What should I do with my life?

  1. Go somewhere with low light pollution so you can see the sky. It’s incredibly beautiful at night, seeing the stars and galaxies.

  2. Don’t mean to discourage you if you’re set on it but I think you might want to look into other national parks instead of the Grand Canyon, such as Zion and Bryce Canyon. I found the Grand Canyon a little boring and tourist trap-y (don’t expect to have a single good meal there, all the restaurants are terrible) while the other two national parks were more beautiful (and Zion had far better dining options).

  3. Pay someone to either come with you or edit your own documentation of your journey. Leave something behind to show a year well lived...or mistakes made. Leave a footprint in the sand so that the next person on the journey can retrace your steps and maybe follow of look where to avoid.

  4. Go to Lauterbrunnen and Murren, Switzerland. You will not regret it. It’s like another world because of its beauty

  5. There's a tour you can do in Iceland called the ring road tour where you basically drive counter clockwise around the whole country along the coast from Reykjavik. Good luck to you my man

  6. If you're in the US and want a good view Lake Tahoe can be mind blowing. Sorry your time is short, I wish you the best. Hit me up if ya want some takes on fun spots in the US.

  7. I'm so sorry you have only a year due to your illness. It takes a string person to say fuck it im gonna live it up and not dive into a depression props to u on that.

  8. I have worked my entire life and have no debt. For transparency, I have no interest in giving you money so please do not ask me. I am purely looking to enjoy my time left on earth.

  9. I just want to say, I hope you have the most amazing year, go round all the countries you've ever wanted to see, go eat Pizza in Rome, drink Champagne in Paris, go get rained on in Porto, stay in luxurious hotels, travel first class, get a flying lesson? Be kind, be generous, make your last impressions on this world good ones, and I hope this world gives you the best it has to offer.

  10. Go off. Visit as many places as you can before you die. Drink. Eat at Michelin Star restaurants every day. Don't worry about accruing debt towards the end- what are they going to do, ask your corpse for money? Just enjoy life. No need to worry about money.

  11. Make your final arrangements. It makes it much easier for those you'll be leaving behind. Make up a will as to where or whom any money left goes to. Then go enjoy what time you have left here!

  12. You don’t need to give to every beggar that asks, but going to a low income area and giving $20-500 to random people who look like they could use that amount is a nice feeling. I remember random strangers that have gone out of their way to be kind to me when I needed it most, and I hope someone will remember me that way when I’m gone.

  13. If it was me, I'd give away so much money. You can still do all the travel. But if you go somewhere like India, imagine how much good you can do with 10k. Do a little research, or ask reddit, and find great places or people in need, in each area you're traveling to. Maybe this doesn't sound like fun to you, but I would look up news stories for "what works." They have stories about great programs that decrease crime, help people get out of poverty, improve health in Native communities. Great programs that would work anywhere, but don't have the money to be implemented.

  14. Can I make a strange recommendation? Work at a food pantry and feed the homeless for a day. I’m 42 and the two days I’ve done it are probably the most satisfying days of my life (outside of my own family life milestones). Call a shelter and say you want to arrange with a catering company a hot meal for a day. Your money means fuck all for the universe, a hot meal for someone who hasn’t had one in weeks will mean so much to them.

  15. Go to a psychedelic trance festival for a week in Europe and take LSD every day, smoke DMT and completely elevate your soul and party like your inner child is begging you to

  16. Honestly travel a bit with some close friends, and consider giving some to charity or family if you have family that are worth it… I’m sorry that you’re being faced with this at such a young age, that must be incredibly difficult to deal with.

  17. If you have a few good friends, get together for a two week adventure they’ll remember for years to come. Something grand so when they’re 80 and remember you, they will smile remembering how much fun they had with you.

  18. I'm kind of in the same boat but without the savings you have accumulated. I don't know how long and I haven't went to doctors to find out. Currently I'm working and going about life somewhat like I always have . For some reason I still feel obligated to pay off my debts. So sad

  19. My deepest condolences. You should still try to find out what gives you peace. Dont care so much about your responsibilities. Live a little more then what you would but with a schedual in mind.

