What is the 'trans ideology' or 'trans agenda' that all these conservatives complain about?

  1. It's just us speaking about our lived experience. They don't believe we are telling the truth, hence it is an ideology that we have made up. It's also a great inoculation against the reality that there is a ton of overlap between the experiences of different trans people. If you believe it's an ideology then that only happens because "we're all reading from the same playbook."

  2. At the heart, though, we are a useful enemy to cast as enemy #1 BECAUSE being trans is not an absolute choice.

  3. Also making it an ideology or an agenda means its easier to restrict and present as a threat to the society. See socialism or feminism for comparisons.

  4. It's a method of avoiding our humanity. Instead of saying "trans people" they say "trans ideology" and boom! You're attacking a political opinion instead of someone's human rights. Ideologies can be chosen or argued. Our existence cannot.

  5. the big problem for the attacking of gay rights was when being gay was no longer seen as an activity, rather as a lifestyle. this is why in no major world religion is being gay or trans currently is not, and never was a sin. mentions of either were caused by horrible mistranslations

  6. This is the real answer. They absolutely think it’s some kind of brainwashing. My family will probably think my “liberal girlfriend” convinced me to do all this, like it isn’t back-breakingly stressful for her as well

  7. Well, first off, they're absolutely transphobic. Anyone saying "I'm not transphobic but" is almost certainly transphobic.

  8. They are, perhaps ironically, subscribing to the Slavoj Zizek view of ideology: "According to Žižek, like and after Althusser, ideologies are thus political discourses whose primary function is not to make correct theoretical statements about political reality (as Marx's “false consciousness” model implies), but to orient subjects' lived relations to and within this reality."

  9. I do think we need to find a new word other than transphobic tbh, it doesn't really describe them correctly. A phobia is an uncontrollable or irrational fear. They're not afraid, they're all just assholes.

  10. The transgender agenda can be summed up in three parts: our agenda is to be healthy, to be safe, and to exist. They hate the idea of us being healthy and prefer that we suffer, they hate that we would be safe and want us to live in constant fear so we are easier to control, and they unabashedly hate that we exist. If they can't eradicate us, they want us unhealthy and fearful.

  11. The "trans agenda" is basically the fear that by being openly trans that we'll "turn" all of their kids trans, they do this with the "gay agenda" too

  12. It's the classic attack of the White Christian Man, how "they" hate you. "They" think you're the problem. "They" want to convert you. The only agenda is fear mongering and vote rallying, and it comes from the conservative camp. Being trans (and honestly, any part of the LGTBQ+ community) threatens their view of the world. How everyone is supposed to be in their little boxes. Being LGBTQ+ signals that you won't be bound by the boxes that our society tries to force people into. Conservatives don't like that because once people start thinking outside their boxes, they reject most of conservatism. Keep the ducks in line.

  13. It means the same thing as the gay agenda. It essentially just refers to existing at all (and especially existing visibly) as a trans person.

  14. The “Trans Agenda” is just Mario pronouncing the word “transgender”. Not sure why conservatives are so mad about it 😔 smh my head

  15. What they preceive as the trans agenda goes down to the roots of what they call "cultural marxism". This is the conservative idea of the ideas of Marx applied to the social context moreso than the financial. In this case, you have the prolateriet and the bourgeoisie, the ones with without power and the ones with power, or the haves and haves not. They define the bourgeoisie as White, (tho many wont admit this or omit it as nonwhites comprise a significant portion of the conservative population), heterosexual, cisgendered, patrariarcal, patriotic Christian individuals. Anything else is part of the prolateriet. Like Marx, there is a struggle between these two groups but conservatives openly approach it differently.

  16. It doesnt really mean anything. It's like when Nazis say they don't hate Jewish people, but are just against "international Jewery." It's a convenient and nebulous target of derision that's more palatable to useful idiots (and sometimes to themselves) than outright, open hatred of individual trans people, but still allows them to oppose the rights of individual trans people.

  17. Trans people want to exist and not suffer. That's the agenda they are against. That want us in the closet where they can pretend that none of us exist.

