1. Indifferent. His existance doesnt effect me the slightest except for that one day where he bought out bar i worked for a party. He never showed up himself but there was a lot of fancy food i get to enjoy(thats how i discovered that i can devour sushi like panda devour bamboo leaves)

  2. I'm an average, middle-class, middle-aged, white, guy. I'm not really knowledgeable about hip hop or hip hop culture. I know Drake because he's super famous and has some catchy songs like the "call me on your cellphone" one. But, I've never listened to a whole album or anything. He seems to be a proud cheerleader for Toronto which is nice. I couldn't tell you if he still lives here or, if so, how much of the time he lives here. I don't know if he's invested in the city, or how much. For someone that famous he seems likable enough and well liked but I don't really know that much.

  3. I enjoyed the show Drake put on during the finals. The "you're trash", the Raptors Dell Curry jersey, chips with the dip...

  4. I'm a fan of his music, but moreso a fan of what he's done to put Toronto on the map. I did some work in the music industry, and the work he's done to support upcoming artists and youth is significant.

  5. He is just another rich guy now, but he never stopped repping the city, and has done a lot directly and indirectly to bring recognition to Toronto. He’s also paved the way for other artists from the city like the Weeknd.

  6. He's just a dude who had some good songs. People from outside Toronto fawn over him including in the 905. They believe that they're on holy ground when they come here, they make pilgrimages or even move here, but the city will keep going on long after they're gone.

  7. A symbol of the city? More like a symbol of materialism, violence and sexual objectification of women. He's just another tool used to program the realities of today's youth. He's no symbol of anything to me that's for sure.

  8. His music is meh, 1 out of 5 songs is good but he’s a cool guy. He’s always doing some stuff for the city (today is his birthday and he did a deal with Dave’s Chicken to give out free chicken to celebrate his birthday) or just randomly driving around sometimes hands out money.

  9. Eh. Part of me wishes Toronto's mascot wasn't some celebrity hip hop guy but that's the world we live in. Feels to me like the Nav guy who everyone starts talking about when the Raptors do something, like yeah we know you're here to sell cars. He did well though, so good for him. It's not like we're paying him to be a representative of Toronto, so he can do what he wants.

  10. I like his music. I like that he gave away the entire $1 millon budget for the video "God's Plan." I like the "Views" album art. Other than that I don't know all that much about him.

  11. When he's driving around with his entourage they're a total pain in the ass, acting like the road belongs to them and fuck you and your city, we're Drake's baggage train, suck my balls plebeians. As if traffic in the core needs the help gridlocking.

  12. I like a good chunk of his music like Views is good, Take Care and NWTS are great and IYRTITL is amazing but everything after views is either rly boring or rly sucks. And while he's the face of toronto and his music gives me toronto vibes I think The Weeknd is the real face of Toronto like his 3 mixtapes just sounds like Toronto and he is such an amazing artist

  13. If you don't know what drake did for Toronto then you ain't from Toronto because you would definitely know he ain't just another rich guy. Lol to the idiots calling his music lame, you just don't get it bruh because you ain't from Toronto. Plain and simple. Your only reason to hate him is that he started from the same place as you with the same resources and he took off with it. Never turned his back on the city but rather put on.

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