Which company won't get a dime outta you going forward?

  1. Welcome to Toronto speciality coffee. I got out just pre-covid and let me tell you, there are more places to avoid than not if you care about how workers are treated.

  2. I'm the same with Bell. Not that I think Rogers is such a great company but Bell is on another level. They scammed my grandpa and gave me a hard time when I tried to fix his account details even after he put my name on the account. They straight up called him and pretended to offer more services for free and then just charged him for tons of shit he didn't want or use. Criminals, as far as I'm concerned.

  3. My #1 hard no has been Bell for 15+ years. I can’t remember the details exactly now, but my unusual issue was that they owned rights to a lot of very popular TV shows at the time, and would only allow access via extremely convoluted and expensive cable packages. I’m not an asshole so I wasn’t about to sign up for fucking cable, and then they yelled at me when I pirated it. Motherfucker, if you’re going to claim ownership of the content, take my money in exchange for watching it. Otherwise, fuck off if I find another way to get it.

  4. Yeah that company can go beyond hell. They gave me such a hard time to cancel my mom’s cell phone plan after she had passed. Going as far as to ask me for a death certificate and then told me they would not be waiving cancellation fees.

  5. So I'll tell you a little story of me working for bell. I'm a programmer and about a decade I got a 6 month gig at bell to help improve system that calculated the royalty they had to pay to content owners for their tv offering based on number of subscribers. Payments were in range of dozens of millions per month. After a few months buddy of mine working on same gig finds an issue in the formula where they were overpaying by about 15-20 percent every month. When he brought this to attention of his superiors, he was promptly fired. They then worked to SLOWLY fix the formula to lower payments over months as to not cause a big noticeable drop and start internal investigation. In sure some management heads would roll.

  6. Goodlife. Randomly reactivated my account + charged me for 2 months after I suspended my membership over 2 years ago without any intention of reactivating, and refused to refund me after I noticed.

  7. The “you need a manager to cancel” is bullshit too. I used to work front desk and I’d do it for people all the time.

  8. I broke my ankle and when I called to either pause or cancel my account they didn’t let me do either over the phone. They insisted I had to be physically present to do that and I told them my ankle was broken. They charged me during the 3 months I was incapacitated. When I was out of the cast I went down there, sat in their office, and did not leave until they cancelled and paid me back retroactively, which took around 3 hours of arguing. After I left they charged me back the three months and also signed me up again. When I called to complain they told me I had to come down there again to cancel.

  9. twenty years ago they did this to me as well. I caught the charges after 10 months. No refund, but they gave me coupons for a years membership. I took the coupons to a local computer shop that I knew had quarterly raffles and traded the coupons for an external hard disk drive.

  10. My dad hates GoodLife. He had some lifetime gym membership in the 70s from some little gym that got bought by GoodLife and they tore up his deal. Swore he'd never deal with them, even though my wife worked for them for years. May also explain why he's fat and sits on the couch all day

  11. They suspended my account automatically during COVID (which was nice), and it was supposed to expire in November. Received an email to tell me they were please to let me know they made a correction and it expires in august. The problem was that my corporate membership was going up in price in June, and I can only renew 3 months in advanced so I wasn’t able to get the lower price that I should have been able to get.

  12. It’s nasty, somehow everything I’ve tried there tasted faker than McD’s, and theres always rotten lettuce (one time a piece of plastic bag) in the salad.

  13. I made the terrible mistake of ordering a smoothie from one last week and it was so bad I tossed it in the garbage. Also, while I was waiting for it, I saw an alarming amount of fruit flies. I don’t think they used to be so awful, but you couldn’t pay me to set foot inside Freshii ever again.

  14. By the time the fees and markup is applied you’re double charged every time you order something from them

  15. They also lie on the tip screen. On a 30$ order it will say something like 15% tip = 7$. Like, no. 7$ on a 30$ order is a 23% tip.... And the order is 30$ after taxes and extra fees.

  16. as a restaurant worker who uses ubereats - it definitely boosts sales for the restaurant which is great however they take a whopping 30% of our profits. because of this my boss has marked up prices of items by a few dollars to even it out. it makes no sense why there is a "service fee" on TOP of delivery fees and other random fees that i always see added. ridiculous

  17. I've also stopped using Uber eats - they have horrible customer service. I once payed the full cost of an order because I canceled right after I made it. And the only reason I canceled it was because a promotion wasn't applied after I updated my credit card info. There was no warning at all that I would be fully charged or that the restaurant had already accepted the order. The worst part is that I re ordered the exact same thing right after with the promo so I basically paid double what I should have.

