What's legal but shouldn't be?

  1. This. My mom is diabetic and she skips doses, gives less, etc because she can’t afford it. She doesn’t have dependents anymore so “makes too much” to qualify for government assistance/Medicaid as a family size of 1. But meanwhile her health insurance premium is insane and then it doesn’t even cover her life saving med.

  2. T1d here, no telling what I would do if I was alone in the same room as the person who decided that insulin that costs five bucks to make should be 300 a bottle

  3. I have 2 kids that both need epi pens, without insurance they are around $500 for 1 set that are 1 time use. It's absolute insanity!

  4. Fertility fraud. Using your own sperm (as a fertility doctor) to impregnate a woman who thought she was getting anonymous donor sperm.

  5. I saw something the other day where approximately 5% of his patients over his 20ish years of practice were given his sperm. That’s hundreds, potentially thousands of patients from only one doctor. There’s a lot of fertility clinics out there.

  6. Parental rights for rapists of the children who are the product of their crime. There are still states that permit parental rights/visitation/custody for convicted rapists.

  7. Speaking for a "friend": When the guy serves 6 years of a 12 year sentence for child rape (11 yrs old), he asks the judge for visitation. Judge says ok, but you need to take six weeks of a one hour class. SIX HOURS to rehab a PEDO? Luckily for my friend, this douche bag couldn't be bothered to follow through.

  8. First thing that came to mind was 2 children getting married which is fucked up enough. Then I read the other comments and Jesus fucking Christ on a Tuesday wearing a bowling shirt. What the actual fuckery?

  9. My wife was tentatively offered a new position with her current company ( a multibillion dollar corporation), one that would have required our family to move 1000+ miles away to an area with a much higher cost of living. They wanted her to give them an answer the next day without answering any of her questions about her pay and bonuses or if they cover relocation expenses and how much.

  10. I was told by a recruiter once that they do this because they don't want to offer you "too much" more than you're currently making. I think this is illegal in some places now though.

  11. Pay range hell, just list the pay. No reason why different people doing the same job should be paid differently

  12. You shouldn’t be worried about the pay, what do you bring to the table?? Can you survive in this fun, fast paced, busy work environment???? Do you not want to come in on weekends and holidays??? I bet you want a dental and medical plan don’t you, and some paid leave, and maybe some paternity leave even huh…wow…did you ever stop to think about us?? The company??? ):<

  13. THIS!! I’m currently applying for jobs and came across a job that listed 65K-98K. She said max was 85K and wouldn’t explain why the listing had 98K max.

  14. Taxing your paycheck, then taxing you when you spend money, and taxing you yearly for things like your car or house which you paid tax on at the time of purchase with already taxed money

  15. I get in a seriously bad mood every time I buy a used car. Like this vehicle has racked up 1000s of dollars for the government through each purchase. Makes me furious. Time for a revolution before they tax our oxygen (not the bottled kind). They already have a CO2 tax...

  16. This is super interesting, but I imagine it would be hard to legislate. Some people would say a breeder is irresponsible if they don't have health testing, systematic puppy socialization protocols, if they mix breeds or inbreed, if they don't strictly vet potential buyers, etc etc. How do you track that? Personally I wouldn't mind if there was legislation in place that makes the breeder responsible for any animal they produce for the entire lifespan of that animal (so that it never ends up in a shelter), but there's still so much nuance there.

  17. Pet breeding and the pet industry in general is seriously fucked up. Especially considering how much more we know about our pets and their husbandry, its ridiculous how primitive and loose our regulations about these markets are.

  18. Exactly this. No sane parent is letting their minor child get married. The government should not be allowing the insane parents to allow their child to get married.

  19. Trading stocks you directly regulate in government. Your family shouldn't be allowed to either if you're in office. I'm looking at you Pelosi and many others

  20. I'll never understand the way companies think. It's been shown, countless times, that supporting your employees, paying them well, giving them good benefits, paid sick time, vacations, all that jazz, dramatically improves the attitudes of your employees. To the point where they give a shit about their work, put in extra effort, and make the company run better.

  21. And owning stub hub. How is this not so illegal. So they sell it once than sell it again for even more money and more fees. And parterning with live Nation. 80% of venues run through these guys and that's not a monopoly?!?!?! How?

  22. Would like to add onto this with doorbells in any tv, radio, video ads. Not as alarming/dangerous as car horns/sirens on car radio/stereo but has led me and others to ignore doorbells unless there is a knock that follows.

  23. There are a lot of states that will put people in jail for not paying child support so that kinda is illegal

  24. Internalizing profits while externalizing costs. Carbon companies should be paying for environmental cleanup and climate change preparation.

  25. No, bribery. We need to be able to lobby, it’s the best way to tell politicians what the people think. The issue is common people can’t afford a day off of work to go speak with their representatives because they’re barely able to pay rent as it is.

  26. There are people saying that lobbying isn't bribery. It isn't supposed to be, sure. The current system really only enables the wealthy and corporate interests to lobby. The most common form of lobbying is donations to campaigns and charities that the politician is running. The current form of lobbying in the United States is pretty much bribery.

  27. Saw an episode of criminal minds and they were interviewing a mortician and he said “Don’t act like I’m the first to crack open a cold one” and that floored me

  28. Police stealing property because it "may have been used while in commission of a crime" This is called asset forfeiture and is frequently abused by the police to confiscate cars, houses, boats etc that they really don't have an actual right to take.