  20. If you’re in the states and anywhere near central Texas I can help you with a fear of heights bucket list stuff; I work at a zip line and I’d be happy to get you on tour with us.

  21. Take some mushrooms my man I’m in the same boat and it just helps a little fuck the debt though man live it up you’ve only got a single life to live.

  22. Is there anything I can help you with? Idk, maybe you need a person to talk with, call when you feel off or someone to cry/laugh with. On the bright side, we don’t know how many of us have to live about the same amount of time or even less, but illness at least gives you advantage to finish important things, time to talk to important people and ability to appreciate every single moment of being alive (which we take as granted).

  23. Fuck your debts! As long as they won't go to family then you should just do whatever you want with your money, you have earned it. Also, go to Iceland;)

  24. You could take a road trip! Rent an RV and travel in that way. If you’re in the states, there are a lot of places you’re allowed to park them for free, so it’s a cheaper option than regular travel.

  25. This. All those things you “would never do” out of fear? What’s the worst that happens? Literally nothing to lose but the experience now, so go big before your consciousness moves on to the next dimension!

  26. Well...go see some thing you always wanted to. Try the food EVERYWHERE. Make some friends. Tell everyone in your life the shit you've always wanted to (unless it's just to alleviate your own feelings of guilt and does no good for anyone else. That is yours to keep and make peace with). Do some crazy shit that used to scare you, cause why not? Wear what you want. Cut/dye your hair like you want. Have as much fun and do the most for those close to you as you can. Make sure you have a will for whatever 's left in the end.

  27. 200k goes fast and only you know what is meaningful for you. I would get comfortable with death and maybe go do an ayahuasca ceremony in the wilderness.

  28. Is there expectations for your body to deteriorate in the next year? Start with physically demanding things and slow down as time progresses? Have you thought how and where you want to die? And absolutely none of my business, but do you have a plan B in case you don't die in a year? What will you do then?

  29. I think you have some good points. If it was me I would probably consider a cruise at some point. I'd imagine it's a relatively easy way to travel. Added benefit of having a doctor on board who can get to know you, rather than having to explain your medical history every time.

  30. This, absolutely, I knew a guy who’s cancer diagnosis came late and real quick there were things on his bucket list that were no longer physical possible.

  31. Yeah, man, I’ve done the drugs. There was no life in them. You gotta spend your days living. Drugs won’t get that done.

  32. Definitely, this. I wouldn't want to spend my last year with my neurotransmitters all over the place. There will be plenty of that at the end.

  33. Lol, you have done the wrong drugs bro. LSD is incredible. Mushrooms are definitely to try. MDMA fucks up your brain but gives you a good time. Great weed makes you lighter than air.

  34. Really depends on the drugs and the reason you’re doing them. Taking psychedelics with a purpose can be one of the most profound experiences you will ever have.

  35. Some people facing death find psychedelics truly amazing. Never experienced it firsthand but it’s well documented in academia.

  36. Go to Amsterdam. Smoke pot and fuck hookers. Lay naked on beaches. Swim in the ocean. Eat whatever you want. Hide money in library books. Buy a Mustang GT and drive it like it was stolen.

  37. Can you describe your illness to the point you are comfortable? That way, I can know some of the trajectories of your path forward.

  38. I was reading a book about cancer & end of life choices. The doctor writing it talks about how his happiest terminal patients who leave the world at peace are the ones who make a list of pleasurable “bucket list” experiences, and also leave behind an act of service as a gift to leave the world a better place.

  39. Honestly, signing up for some psychedelic program, or even doing them in a less professional setting if they can’t find a program and the opportunity presents itself, was going to be my suggestion.

  40. I had the amazing luck to be able to go to Thailand last summer and I just can’t recommend it enough.. it’s such a beautiful place.

  41. Go to the Netherlands and live it up. Got to all 7 continents. Jump out of airplanes. Be crazy generous and buy homeless people a hot meal.