  18. Driver delivered to the wrong house two months ago. (Hey mistakes happen !) But trying to get a refund from customer service was a nightmare; I was told I wasn't eligible for a refund, that I had a second account with multiple suspicious refunds and then after two days of excuses, that I had requested the refund too late and should have made the request two days ago.

  19. They double charged me once and refused to refund it. I had to do a chargeback on my credit card and now if I ever try to log into an uber service the app tells me I owe them money. They can go fuck themselves.

  20. Yup. If rogers was the only provider of internet or cellular in all of Canada, I still would not subscribe.

  21. I was one of the first [email protected] customers back in the late 90's. Problems from the start. Dozens of service calls. After a year or so, Bell offered DSL service to where I was living so I bailed.

  22. Be sure to Google Nestlé subsidiaries to make sure you aren't unknowingly supporting them. They are huge! Also, I wonder how many private label brands they produce for grocery stores?

  23. I got so screwed by them and the restaurant (though the restaurant wasn't malicious, just an employee who messed up). Placed an order. Get a message that half of the order is not available, make a different selection if we want. Well, that would mean two of my guests wouldn't have eaten. So I try to adjust the order online but the restaurant is now busy (dinner hour) and they closed transactions. Call the restaurant. Was told they couldn't make changes on their end. The employee at the restaurant suggested I make a second order (which would mean double fees for two drivers and uber) or cancel and reorder. I canceled.

  24. Best Buy. Bought a TV, they said my wife couldn't pick it up because it was in my name. They couldn't refund either, but if I didn't pick it up in 5 days it would go back on the shelf and I'd be refunded. Fine. Order a second TV in her name. She goes, picks it up. I check my bill. Two TVs. I check Best Buy - two TVs picked up. I call them. Nothing. I dispute the charges, amex refunds. Two months later, Amex reversed the refund, says Best Buy has proof I picked it up. 3 more months arguing with best Buy before I confirm with them that I would have had to be the one to pick it up and then show them my Google maps history for the day. I was 100km away at the time I supposedly picked it up. I get a refund. No apology, no interest, nothing. Fuck Best Buy

  25. My wife went through hoops every month for almost a year to cancel her card years ago. She ended up with a small debit in the end which made it even more absurd. She was dealing with 2 different departments, one to close the account, one to get a refund.

  26. I know someone who cancelled their Mastercard five years ago and left a credit so that they wouldn't charge any more interest. They have sent 5 "final bills" and 60 regular bills informing us of this credit and to use the card to get the credit back.

  27. Pizza pizza, those bastards took our pizza order and we waited for it, 45 minutes later we called to be like "yo where's our pizza at?" And they were like "sorry we're busy but it's being made and should be there in the next half hour." We were like "cool bro, no sweat! Just don't forget us lol" another 45 minutes pass, we call again, same answer but with a lot less friendliness this time. So we wait and then it's 9:55 PM and like they close at 10 so we call again and they're like "we're not making your pizza." And we said "what the heck all the other places are closed or closing now and we have nothing else, we were counting on pizza for dinner!" And the guy literally said "that's not my fucking problem." And hung up. That was eight years ago and I haven't spent a single Dime at pizza pizza since, nor will I ever.

  28. Worth noting that it’s a franchise. I’d never order from that location again, but there are well-run stores too.

  29. I had something similar happen from Mama's Pizza. Took over 2.5 hours from a store that's about 2 blocks away. I called once after one hour, and then again the the 2 hour mark. I was pretty much yelled at by some lady on the phone that they are very busy, and then hung up on. When the pizza and wings did finally show up, the wings were wrong, and the fucking pizza was TERRIBLE, like inedible. I've never in my entire like thrown out fresh pizza, that on this night my gf and I each had a slice and threw the rest away. I was THAT BAD. I complained to corporate about how fucking terrible this experience was for my first time ever trying their company, and they refunded me and sent me $50 voucher, and I just threw it out because that pizza was such total garbage. I will never order that shit again. I have since checked the reviews of that store on Google (which I probably should have done in the first place) and yeah they are terrible lol, so it was not an isolated occurrence.

  30. Decades ago I bought a stereo from them and they said it get it in stock the following week. 6 months later they call me to pick it up. It wasn’t the stereo I had ordered. They tried to convince me it was. They finally admitted that it wasn’t but said this one was worth more. I argued that it wasn’t. I asked for a refund and they jerked me around on that. Finally we came to an agreement on a discount for the stereo. Never. Again.

