Whose Death Affected Oliver The Most?

  1. I would have to say Robert Queen. Without his sacrifice, Oliver wouldn't have been able to become the (Green) Arrow, that is at least what Moira seems to think in the final episode.

  2. Tommy’s death changed Oliver’s trajectory drastically when it came to his mission. At first it was about righting his father’s wrongs. But after Tommy died, Oliver’s mission became about actually saving the city.

  3. I gotta disagree with that. He couldn’t even be bothered to say he loved her when she was on her deathbed when everyone else did. Oliver’s parents and Tommy’s death affected him way more and led to him making decisions based on what they would want him to do.

  4. tommy was the whole reason he stopped killing (for a time) and that propelled him into becoming a legitimate hero

  5. So killing bad guys means you’re not a hero? Pretty sure if some psycho was shooting up a public place and some random person that could’ve been a victim takes down the shooter and kills him, he would still be deemed a hero…

  6. Of course Robert was the whole reason he put on the cowl. But I would say after that it was Tommy and Moira. It changed up Ollie's whole MO, deamenor and how he treated the people and city for the better.

  7. Probably his own. I’d have to imagine that dying would have to have some pretty significant effects on a person

  8. There are strong arguments for all of them honestly, especially Tommy and Moria, but atm my choice is Laurel. Even without her death, she serves as the motivation for many of his decisions in the first two seasons, in her death this is elevated. He never thought she should be fighting in the first place. He’s more protective of her than any other character, so he pulls the ultimate Oliver and is his most broody and self-blaming self. He refuses to work with anyone, keeps rejecting the idea of a new team. He feels like he’s let her down a second time. He is even protective of a clearly evil version of her bc of this.

  9. For sure it can’t be Tommy or Moira there were brought back. Remember Moira telling Thea that Oliver couldn’t bring back people who didn’t change the hero he was.

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