Do you find yourself attractive?

  1. I had this conversation with my friend. She was talking about how she doesn't think she is attractive, but her friends tell her she is. And I said: "did you ever think your just not your type?" She was like holy crap you might be onto something.

  2. I would think it’s cause they are told often? We can judge ourselves in the mirror too... I’m the same, sometimes I love my face and some days not so much. Then I read hormones and other things can contribute to slight changes so there’s that

  3. Sometimes I feel like that’s better than the alternative right? But then again... I could get in better shape but haven’t succeeded so...

  4. I also find skinny guys more aesthetically pleasing than muscular. Not especially helpful for the skinny guys out there though because I’m aroace

  5. I think I'm more attractive now at age 25 than I ever was in my high school or college years (graduated college at age 21)

  6. I'm with you there. I drank myself to about 290lbs, down quite a bit from that. Ran a sub-10 minute mile for the first time I can remember (which is funny because I was a Varsity athlete in high school). 26 and actually doing something now

  7. Ugh I hate photos of me that other people take. I’ve read that cameras with lower pixels really mess with your shapes and people suck at taking photos. I try not to buy into how I look through a cheap lens. When I take self portraits with my cam, I like the way I look. Plus, people don’t usually like photos of themselves!

  8. Yes. I personally have trouble seeing it sometimes, but i’ve never had an issue attracting plenty of women. Women like rough hands, a strong body, good personality, and the ability to love and show compassion.

  9. I swing wildly. Sometimes I will think I'm sexy as hell, sometimes I will think I look like a troll. Face, body, all of it...I'm just all over the place. But my boobs always look good.

  10. Same here. Coming from a background where i got rejected very often when i was younger. Now that i've grown up, physically in my prime 27 years old and worked out my whole life, im in good shape. But it comes with a price when i need to be constantly aware of my own behaviour and perception of myself in order to not become an asshole since i hate arrogance in other people but if ever i notice arrogant behaviour in myself i get fucking nauseus.

  11. I’m Alright, am I Attractive tho? that depends because I’m pretty average I guess I wouldn’t use the word Hot at all I don’t want to be associated with anything Sexual I would kindly take handsome in some cases but in the end I’ll take Average so a little bit of both sides good and ugly

  12. I leave out the sexual part... I mean more, pleasing to the eye. I think it’s good to be fair with our assessments. I think we all have good parts and parts that need working on. Thank you for your sincere answer

  13. I find my face attractive most days. But I have a love hate relationship with my body. Somedays I'm the prettiest person ever. Others I feel like a goblin.

  14. I think I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. Then I look in the mirror and I'm like yuck! I look like a fuddy duddy. And the camera makes me look like an overfed whale. But then other times i look in the mirror and I'm like I am so sexy! Gosh I am gorgeous, f those who don't see it, I feel fabulous! I love being me 💖-- then a see a guy I like and I'm totally insecure and afraid he's only going to notice all my flaws. I lose all self confidence and don't even want to leave the house.

  15. I used to hate how I look in general, then I had a decent glowup and now I really like my face but i'm still way too skinny for a guy. so I guess i'm like you OP.

  16. I do until I see my reflection. I don’t have a lot of mirrors and am happier not seeing myself. I’m not ugly, just getting older and fatter.

  17. Lol, no. I don’t even like to look at myself in the mirror, but I have to comb my hair so I don’t look like a slob for work.

  18. Haha, I think that’s hard to judge right? I think guys see attractiveness differently than women. But of course that’s my opinion as a woman.

  19. i can acknowledge that im generally considered conventionally attractive, but body dysmorphia prevents me from internalizing this. im obsessed with typical metrics of attractiveness (how many people hit on me, my measurements, clothing size) because it somewhat assuages my panic of not knowing what i look like/believing that im hideous

  20. I got hit by girls if that does concerned as a yes ? But still i never saw myself properly until i started going to the gym and dressed more properly... Advice: it's always the way you dress.

  21. I like most of my face, upper body and legs. I dislike my chin, hair, my stomach and my back. I think I'm attractive but the parts I don't like take away from it a lot.

  22. I'm an overweight, bald, middle-aged troll-looking guy. My wife sees something in me, though, that I don't let out often enough. Honestly, it's knowing this that makes me feel the most unattractive.

  23. Not even a little. My boyfriend seems to disagree. I don’t understand it at all, he says I don’t need to…

  24. I read the stuff about your parents and as a cancer survivor I want to say I’m proud of you AND your parents. I have an idea of what they went through although I can’t pretend to know what you went through. I’m sure they’d be very proud of you and how much you’re excelling in life.

  25. Some days I see myself as pretty, some days as ugly. I can't figure out how I would objectively this a common feeling?

  26. It is for me! Hormones and such... overall I’m consistently happy with my good parts and consistently disappointed with my bad parts, but they even out depending on the day, based on my mood and my diet and what I’m wearing. Content overall I’d say :)

  27. Sometimes yes, sometimes absolutely not. Some days I feel "sexy and I know it". Some days I feel "what does anyone see in you?"