  31. I don’t understand why the media has not been reporting on their price gouging Canadians and blaming it on Covid. Disgusting.

  32. Reliance. They charge you even after you've terminated the rental agreement for water heater and returned the equipment. I returned the equipment back in June and they're still sending me an invoice through Enbridge. Apparently they lost the equipment that was returned. 🤦 Their customer service is the worst!

  33. We had a whole thing with them too. We wanted to switch from an electric water heater to a gas one. Simple they said. We made an appointment (I took a day off work) and they sent a truck that only replaces electric water heaters. I call Reliance and they said oops our bad. We need to send someone out to look and assess the area etc. Fine. Mistakes happen. They send someone out who gives us a quote. He says reliance charges $500 for existing customers (its a waived fee for new customers). He writes on the quote no charge and says he will put it in bold so “they” will see it.

  34. PayPal is “holding onto” all upcoming funds for 21 days because I “have too much money coming in” and it was suspicious. I make candles, people were buying candles and that was enough to cause suspicion.

  35. The Bay. Didn’t ship all of my order. Claimed they did. Received one item in one tiny box. Said it was in one shipment/box. Refused to investigate. Fought the chargeback. They stole my money and were rude, inept and simply impossible to get to take it seriously. Fuck them.

  36. I ordered a full pot and pan set with cutlery from them worth $900. They shipped me two from different depots with the same tracking number. I now have an extra set that’s been sitting in storage for the last 10 years that I’ll open in another 20 years.

  37. Oh God I hate The Bay and have blacklisted them. Always give me trouble with returns, even with receipt and returned within the appropriate time frame. Finally, I ordered an outdoor sectional from them, to be picked up at one of their warehouses. For some reason, this had to be done over the phone. After an insanely long ordering process, I noticed they charged me too much in tax. Called to investigate, and they couldn't figure it out. Then I happened to notice that they were shipping it to a warehouse for me to pick up in Nova Scotia. I live in Ontario. Called them back to get them to change the charge and the shipping location. They told me they needed to put me through to the cancelation department, and then back to the ordering department to re-order. I ended the conversations after the cancelation department.

  38. Tim Hortons… why give them a cent when their products are absolute garbage and there are so many better competitors

  39. I’m annoyed they’re so tied to Canadian identity, being that it isn’t Canadian and is awful. Sometimes I’m desperate for a coffee on a long drive but still refuse.

  40. They're cheap, you know what you're getting and they're everywhere. They do have some decent items like the iced Capps, steeped tea and hot chocolate. They're not the best but they definitely don't have a clearly superior option. Mcds has better stuff in general but they're not as easy to find and they're slow, most other places are more expensive

  41. There's a Toronto collectibles store called NMC (formerly Northmen Collectibles) that has become a scam operation. I was a loyal customer at for years, but then suddenly just stopped delivering pre-ordered stuff. Now I'm out hundreds of dollars with no recourse.

  42. Honestly any establishment that adds an auto-tip without notifying you, and still expects you to tip on top of the tip.

  43. Amen to that. I stopped going to my favorite seafood place in TO cuz they added 18% for 2 ppl and the fucker handed me the debit machine and ran away.

  44. U-Haul. When you make a reservation they don't actually reserve a truck for you at a specific location. They call you up the night before and give you a location where there happens to be a truck available. If you have to drive an hour and a half to get there, so be it. If you call their office to complain they'll just cancel your reservation without telling you. At least that's what happened to me the last time I used them in 2007. I don't care if they're the cheapest, I haven't given them another cent since.

  45. This is the company paying the most to keep minimum wage down while having hardly any staff since they replaced them with self checkouts. Also the main company causing the grocery inflation.

  46. Recently had a job at a shoppers (Bowmanville area—a few months ago) and the people manning the photo booth bragged about keeping pictures of peoples kids. I never went back to that job and moved away fast since it was such a red flag, they had one of the pictures they planned on keeping at the desk…we need to stop letting kids wear short dresses and revealing outfits in public. It seems like a creepy conservative area as a whole, didn’t feel right to me.

  47. Bell. They are the absolute worst. I'd be on the phone with them at least once a month for over charges and their customer service agents would actively argue with me. It was like being in a bad relationship. I went with a new service provider and I haven't had need to talk to anyone since set up.

  48. True Maple Moving. Fuck those guys with the fire of 1000 Suns. If your choices are to hire them, or set your possessions on fire, prep yourself for the arson charge. It'll still be time better spent.

