Aromantic people, which one applies to you?

  1. I hate being touched, except if it's hugs, then lots please! But I get those from my friends, without needing a romantic relationship, so I'm good

  2. I want a relationship, but to me it's gonna be a (very special) friendship. my partner can take it as romantic -- I'm okay with that (and of course I'm assuming my partner will also be okay with my stance)

  3. I'm almost in the same situation. I'm indifferent about wanting a romantic relationship, but I have a partner who feels like a very special kind of friend to me

  4. I'm not sure where I stand on wanting a romantic relationship. I used to dread ever having one, but now that I'm aware I'm aro, I find myself thinking "I'd be alright with trying a relationship under these specific circumstance." But I've never felt attraction nor ever actively wanted a relationship.

  5. Fuck no! The great thing about discovering my aromanticism was no longer feeling guilty about not wanting to date.

  6. Ya, I am still working on my comfortability around relationships. I have always wanted a relationship and enjoy the romance genre, but real-life relationships are a bit icky to me lol.

  7. I've had enough bad relationships. I don't want to put myself through anxiety and stress if I can help it.

  8. I honestly don't care, if by some miracle i end up falling in love with someone who loves me back then great, but i enjoy being alone so much more ! I prioritize myself first and i'll adjust to the rest.

  9. It’s not something I’ve every really wanted but I don’t want to close myself off completely incase one day I meet somebody I’m really into and realise I’m not actually aro.

  10. There's many parts of a relationship that i like and i would like to experience but i have very little desire to actually go out and seek a relationship so im not sure if i actually want one or if i like the concept of one. Not in a rush to find out im just vibing at this point.

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