  5. Sex work is work, and I don't have a problem with porn - or trans porn - in principle. That said, it's virtually all gross, exploitative, and made with no regard for actual trans people. The dehumanisation and constant use of slurs (and yes, both of the words you mentioned are slurs) make it a very othering genre - before you even start to take into account that it's responsible for a large number of people just seeing us as a porn category.

  6. Trying to find FTM porn that doesn’t treat the guy like a woman is basically impossible. Always bottoms (PIV which is every trans guy i knows worst nightmare), always submissive, always with a cis man and never a woman, usually called a slur or straight up misgendered. Just no.

  7. I feel it floats in a sea if other porn and essentially drowns in it. Women (both cis and trans) are disrespected and objectified in a majority of porn. It's just another category of the same stuff.. heavily catered to the very large percentage of male viewers who go there to get off. It's something I used to do.. quite a lot.. in a past life. Though I'm on the other side now, so it's certainly from a different perspective now (different libido and much less of the random drive) but I doubt it's changed all that much

  8. Sex work is work. A lot of us trans sex workers do it for survival. Idk why it's viewed as a negative thing that trans porn exists, y'all should really check out amateur/small accounts instead of all the big places bc that porn ALWAYS sucks, it's always fetishizing to everyone involved, that's not just trans ppl. It's like going on Netflix and only watching top 10 and complaining they suck/limited choice when there's millions of other options that are far better. Are the categories offensive? Definitely. But trans porn isn't automatically made for the male gaze just bc it's trans

  9. The vast majority of porn is fetishized and misrepresented exclusively for the pleasure of men. Lesbian, trans, interracial. Your name it, it’s all made to appeal to allegedly straight men with no consideration to the people the video is claiming to feature.

  10. I like it's but have some problems too. It's its great I can find porn that has people like me in it. To be honest I wish thier was porn with people who have had penile preserving vaginoplasty. It makes me feel better about my body.

  11. It's primarily made for men so it's degrading to us, and uses slurs and fetish language to describe us. Basically, it sucks.

  12. I watched trans porn up until the time I realized that I'm not cis. For some reason I've had zero interest in ANY porn since then. But the thing about the porn industry In general is that it creates false illusions and standards of sex and appearance. It also fetishizes everything from transgender and homosexual intercourse to incest and rape. I respect a lot of the sex workers who produce content, but there's much more bad than good.

  13. Personally I don't take offense because everything is fetishized in porn anyways. It just means people are finding trans bodies attractive.

  14. I don’t have really strong feelings on it. It’s usually pretty disrespectful, but so is most porn I’ve seen, so I don’t thinks it’s too different in that regard. Overall porn needs to get better. Also as someone with some crazy fetishes, I can’t be too hard on people into the crazy shit you find when you search for trans porn. I personally don’t like it, but I’m not sure if or how it should be handled.

  15. Hate the misgendering titles and category names, but I enjoy a lot of the porn. I do wish there was more body diversity. Whether it’s trans men or women, they’re probably going to be thin with maybe a bit of muscle definition. I’d love to see more chubby folks.

  16. Honestly it's no different than straight porn there are tons of stuff that people would not agree with and are a little derogatory but that is part of the whole porn scene you're going to have a darker side and a lighter side unfortunately because being trans is still new and still seen as a fetish to some people it is going to be primarily the dark side that you see until it becomes more popular and then you will start to see more of the regular stuff without all of the derogatory implications at least that's the way I see it

  17. I feel really off reading the way most trans videos are titled, my wife and I started making wholesome trans content and it has been fantastic, It makes me happy to create adult content that doesn’t degrade or rely on slurs in the titles. I really hope more people start creating good quality content that is respectful

  18. I dont like the titles of a lot of the videos...but I tend to watch the porn that emulates my I watch trans centered i try and pick things that aren't centered around a story line...they get kinda cringy. Just give me a wholesome girl porn that isn't so....fetishy.

  19. Considering I make some of it. I don't mind. Not a huge fan of some of the titles. And I draw the line with people interacting with me calling me those.

  20. While I don't know whether I've seen your products or not, thank you for your service! Sex work is work, and people should be paying for things they value, produced by others!

