What becomes immediately (more) disgusting just by changing its color?

  1. You can get eyeball tattoos. I met someone with one on the bus. One eye was dark blue instead of white.

  2. Pussy - needs to be pink inside. Green inside pussy is off-putting. That is why I could never be a Starfleet Captain.

  3. When I was a kid, after reading "Green eggs and ham", I used food coloring to make my breakfast. You guessed it: I couldn't eat it even though I was the one who did it.

  4. Ketchup, they did a limited green ketchup back in the 90’s I’m sure it tasted the same but something about the colour was just wrong.

  5. Ice cream. They had black ice cream at Coldstone for Halloween a few years ago. Same exact flavor I always get, just black. I ordered it and it looked so gross. I took a bite and couldn’t stomach it. The look really threw it off.

  6. https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/redgreenblue/call-it-a-dramatic-tone-shift/viewer?title_no=587922&episode_no=248

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