GayBros, do you believe in dating/relationships anymore?

  1. yea i do, hookup culture imo is a negative side of the community and i like the freedom of it all but i would also like more people to be searching for the same things

  2. I’m currently going through dating/relationship issues and I hate it so much. Like it’s so fucking hard and in a way I feel I’m also making it harder. It’s also my first time seeing/talking with someone so it’s even harderrr. It sucks.

  3. It's very rare to find someone that is suitable. Most the people I've fucked hated my personality, I don't feel like dating material or boyfriend material just feel like a fuckable material.

  4. I don't agree. I think people had far more sex in the past. Now you see all these posts from young people who are like 27 year old virgins. Something has changed in terms of meeting people.

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