  21. The slurs as category titles speak more to the kind of people who watch these videos than the actors or producers. If they weren't the most common search terms, they wouldn't be smeared all over the title.

  22. I understand that the are trans people that have to resort to porn just to survive. I wish it wasn't a necessity for some but I'm okay with the porn existing. I don't like the category titles that a lot of sites use. They can just not use a slur.

  23. Check out Chelsea Poe. Her activism is a big reasons sites have moved away from category and video names that are slurs. Plus she’s a great trans lesbian bottom. Her podcast where she interviews people in porn is great inside baseball on queer porn and being a trans performer.

  24. IMHO I think TS porn IS degrading and disgusting BUT I have no problem with trans people that are sex workers and adult entertainers. I partially do sex work just to get money to keep me alive and I wanna work as a cam model to help save up for gender reassignment surgeries.

  25. If it’s not just blatant fetishization, it uses no slurs and no other discriminatory, exclusionary, or identity-invalidating language, and is between two consenting adults, I have no problem with it.

  26. I'm mostly not a fan. If there was trans porn that wasn't racist, homophobic/transphobic, misogynistic and degrading I might like that...but I haven't seen much

  27. I feel like trans porn featuring trans women performers is really the canary in the coal mine for transphobia. If all of these straight cis dudes truly believed that we weren't actually women, then they wouldn't be watching so much trans porn.

  28. I don’t look at porn because I don’t know if the people involved are being abused or exploited so I stick to hentai which I like better anyway cuz I’m a monstergirlie and I like the gender and species envy I get from looking at stuff like that.

  29. I don't like what we gotta do to market ourselves oftentimes, but my friends and I all dabble in creation. If you got a body, and it can be sold for money, why not?

  30. I'm not really happy with the transgender porn content available. The titles contain slurs, the sex is off-putting, and unrealistic expectations are set by the material.

  31. Well whenever I want to hookup if someone I'm talking to used key words found in trans porn I know they are just looking for a fetish to dick down so it makes it pretty easy to found out who knows about trans people through just trans porn.

  32. A lot of porn featuring trans people is made for straight cis men and the way they're edited and distributed reflects that. If you look to porn where trans people had just as much influence behind the camera as in front of it, you can see the ways that they put care into making content that's stimulating without being exploitative.

  33. It depends on the kind. I’ve seen the awful ones suggested like anything with “shemale” or “tranny” but I’ve also seen some ones with okay titles. Most of the ftm porn I see, depending on the website, has been okay, though they are usually bottoming and they like to use the word “pussy” to describe their junk a lot but a lot of porn will say that in reference to cis bottoms too so I suppose as long as the actor is comfortable with that(some people are into that, I’m not, but I’m not everyone) it’s not technically a bad thing.

  34. I dont like the titles of a lot of the videos...but I tend to watch the porn that emulates my I watch trans centered i try and pick things that aren't centered around a story line...they get kinda cringy. Just give me a wholesome girl porn that isn't so....fetishy. My love for my wife has nothing to do with a fetish...ya dig?

  35. I dont like the titles of a lot of the videos...but I tend to watch the porn that emulates my I watch trans centered i try and pick things that aren't centered around a story line...they get kinda cringy. Just give me a wholesome girl porn that isn't so....fetishy. My love for my wife has nothing to do with a fetish...ya dig?

  36. I noticed something about it from another perspective. Many pretense and scenarios present a lot of troubling aspects about trans people and their existence in society.

  37. Porn is porn- I don’t care what porn people like, just as long as it’s consensual & of age. I care more about how people treat others than whatever weird porn they watch.

  38. I don't get offended when I see trans porn or anything like that, but I do feel like the way trans peolple are dehumanised in porn does make it easier for people to dehumanise us in real life as well. (Not transfem tho)

  39. I'm generally ok with it everyone gotta get paid. Issues not with Trans women in videos but directors and publishers who upload the videos, shouldn't have words like shemale or ladyboy these words have history of people in America justifying killing trans women.

  40. In my experience usually transman porn is them getting fucked by men. And that reflects how ftm chasers seem to be in real life. Horny men wanting to fuck a man with a pussy. And it makes me uncomfortable to watch. I mean I'm straight and most ftm porn is gay so duh but it's also the intentions behind the porn being made that irks me. The blatant fetishisation.

