can people still be aromantic after a relationship??

  1. If after a breakup, the breakup traumatized you too much, can you be aromantic? Like, if the love of your life broke up with you, can you be aromantic?

  2. You’re not allowed to realize new things about yourself after having formative experiences. Good thing you asked

  3. Yes? Just like any orientation, a lesbian can still be a lesbian even if she dated a man before she realised it. Being aromantic isn't something you choose and the only thing that defines it is a lack of romantic attraction

  4. I mean like, after a breakup. If you were considered to be straight before and during the relationship, after the breakup, is it possible to turn into aromantic?

  5. What would it mean that you still love your ex but gets disgusted by falling in love with others? Is that still in the aromantic zone?

  6. Hm. This is a fascinating question. To the initial question, absolutely, but to what you've clarified in the comments your situation to be... Probably not? But that doesn't mean, if you don't want a relationship, you can't hang out in aro spaces so you're around people where romantic relationships aren't the norm and expected. There is the label "erasromantic" that means you used to be allo but your romantic attraction disappeared at some point, but if you're still getting crushes you're disgusted by because you're still in love with your ex, I don't think your romantic attraction has really gone anywhere, you've just become a romance-repulsed alloromantic due to still loving your ex. While everyone is welcome here, and you'll probably find plenty to relate to, you should also consider therapy. Or giving it more time (I don't know how much time has passed since you broke up). This doesn't mean, though, of course, that you need to start having romantic relationships again. If you don't want it, you don't have to. No one should have to be in a relationship if they don't want to regardless of orientation.

  7. I was in three relationships before I realized I was aromantic! Sexuality is fluid, so you certainly could be!

  8. I mean if the relationship failed it’s definitely something to think about if you even attracted to your partner in the first place

  9. I’m aromantic while in a romantic relationship. You can identify with whatever words you feel closest to :)

  10. I don’t think you turn aromantic, especially if you still have strong romantic feelings for the other person, but aromanticism is a spectrum so you might not be aro, but arospec: I would consider visiting the wiki page about aromantic spectrum for a more in depth analysis of this, here’s the link.

  11. Yea I’ve been in 3 relationships and I’m still vv aro I was in them before I found out (obviously) but I still didn’t have a romantic interest in people

  12. Yeah man, being aromantic just means you dont feel romantic attraction or that you only feel romantic attraction when your really close to a person, that doesnt mean you dont want to be in a relationship :)

  13. I feel like I didnt word that right sorry, I ment that people may want the closeness of a relationship without actually feeling love towards a person

  14. Yes! I was in a romantic relationship with someone who is still a good friend of mine. It was before I realized I might be aromatic so it felt like a friendship but with kissing. It didn’t really last long since it was more like a friendship but I honestly think it kind of made us closer as friends.

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