  29. they pay nothing. they efficiently and “legally” avoid all taxes. another note is that employee salaries are tax deductible. so if a successful company doesn’t want to pay you more, it’s because fuck you. your salary is a tax break that doesn’t affect their net in the first place.

  30. Banks selling your mortgage to other banks. That shit is messed up. Maybe I hate a particular bank. If I get a loan with the bank of my choice, they shouldn’t be able to just sell it to some other bank without my consent. My previous lender allowed me to change my monthly payment whenever I wanted. You just go online and make changes. Not the new guys. I have to submit a form and wait 2 months for it to go thru. It’s nonsense. There’s no other thing out there that I can think of where a consumer doesn’t get to pick the vendor they are dealing with.

  31. Slavery in far too many places. Pretty stoked to live in a state that voted to make it fully illegal this year

  32. Time for this to be a constitutional amendment I think. We need to have a way whichever party is in control can't abuse. Algorithms have certainly been proposed to limit this effect, and while they are all imperfect, they're all a lot better than letting winners set the rules for the next match. If anything, fairness would dictate that the losing party should set the terms of the next election.

  33. Parents can also sign for their minor child to get married in many states. And it should go without saying that not all parents have the best intentions regarding their children. I just had a patient last month, in her early 30s who got married to a 40 year old man when she was 14 because her mom signed off it(for drugs) and took her to Tennessee to marry him

  34. Paying wait staff less than the minimum wage and requiring them to make up the difference in tips. Most of the rest of the world has this figured out already.

  35. Homeschooling without annual testing. Here in the US, some states have bare bones requirements for homeschooling. Educational neglect is a big problem and we have to stop looking the other way.

  36. My wife's mother decided to go with "Unschooling" meaning that at 18 one of her daughters had never been introduced to the concept of phonics.

  37. I was an Army recruiter. Homeschooled kids almost always were smart. Scored high on entrance test. Always socially awkward. Most often had no credentials to prove graduated. I would send them to take ged test. They would pass test and have ged in about 1 week. However no enlistment bonus because of ged. So if you know better than school and want to Homeschooling your kid make sure they get an actual diploma.

  38. In Oregon, to pay child support the parent has to have the father consent to a court order to have a DNA test done and the parents have to pay out of their own pockets to have the test done. Even if the "father" (the male that signs the birth certificate) wants to make sure he is the father, he can pay a one time fee to have his DNA tested against the child at the child support office later on after birth and the hospital will do a blood test now in the hospital upon request for free through the child support office. Oregon has a problem with women falsely claiming a child is someone else's just to drain them of money. The state also protects mothers of rape and incest as long as there is a police report filed.

  39. Giving your kids stupid names that will ruin their life. Yes, I've seen plenty of examples in Healthcare.

  40. A vendor I work with has an employee on our team named Princess....a grown-ass adult with a professional job. When someone on my team says they need to "tell Princess something" it sounds like they're being sarcastic.

  41. Many countries actually have laws that prevent you from naming your child anything that might embarrass them or limit their job opportunities later in life. Some evn have a set list of approved names that you have to pick from to preserve the cultural naming practices of the country.

  42. Corporations are able to deduct every expense they incurred and are taxed on what's left, meaning if a corporation pay taxes, it's because they couldn't spend money fast enough.

  43. Also refusing care for “not service related” injuries or metal health issues, I don’t know a single veteran that has good experiences with the VA

  44. I don't agree. All drugs should be legal, because grown ass adults can make their own decisions in regards to themselves and reap their own consequences.

  45. Multi billionaires who do not pay their share of taxes and then even brag about it, while the rest of us are struggling

  46. Lobbying (to clarify I'm aware that not everyone on the internet is in the US because reddit lives to make assumptions)

  47. THIS 🙌 My mental health is in shreds because my parents beat me and shamed me for things that are normal. Now I got this big ol brain to completely reprogram and no idea what the heck kinda coding errors I'm gonna continue to find 😩

  48. Eminent domain. Price gauging. Cable monopolies. The electoral college. Some police interrogation techniques. Shall I go on?

  49. This fire at will horse shit. It gives employers an option to discriminate with impunity and fire you for stupid reasons. Too quiet? Fired. Didn't work unpaid overtime? Fired. Took your vacation time instead of working? Fired.

  50. I can agree with this but our unions also need to be restructured and have some limits on what they can do as well. Employees deserve honest and fair treatment and so do honest and fair companies.

  51. Unpopular opinion: nicotine. Kills more than 10x as many people as car accidents in my country every year and I imagine it's even more elsewhere. While there are tons of speed limits everywhere, you can literally smoke yourself to your grave, or require some really costly medical care, which is public in my country, so everyone is paying for your addiction.

  52. Motorcycles cutting through lanes when traffic is slow. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost accidentally clipped a dude weaving through lanes. And then of course they get all pissed off and self righteous. Dude, I couldn’t see you until you were right beside me! Yep, that shit should be illegal.

  53. Term limits need to be mandated Age limits need to be mandated. No pol need be in their damn 80’s. It’s insanity

  54. Apps for online gambling (Or rather, ALL forms of gambling). Many people are having financial trouble lately due to all the crap going on in the world right now, and I find all these ads for casino apps wildly inappropriate and scummy.

  55. Churches being able to interfere in politics while maintaining tax-exempt status. Oh wait, it is illegal, but no one in the IRS ever does anything about it.

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