  28. I didn’t for awhile but recently I did think a bit better about myself when a friend of mine was going off how much he cares about me which did make me feel a lot better with my self esteem in general. He also compared me to young morbius which was surprisingly accurate

  29. I used to be super hot. Like really really good looking. Not as much now tho 😕 but that’s ok cuz time takes a toll on us all and I’m still pretty fun to be around so people seem to like me. I’m ok with that.

  30. I don't like my face but I liked my body before becoming a mom. I feel like I'm a mom and I have a hard time feeling like a woman and thinking about being attractive.

  31. I think I'm pretty cute. Though beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Hmm. IS THE MIRROR LYING TO ME???

  32. Sometimes I think that I’m the hottest bitch that anyone has ever laid their eyes on. And other times I cry myself to sleep about how ugly and hoeless I am

  33. If I dropped 70 pounds, I would be. It's on the agenda, but there are 2 other pieces I have to address first.

  34. Let me say this. In my case I was always attractive to others but not for myself. I had to work on myself a lot to consider myself attractive. Basically you can be attractive but confidence makes the biggest difference. If you’re well groomed, healthy, have a style and are confident, you’re 100% attractive no matter what others say.

  35. I only feel okay with how I look when I’m alone but when I’m around people I feel ugly and repulsive. I’ve been working on becoming more confident for 2 years now, it’s not working lol

  36. you know some days I look myself in the mirror and I think to myself wow I am the most handsome man to walk this earth but most of the time it's just me shitting on myself. We all need to learn to love ourselves.

  37. Honestly for me, it depends. Some day I look in the mirror and think "hey I look pretty nice", and other says I'm like "what the fuck". I'm kind of the opposite of OP, I think I like my body more than my face. It just depends on how I'm feeling that day.

  38. Bruh I try to think that I am attractive or else I don't think I would be able to accept myself. Maybe I'm in denial and I'm ugly but there is always something you can do to look better. I also think that attraction is not always related to how someone looks but also how someone acts, be confident or if you're not at least pretend to be confident.

  39. For me, sometimes. When Iook in the mirror sometimes I'm like "damn that's one handsome dude" and other times it's more along the lines of "how does anyone find this attractive obviously my wife is going to leave me because EWW"

  40. Yes. I wish I could date me. I'm exactly my type 😍 too bad I'm damaged and the only one who will date me is me 😅

  41. Depends on the day. I think overall I'm moderately attractive. My half brother got modeling offers though lmao he looks a lot like Justin Bieber.

  42. Yes. I feel beautiful most days for some reason or another and really feel as I’ve settled into my life and mental health, I’ve become more comfortable with my body and how it’s function is attractive too. I’m overweight to a degree, but don’t care. I like me 🤷‍♀️

  43. Some days I look in the mirror and I think "you look good today". While others I think "you fat, ugly piece of shit".

  44. In terms of overall aesthetics i'd say my face is a 6.5 ish and my body is a 5, i'm skinny and wanna gain muscle. I still wanna improve a lot. I cant change my height "5ft 6" but i can make up for it in other areas so yeah, i still wanna improve and i know i can cause i can get girls the way i am now so just imagine when i start taking care of myself. And i by no way shape or form say that i am perfect cause i am not, i am yiur average joe schmo that has a damn good luck with women for some reason.

  45. Sometimes I think I'm very beautiful and my confidence for the day is high, but most of the time I hate the way I look (face and body) and the depression eats me alive

  46. I think I am average. Not ugly. But not beautiful. Somewhere in between. Only time I feel beautiful is when I get dressed up. Only time people compliment looks.

  47. I genuinely feel like I’m a 9/10. Very good looking face and body, but I’ve never been complimented on my looks. So in short, I have no idea if I am or not

  48. I used to when I was younger. But repeated rejection from my partner for 3 years changed that. On a more-depressing-but-slightly-positive note, now I just don’t interact with my sexuality at all and no longer care if anyone finds me attractive. Actually kinda nice no longer seeking some sort of attractiveness validation from other people.

  49. Yes I do. I believe that I am pretty and I like my body. Not to say that I have my insecurities. I’ve had on again and off again acne since junior high but it’s come back now in my early 20’s and fucking with my confidence. I still feel pretty. But it makes me think…do I like myself for myself; where is my confidence truly coming from? So I’m working on loving my inside more so I can get over the mental aspect of the acne. Not that I don’t like who I am but I shouldn’t rely as heavily on the physical appearance to provide that confidence.

  50. nope. im aware on how i look and i chose not to care too much about it. got other priorities and stuff after all. though there were a few times my sister told me her friends thought i look cute

  51. Physically middle of the road and maybe a bit below average. In other areas, well above average. Overall can't complain. :)

  52. I find myself in a weird place, I don't think I look good most days, and I hate my body, I also don't get many (if any) compliments. At the same time, I don't think I'm relatively unattractive. It's a very hard thing to put into words.

  53. Yeah side from the fact that I'm overweight. Tryna work on that rn tho so I can finally be happy with my physical appearance and not feel ashamed to be next to the girl I'm seeing who looks amazing af

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