  49. Rogers. I was a customer for over 20 years straight. Phone, internet, cable the works. They charged an arm and a leg. One month they sent a bill about $500 more than normal. Supposedly I rented 46 movies in a single month (never rented a movie before) including many ADULT films. 4 of which were purchased at the exact same time when no one was home the entire weekend! 2 hours on the phone, 3 levels of customer service and they refused to do a thing and absolutely insisted the only way those movies could be charged to my account is if someone rented them using my remote in my house using my pin.

  50. Cintas too. I watched more than a few people deliberately “pushed out” because they weren’t anti-union enough when I worked in management there. Horrible company with different ethics behind closed doors. Not green at all, racist and sexist beyond belief. I was on a corporate call in which a VP made a remark with the “N” word to a female black woman who was late to the Teams call. Nothing happened, no apology, no discipline, nothing.

  51. Hello Fresh. I’ve gotten spoiled chicken and the amount of veggies they give we’re always half of what the receipt said (I was looking at the correct serving size). Love the concept but such a rip off. Customer service was really great though

  52. The advertising is deceptive too. They'll say "Get eight meals free!" because a package of 20 is 40% less than the price of an individual meal times 20 -- which is completely normal volume pricing everywhere.

  53. I was always under the impression pizza pizza was only in business because they stayed open so late that it was the only place to drunk order from at 2:30am. The last time I ate it was doing just that like 20 years ago. It's legitimately the worst pizza in the world.

  54. PetSmart. They treat the animals (although limited to selling small animals & birds), like shit. Typical of big biz, 💲b4 🐕.

  55. The Morning After on Fort York between Spadina & Bathurst. Was horribly run the 2x I went for brunch a few years ago. One of the times the biggest bitch was supervising. The place was clearly understaffed and our server was overwhelmed and we kept emphasizing for him to take his time, that we know it’s not his fault. The kitchen must have been understaffed too because the food took about 1.5-2 hours to come out.

  56. Rogers, Bell, any big name bar & grills like Jack Astors, Bier Market, Amsterdam Brewery, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, the list goes on. After covid decimated small businesses in my area I've made a commitment to avoid big names and shop strictly locally. The big names hardly if ever have quality control or customer service, the smaller shops are happy to have you and most of them have great products and services

  57. A good paradigm shift for everyone going forward. Live more frugal and then enjoy local goods and services when you can.

  58. Blinds To Go. Took them three tries to give us a simple blind that wasn't misassembled or broken. Utter garbage - the salespeople didn't even bother to look surprised when we brought it back again.

  59. Bell…they couldn’t do house install because have no fibers installed…so I declined service, still sent me monthly bills after canceling with 3 reps

  60. Bell! I know Rogers is the same but no one screwed me around like Bell. They added a brand new phone to my account w/o my knowledge and there was no end to the hassle to cancel my services. Never again!

  61. osmow's. the absolute worst take on shawarma i've ever had in my life. i've tried several locations hoping it was just the previous one slacking. no, its all of them. pure trash.

  62. YES. I've had proper authentic middle eastern shawarma and I'd rather take Ali Baba's than Osmows any day of the week, not to mention, anytime I have tried them, I've always found cartilage in the chicken

  63. Paupers pub on Bloor!!! I know it’s a cool location and they own the Maddy and shit too. But there’s rats in the kitchen and they will randomly fire a bunch of the staff when health inspectors require higher standards for health and safety that they have to pay for (personal experience). Again: fucking huge rats wander through the kitchen and the staff are just warned and told to get used to it.

  64. Mcdonalds. The quality has gotten so bad, not worth the price. Two years ago I went to chicken only and in that year a handful amount of times would find chunky pieces of cartilage in the patties and nuggets almost yacked a couple times. Havnt been to McDonald's in a year now and absolutely refuse to eat there again. Burger King, wendys and a&w get my money now and we'll the list goes on, just no McDonald's ever again.

  65. Adamson’s BBQ. After all the anti-lockdown shenanigans, and Beachhill Smokehouse is just as good without being problematic.

  66. Cogeco, Desjardins, there are quite a few companies on the blacklist in my house... Usually due to double or over charging and then refusing to issue refunds even when they acknowledge they fucked up.

  67. The company that makes the spicy "One Chip Challenge" chips. I grew my own Reaper and Scorpion peppers so now I can become violently ill from for free with home grown all natural ingredients.

