Does Madrid have a plane spotters community?

  1. Not a plane spotter but there is a section of parque juan Carlos I where you can go up a hill and have a nice view of the madrid airport terminal 4.

  2. I was going to refer you to a certain post about the same topic, but I just saw that you were the one who posted it.

  3. Since they’ve extended the runway, it’s a little hard to see ops going on from corredor. You might catch something though. This all coming from my father in law who lives in torrejon and works on base

  4. I would check twitter tbf, there's this page called aviationcorner but the forum is mainly in spanish and kind of dead (last update was almost a year ago). Mind checking the "torrejon de ardoz" air force base which might actually be where it lands, i think there are quite the number of spots so you should be fine to watch it without any trouble

  5. Hey, spotter but not from Madrid... I can tell you 100% there is a spotters community though. I guess you know already but there is this page called where you can check all different spots where you can catch the different airplanes. As far as I know, even though it's an air base, there is not that much of a problem spotting there. Just don't be silly. But, since it's a special ocasion, idk if they will put some trouble on the plane spotters who go there

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