  42. Yeah I dont believe in reincarnation but for some reason doing shrooms before death seems like a superpower for your soul to me. Its like... maybe you CAN transcend worlds that way. The only portal I know

  43. first of all - tell everyone that you think would care about your death to not worry about it, because i can kinda tell by your attitude in the post you kinda dont give a shit and won't make a dramatic scene about it

  44. I thought I’d read the comments closely enough but now that I posted the same thing I see you said this four hours ago. I’m not deleting mine though, the more opportunities of them seeing this idea the better.

  45. I feel compelled to say, don't neglect the possibility that you may actually defy the odds and live longer. Don't want to spend a night like there's no tomorrow, and then wake up for a tomorrow you aren't ready to deal with.

  46. Sorry, this is not wise. If you don’t have family or anyone to take care of, and you’re in the position that OP has said he’s in, the cost of not living every day you have left in any way other than the one that brings you the most joy is absolutely huge. He’s 25, so if he blows through all the money and then beats the odds, guess what, he’s in the same position as virtually all other 26-yr olds: broke. But your asking him to do less with the 365 days he has left than he otherwise could for like a 1% chance he makes it? Sorry, but that is absolutely insane.

  47. Make something, something permanent. From stone and/or steel. Invest yourself into it. Leave a mark on the world. As a lapidarist I do this almost daily. The gems I cut well be around long after I am dust.

  48. I had cancer twice nearly 30 years ago with a 3% chance of survival. But the surgeons chopped it all out. I am expecting to last until over the age of 100.

  49. I wouldn't waste it doing hardcore drugs only for a miracle to occur and LIVE lmao. I'm acting like I'm gonna stay here for years because there's always an off chance.

  50. What is one thing you've always wanted to do? Start there. Think of other things like fishing in Alaska. Smoke a spliff in Amsterdam. Go on an adult only singles cruise ( there's one that offers the rockstar exoerience) watch your favorite movies. Tell anyone you care for how you feel. Be sure to do something that fills your soul so when the time comes, you are at peace.

  51. So you have any friends you could travel with? Some are saying to have as much sex as you can and that’s up to you but maybe in your travels and adventures you can use some of your money to help the poorest of poor even if it’s only for a day. It might make your remaining months feel less empty and more purposeful. Maybe explore God/religion during some of your time too if it helps. Sorry turned out this way for you.

  52. Have a will, trust, and a list of your assets and poa set up by an estate planning lawyer asap with trustee(s) set up

  53. I would say to also focus on a legacy for yourself. It is every human’s purpose to try and leave the world a better place than how they found it. Setting up an annual scholarship or donation in your name to students pursuing a field or an organization you feel passionately about would be an easy and great way to do this.

  54. If you need someone to facilitate/guide a mushroom session while youre in Amsterdam I have a friend who runs them regularly. She’s done it a lot and Ive also gone through sessions with her. Hit me up if youre interested! Also I live in Ams, if you just want to grab a drink let me know. Hope all goes well with your travels

  55. Be careful about doing drugs later. Your state of mind can alter your experience negatively, example if you get nearer to your death and get depression or negative intrusive thoughts, those thoughts can become extremely magnified when you do it. Drugs are fun, just be in the right state of mind if you do it.

  56. Go to Thailand. Fly first class. Sit on a beach at the most luxurious resort you can find in Phuket for a week (I can recommend one if you want…) and just enjoy the stunning beauty of the place. Relax, think about the great things you’ve experienced in your life, write letters to anyone you are leaving behind. This is the time to write the story of your life and choose how you’ll be remembered (or forgotten if that’s what you want).

  57. Instead of doing this my recommendation is to go to Colombia and have threesomes for a week with the hottest escorts for the price of a single threesome in the USA lol

  58. Drugs? Man screw the drugs I would spend my last year traveling around Southeast Asia, going to places like Nepal, india, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand. I’ve done it before and it was the most amazing experience of my life.

  59. Massive road trip would be my vote. See as much of the blue marble as you can with what you have and leave whatevers left over to charity.