  18. Calling allowing transgender people to exist publicly "trans ideology" is a rhetorical trick designed to politicize our existence and justify discrimination.

  19. It is a systemic conspiracy theory like the International Jew, the Red Scare, Lizard people, the New World Order, and the Illuminati.

  20. "I don't like it for arbitrary reasons so I need a buzzword that means nothing to convince others to agree with me."

  21. To me it's the ideology/agenda that bodily autonomy and civility/respect should be the norm. Something that benefits all people.

  22. Some of them seem to think we want to indoctrinate kids/force kids to transition, including hormones and surgery. That’s the only thing I can think of here

  23. A strawman for bigoted, ignorant assholes to avoid any amount of introspection or critical thinking. Nothing more.

  24. They like dick- dream about it all day long - and if their friends and family ever found out, they don't know what they'd do. So instead of sucking their bros' dicks, like a normal person, they build up this super weird no-homo complex where they go really extra in being anti-gay so all their bros know how not gay they are, and how much they DON'T want to suck all of their dicks.

  25. "Going against science and giving into mental illness." Or, "destroying gender traditions and ruining the nuclear family." Or, "attacking women." Or, "grooming children so they chop off (insert some body part)." Or, and yes some do believe this, "becoming transhuman (cross-sex) to join the illuminati and become closer to Satan (referring to Baphomet, who is regularly depicted as being intersex)."

  26. It's complicated, I know there is a transgender advocate group that uses that name, but there is also a book, and a lot of media uses it to demonize trans people. The two things it's used as: Political, and othering. In reality these could be said for the same thing, because it does lead into the other.

  27. They're just a stupid intentionally scary buzzwords, basically a barely modified version of the old "Gay Agenda" shit.

  28. Wait, you didn't get the ideology pamphlet in the mail one week after you came out? Dammit the mailing intern must be slacking off... /j

  29. Just some ridiculous shit they know nothing about. Most of them don't even know any trans people, but if they took the time to get to know us they'd realize we just want to be accepted and treated like human beings.

  30. For my "trans ideology" is basically just "i believe you are who you are you are, I'm not going to force and tell you what I think you are" and also to stop placing assumptions based on appearance and/or (perceived) gender

  31. When they talk about "trans ideology", they often seem to be under the impression that we're "glorifying" being trans and pressuring kids into "becoming trans" or whatever. Like we're going around telling everyone "you should try being trans, that's what the cool kids are doing" or something. Basically, people rambling about "the trans agenda" don't know shit about the trans community/being trans.

  32. It’s a means of fear mongering. The notion they we want there same rights, respect, and freedoms as they do is viewed as an agenda in their eyes.

  33. When a transphobe starts complaining about "trans agenda/gender ideology" what they mean is the simple existence of trans & nonbinary folks undermines their own unrealistic gender ideology.

  34. It's a dehumanisation tactic. Essentially 'trans ideology' or 'gender ideology' is transgender people asserting their existence.

  35. All trans people want is to be treated equally and for kids to know that trans people exist, it's a thing, and it's OK for them to question their gender, experiment with gender, or just be trans. Obviously none of us is trying to force kids into any particular gender because it doesn't work that way...something that our opposition still hasn't grasped after all these years, lol.

  36. Plain and simply transgender being a thing. There's no fancy ideology or agenda. It's just their way to say that they are against transgender as a whole and yes that does make them transphobic af.

  37. The claimed idea is that they believe sex determines gender, so gender is concrete, binary, and unchangeable. The existence of trans people prove this wrong, and anyone with education (doctors, scientists, etc.) substantiates that. Gender essentialism is their null hypothesis, there's no proof, and they think only other ideas need proof

  38. There is no ideology or agenda, we just want to be treated with dignity, respect, and be afforded all the other rights people take for granted. What they are referring to when they say such things includes affordable healthcare, protection from discrimination, and visibility. Most people who rally against this likely aren't interested in honest debate; they're actually the ones with an agenda. That or they're so brainwashed that trying to honestly debate them could be traumatic. Really, what they consider our agenda is simply us trying to live our best lives.