  68. i wanna say Tim Hortons, they used to be such a salt of the earth canadian company, i remember doing a bus trip through western canada as a young teenager to vancouver from winnipeg (terrible trip) and stopping somewhere in BC at 6 am where the bakers were hard at work preparing the days food, the food was even good back then sandwiches on par/better than other places like subway or Safeway. i think in 2009 or 2010 they went away with baking fresh in store to frozen, and with burger king taking over aka 3g capital aka the biggest corporate raiding company on the planet more recently, i think it's time i say screw you to Tim Hortons.

  69. Fox and the Fiddle, at least several locations treat their employees like absolute crap and over serve people who then get in car accidents on the way home.

  70. Any company that locks out or prevents a person that has legally purchased a product from modifying, upgrading, repairing and recycling of said product. Also, any said company disregarding environmental concerns over their profit margins.

  71. Value Village since they took out fitting rooms claiming Covid reasons. If you buy something that doesn’t fit, it’s exchange only and you have to match the amount you spent or more. They won’t refund you the difference

  72. If I see any vehicles in your business parking lot with any alt-right crap on them I will never spend money at your business ever. So trump merch, confederate flags, any mention of anti vax bullshit, swastikas, thin blue line bullshit, fuck Trudeau etc.....

  73. Brandy Melville. I understand some girls need xxs and xs clothing, but I feel like if it has xxs, it could at least carry a large. Also, I find the clothing just isn’t super well made. I can find other things that are cheaper, and better made and fit my body type. But no hate to people who shop there.

  74. Tesla. Loved their ideas until Elon Musk socially supported a white supremacist lead occupation of the capital of Canada with intentions on overthrowing the government.

  75. I'm more concerned about the fact that the company can remotely do things to the car and you don't really have full control over it. Such as deciding you can't use rapid chargers anymore.

  76. Crave. They now charge $20/month for you to use it on your tv. I had an account since the beginning and was “grandfathered” into their total package. I got a new debit card so had to change the card on my account and now I pay $10 for mobile. I still could watch it on my tv if I stream it with my chrome cast. I asked them to keep me on being a loyal customer since 2018, and got denied. Might as well just stream illegally with the commercials at the beginning and everything.

  77. MacDonalds. Their local restaurant allowed two 25 year old employees to bully my 61 year old mother into quitting her job, most nights when id phone her to update her on her grandson(Nicu baby) she would answer the phone in tears having just left work for the day. Twice she even walked off the job because or them . When she brought it to the bosses attention what they were doing she was told to "grow a back bone they're just playing" the 2nd time she brought it up she was asked "are you trying to have us allow you to pick your own shifts? Because that's not how it works here" when she requested to be placed on a different shift then them. She did not request a specific shift, just a different shift then the two boys were on.

  78. Roots. I didnt get it in the 80s and I dont get it now. Patagonia prices with Champion quality. I Dont get it.

  79. Uber is more explicitly obnoxious about it but they both have the same problem. There's no internet technological innovation that makes taxis cheaper. The costs are the driver, the car, and the fuel. They're cheaper than taxis because they exploit the drivers.

  80. Bad Boy. Their customer service and follow through on purchases and agreements is atrocious. They left us with no washer and dryer over the holidays (pregnant and a toddler at home) due to their negligence and dishonesty. Then expected us to pay extra for a model they had in stock (it was more money for a different finish). After taking off multiple days off work for continued promised delivery dates that never happened, we were ghosted by the store’s manager.

  81. Scotia bank. Worst customer service in thw whole world. Sent me to collections for a mortgage i had switched to another bank.

  82. Apple Music. They charged $0.79 - 1.29 for songs over the years, and then when I upgraded to my next IPhone I lost over a hundred of them. Now the alternative is to pay monthly for any songs. [email protected](k em.

  83. Bell. Few years back we had some phone lines with them and when we went to cancel they advised they'd helpfully auto renewed the contract for us. We asked where they'd let us know that was going to happen, turns out it was on page 6 of a bill in tiny print at the bottom. Some back and forth, they wanted a couple grand to kill the contract. I advised we spent a few grand a month in other services with them at other sites, if they didn't just waive the fee I'd migrate all our services away from Bell.

  84. Delonghi. We ordered an AC unit in May, and it was great. Not allowed window units in our rental so we had to splurge almost $1k on an upright one with dehumidifier. First time living in ON so knew the humidity was gonna kill us.

  85. Tim Hortons. Food and coffee are terrible. Then they recently decided to ban unvaccinated children from attending their camps.

  86. Pusateris The opportunistic bastards jacked up hand sanitizer during the pandemic. To $20. And when caught out on the media, cried “pricing error”.

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