  60. You should for sure do some crazy fun stuff and enjoy yourself. But also try and do some positive actions that will help you have peace when that final day comes. Leave an imprint on this world before you go

  61. Drinking, Drugs? That's up to you but I highly recommend testing kits for the drug route. What about: Going to see aurora borealis, white water rafting, sky diving, doing a trapeze class, racing luxury sports cars on a track, bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, para sailing, flight lessons, going to see some shit band you liked as a kid, going on a whale shark tour, taking a flight just to have lunch..

  62. I would go to a beautiful resort and live there like the 4 seasons in Naples fl or Paris and eat drink and be merry and do drugs that numb my pain like opioids. I am so sorry to hear this and in case no one told you this yet it’s ok to be selfish in this scenario

  63. Travel, I mean exhaustingly, go see all the wonders of the world, do bungee jumping, drive a tank, do drugs like crazy, make people around you happy, donate what’s left to medicine or whatever you feel like donating, just make it feel like it was worth it. Sending you insane amounts of love, spread it.

  64. Volunteer and donate for causes that put a smile on other faces. Help those in need. Enrich the lives of others.

  65. Go kayaking/canoeing on a smaller well shaded slower moving river. It's probably the most serene and peaceful feeling. At least for me.

  66. Write something. Doesn't have to be a long epic thing. Doesn't even have to be writing but documentation of some kind. That is my suggestion as a writer if it were me. Creating something can yield more than just the finished product or the act itself.

  67. on the hard drugs note: speaking from personal experience, youll blink and theyll completely control the short amount of time you have left.

  68. Plant medicine journeys. Ayahuasca and/or psilocybin. A lot of people travel to Peru for weekend or week-long Aya ceremonies/retreats. There are also facilitators in the states.

  69. Do you have any interest in knowing more about your ancestry? If so, i would try to learn as much as possible and visit places that are significant - see where your grand parents grew up, find some old family stories from generations back and visit where they took place, find out hardships and touch the earth where they happened. It’s amazing how much this connects you to your ancestors and gives more meaning to your travels.

  70. See the northern lights, Inca Trail, climb a mountain, skydive, ride a hot air balloon, go to the fanciest 3 Michelin star restaurant and eat the best meals there, and really do anything you want.

  71. Don't waste your money on drugs. Drugs are for people who are boring and it only just wastes time you have in life that you can't get back.

  72. i don’t know if anyone has said this or if you even see this comment but i think what i am about to suggest is very important. try experiencing a guided journey with a death doula and take serious psychedelics (DMT, 5-MEO-DMT, even mushrooms, etc.) I believe, like many others before you, it will allow you to pass without fear and give you a beautiful mindset for your waning days on earth. Good luck, my friend.

  73. Do whatever makes you happy! No one here can tell you what’s going to make you happy. There has got to be stuff you’ve always wanted to do or try. Soak in everything.

  74. Set up a will. Give your money to the children’s ward of a local hospital or some other children’s organization when you do pass. Or maybe your local humane society/no kill shelter to help animals.

  75. If you have your ashes crystallized I'll wear it on a necklace everywhere. Deadass. Any time someone asks me about my crystal ill tell them about this dude on reddit lol

  76. Spend time with friends, maybe give some money to things you find interesting or worthy, but good luck in the afterlife and rest in peace when you do. I hope you don't actually die in a year, and live much longer than that.

  77. Sorry to hear about your situation. If I had the money I would donate some of it to charity, then eat all the foods you love and travel to all the places you’ve never been to..

  78. Travel to Italy. Try all the pasta. Eat the tomatoes. Get authentic pizza. Try hard cheese with honey. Enjoy sitting in the evening in a town square with a cup of gelato while you watch the people pass by.

  79. If you have any interest in flying, you can pay to ride in a fighter jet for around 18 grand. They take you through all kinds of maneuvers and stuff, no training required.

  80. Go to Italy’s or France’s countryside and eat well. Eat until you can’t eat anymore. And then eat some more

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