  39. there is no trans agenda. it's a made up thing by conservatives as a fearmongering technique. because of the prevalence of it, and the stupid and easily proven wrong nature of it, several memes have been made within the trans community using up fake agendas and such, though in many cases they're used as desperate pleas to be treated humanely as the human rights set out by the United Nations says.

  40. "Trans ideology" and "trans agenda" are their code words for they think being transgender is a sex offender conspiracy and transgender propaganda (words and terminology) exists to feed anti-cisgender, anti-heterosexuality to children. They think that education about the existence of transgender people and society accepting transgender people means that cisgender heterosexual people are at risk of being replaced.

  41. The trans ideology is be cool and trans, the trans agenda is knife, they make a killer grilled cheese.

  42. They think we want to make everyone trans or gay or whatever and make straight people a thing of the past, or some such BS. Other people in this thread are right that it is a (likely focus group tested) way of minimizing LGBTQ rights by framing it as an attack rather than a plea for help.

  43. its not a thing its something conservatives made up to justify their genocide towards us. if we "have an ideology" thats unviersal (at least this is what they think) means they can file us under as pawns and fake concern but when we refuse their "help" they say we're satan incarnate essentially. having a "universal" ideology they made up for us that makes us seem like carbon copy soldiers in their minds means they get to feel justified in trying to control people who are or want to be trans and kill anyone who resists. oh and also its a dog wbistle bc they think jewish people are somehow someway orchestrating all of this. still dont get the hyperfixation on jewish people they have but i can only assume its because its just a different abrahamic religion and christian conservatives despise any other abrahamic religion (especially if the people who follow it actually do what their god supposedly wants instead of making up justifications to hate and kill people)

  44. That we exist and are finally feeling safe enough to live as our authentic selves giving them the impression that the increase in trans population is because of propaganda instead of just an improvement in visibility and support

  45. The trans ideology is that trans people are allowed to exist and get treatment and people arent allowed to hate them or hurt them for it. The bigots dont like that.

  46. DICTIONARY con·serv·a·tive /kənˈsərvədiv/ Learn to pronounce noun plural noun: conservatives 1. a person who is averse to change and holds *traditional values.

  47. It actually has nothing to do with what we are doing. It's all about them. We exist and that fact alone scares the hell out of them because they might get bit next. It's totally fear oriented. They have feelings and thoughts that they don't want to acknowledge and we remind them of those thoughts. They feel if they can get rid of us they won't have these intrusive thoughts anymore. Good luck with that. They are in denial and afraid of their own thoughts and need a scapegoat to take their internal anger out on. We're it.

  48. Idk my agenda is pretty open. Get up, go to work, come home, browse reddit, rinse repeat 5 days a week, and then chores and appointments sun/mon. -shrug- do conservatives just have more on their agenda and they think everyone is like that? (Fr tho, they just want to make us the enemy)

  49. We get a book when we sign up for HRT that has our world domination plans laid out step by step. Each tegion of the world has different responsibilities

  50. Living wage and jobs in all economies… Comprehensive Universal Healthcare…. Marriage equality and body autonomy for all genders. Reasonable housing prices…. High quality public transit….. Clean air and water. Safe food and medications. Protections for the environment and against climactic collapse… Did I miss anything?

  51. I’m conservative and I have no trans agenda I have no gay agenda I guess it’s just if you’re teaching something they don’t approve of it’s an agenda I don’t approve of somebody running religion down a child’s throat either teach the children all the basics that’s what they need to know everything else they will find out on their own information is out their

  52. Well, you see, we’re secretly dragons and that scares a lot of cis people because they think we’re dangerous and might eat them. In which case they are indeed right, but don’t tell them that.

  53. By revealing that we exist they're worried their kids will be reprogrammed into (become aware of) transgender and non-binary identities. They can't tell the difference between identifying with people who are like you and being conditioned to be something you are not, which is their specialty.