  41. There's a lot of trans porn that's validating, and there are so many gorgeous trans women that post to lewd subreddits that it's almost inspiring to me. That said, category names are kind of disappointing. Tranny and ladyboy are super antiquated slurs that deserve to be forgotten and never said again, and trans women are not femboys so I hate the comparison there. Porn names are just not great in general either.

  42. Warning! potential triggers: I am completely fine with porn and I am fine with most things as long as there is consent. I however hate the slurs because when I came out, a friend of my sister literally asked me if I am a

  43. I kind of wouldn’t have realized I was trans if not for porn, if that makes any sense. I’m sure for many people it was their introduction to trans people, which is both good and bad (more bad obviously, seeing trans people as sex objects and such). As for the porn itself, it doesn’t really bother me.

  44. I actually find it mildly Dysphoria inducing. Like looking at some of tye mtf idolizing their dick or focusing so much attention on it really... I don't know feels wrong somehow. I'm extremely uncomfortable with mine and it's just strange having a prospective of wanting it.

  45. Amateur trans porn is usually great, pro is usually disrespectful trash. That's pretty much true of all porn though.

  46. Honestly my perspective is a little skewed since it was partially f*ta porn that started my journey to realizing I was trans. I don't like how fetishized trans people are in porn, both animated and not, and now it makes me uncomfortable to a degree but it was also what first exposed me to the idea of sex and gender being seperate so I can't find it in me to fully hate it.

  47. I think it’s disgusting how they portray trans ppl but Im understanding of the trans sex workers doing what they need to survive

  48. It's a double edged sword. On one hand it's fetishized and I don't want to feel objectified. But on the other it makes me feel hopeful that I can be attractive.

  49. I'm happy to see overall a greater trans presence in porn, because most of what I've encountered (that differentiates between feminized men and actual trans women) just treats trans women like women (in porn), who happen to have a penis in many cases; it's kinda cool to see trans people as sexual, desirable beings being more normalized.

  50. Conflicted. On the one hand, trans porn is probably part of my self-discovery. On the other, trans porn almost always has slurs in it somewhere. Not to mention trans porn is still porn and therefore is the commodification of sex for the purpose of profit.

  51. The way it’s marketed and the names are kinda offensive to me. But it just existing is fine I wish it was done in a more normal way.

  52. I do SW so I have a pretty thick skin for all the different labels people attach to me, but that definitely took some time to achieve

  53. Only if it doesn't fetishize trans people, normally I'll look up ftm gay and I don't get any fetishizing results which is nice-and honestly surprising. I don't think it's inherently bad I think it's cis people who are the ones ruining it (surprise surprise). I only watch it because it occasionally because it gives me less dysphoria about not having a dick.

  54. Honestly the titles of the videos make me never wanna watch mass produced porn again the only good trans porn is made by real trans people

  55. porn in general sucks it's all made for cis men who fetishize every other kind of human being on the planet. my experience with trans porn is never great in particular unless it's homemade and not catering to chasers/fetishists

  56. Personally, I don’t have a problem with the porn itself. I do, however, find a problem with people fetishizing it and having porn titles with slurs in them.

  57. Porn is porn, most humans use it at least once in their life. We exist, there is porn with us in them. I'm completely neutral to it's existence.

  58. Well according to me , I don't care about their personal life but the problem , it's not a trans problem it the society they like sterio typing us and calling us hoe's so honestly I'm okay with it but I'm not okay with that the way society looks at us

  59. The fact that it's considered as something so seperste from "regular" porn and the amount of times slurs are used to describe the people in it is awful, but it's mere existence doesn't really bother me

  60. I don’t care. It gets a little annoying though when people sum up my entire experience living as a trans woman as “kinky!”

  61. Not my thing. I'd like to hope that there are some trans women (post OP, presumably - especially since I avoid anything with penises) in the porn I watch, but I never have and likely never will search anything including the word "trans".

  62. I prefer not to be offended by anything. Makes life easier. What about porn - I don't feel anyhow. How should I? I watched it a couple of times and it was okay. Everyone should be able to participate.

  63. I’m a trans man that posts NSFW content on this site and I gotta say that there’s def a lot of fucked up shit when it comes to trans people being disrespected in the porn community.

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