  54. To answer your questions of what the "ideology" and "agenda" really are, here's a (sort of) joke answer:

  55. The MYTH of the trans agenda is that we want to "convert" people to our "lifestyle." They believe this means we will destroy gender roles and people won't be allowed to be cis or something. They treat being trans like it's a communicable disease that threatens traditional gender norms

  56. It's a dogwhistle for anything trans-related that they don't like. The key is that it's intentionally vague, which lets the listener fill in whatever they hate the most.

  57. It's literally just us existing, nothing beyond that. Our existence does not square with their world view and they view us as the problem there, not their own world view.

  58. The conservatives want things to go back to the way they were up until like 2005 or so. They are against our “agenda” - they want us to go away. If we pass they do not want to know we are trans. If you “transistion” they want you to appear as you chose. What they deem your final form. They want us that are not passing to STFU, be scared and weak, and generally accept being bullied as has happened to many in the past. They want “nonbinary” and gender fluid people to conform to the restroom they were assigned at birth, and if you are a CD they want you to be ashamed and it be only a dirty secret kink. They def want MTF lesbians to be silent and act as if its only a kink, and they want all assigned men at birth who now are under modern trans umbrella to be “gay” or ehatever slur instead of that.

  59. I think it's even if they're maybe genuinely able to tolerate the idea that we exist, and maybe even be reasonable to interact with on a personal level, they don't wamt us to make the concept of gender more flexible or society in general less shitty for us. Fine if we can squeeze ourselves into some shitty spot in their traditiomal worldview, too far if we expect the world to shift even an inch to give us more room to comfortably exist.

  60. The “trans agenda” that they’re referring to is acknowledging that trans people exist and don’t cause any harm to society.

  61. Just a bunch of dumb terms the GQP came up with because they don't have anything to offer to them other than hate and tribalism. They made up something like xx and xy is the only combination of chromosomes and if you have those you must always no matter what be woman o man and you are insane if you think otherwise. Their ultraconservative idols repeat this such as Vladimir Putin and any of the pastors or radio talking heads

  62. Isn't also the stupid complaint bout not being able to have kids (reproduce) then also is vs god's plans/will Or that some claim we are crazy lol I guess it all has gotten too political bcs indeed we are a good enemies someone said, easy target & a vulnerable minority all around so. I guess they make a big deal instead of doing what they should.

  63. Converting all of the cis men into women and the cis women into men. They might not word it that way, and it's obviously a ridiculous idea, but that's what they think our agenda is.

  64. That depends on the context. When they say agenda they are talking usually about political ideas and when they talk about ideology they are talking about beliefs. I think the terms aren’t useful in that you have to ask what agenda and what beliefs. We aren’t that United. But we do have tribes if you will. So some beliefs that I hear often and by no means is this list exhaustive:

  65. Trans “rights” make it political: Do you have a right to trans healthcare? I think most activists would say yes; this opens up and ideological debate over whether people who want plastic surgery and hormone treatments for the rest of their life are entitled to this kind of health “care.” Should it be covered under government funded healthcare? Should Our taxes pay for it?

  66. I mean, should you get coverage for going to therapy? Or your anxiety meds? Or depression? If my taxes/healthcare pays for your hurt feelings then it can pay for my dysphoria.

  67. Much of human behavior is mimicked and learned, and, by definition, people who have children typically want their children to have children. If their children socially “learn” non-reproductive means of life, they run the risk of their genetic legacy being lost forever. That’s all, even if they don’t know how to state it so succinctly.

  68. As a parent, to be transparentpun , I just want my kids to be less fucked up than me. Like, I don't want them coming out at nearly 30 because their parents made fun of them for their entire childhood.

  69. The planet has over 7 billion people. It will be fine of a group of small minority don’t have children. The human race has enough people for at least another 200 or 100 years without sex.

  70. Yeah. Much of human behavior also evolved to facilitate survival in the African savannah back in a time when the human population barely reached into the tens of thousands. A lot of human instincts are outdated, and evolution tends to keep alive all kinds of traits that are damaging because they're not damaging enough to make you extinct. Yet.

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