Thank fuck I'm not at the barracks right now

  1. E2: Issue addressed. Thanks all! And thanks to JBLM leaders who were actually around and taking calls/on social on a Saturday night. I genuinely figured most people wouldn't see it until morning but a surprising amount were around.

  2. Wait what the fuck? I'm currently texting with a cougar in Asheville and we've been talking for like 5 months wtf

  3. I swear bragg is the most referred to base. It could be a post about hood or bliss and someone would be like "this one time I ran down Ardennes..."

  4. Does this message get out much outside of reddit? I'm not on Facebook or Instagram, so I don't know for sure, but it seems like the people who would benefit most from being told "don't answer your door/phone on the weekends" never hear that because they're not on reddit. May be totally wrong though.

  5. Yep I was out there. They tried to make some dude in civilians get in front leaning rest too. Fucking retarded

  6. Every SFC I've met in my time in the Army has either been totally down to earth and all about taking care of those under them, or a total fucking prick that lives by their rank and what they can do with it. No in between.

  7. Be me a fresh squito winger on their first CTC rotation and have to leave early due to emergency leave and my unit up and drops me off at the white cell. E7 there was all about leaving me be and letting me sit there with signed leave form in hand telling me "it's not actually emergency leave" some random E7 from brigade walks in. Proceeds to say "fuck that guy" and takes me to one of those motels on a different part of base, helps me get a plane ticket, and in the down time hangs out with me around Gulfport Mississippi and drops me off at the airport for my flight out... guy was an absolute baller

  8. Knew this was 17th fab barracks when I read the title. Texted my soldiers to see if they were part of this. “No I stayed in my room, fuck that guy”

  9. They didn't get scared after the "Let me catch you in your room" over the intercom? Lol they must've known there's no way he was popping every door and checking.

  10. I've only lived in a shared AF barracks.. so I've never put up with this crap but I was going to say what stopped people from just chilling in their room?

  11. My girl is at JBLM it was her barracks. She just came on post and parked at the barracks and her friends were just like turn around and drive away lmao

  12. that SFC is gonna go home and think he was doing his job but in reality he personally ensured those 3 battalions are going to suffer in retention

  13. Also, someone is gonna wanna open door their BN CSM for this. That SFC just bent over wanting that spanking.

  14. That shit is fuckin stupid. Send the Battalion CSM a text informing him of what happened and see how that goes for the SFC.

  15. I never answered the door after they tried to pull people to clean the fucking dumpster on Saturday after 8pm because they couldn't get another contract to actually have the dumpster truck come in.

  16. I get a lot of shit from active duty friends for being in the guard and rightfully so... but at least my wifes boyfriend doesnt make me and the rest of my apartment building stand outside for no reason. What a cuck!

  17. Bro, I’m also Guard and I genuinely don’t understand why people go active. I’d have gone postal if shit like this was even close to the norm. I’m in Kuwait with my guard unit and it is purely go to work, get off work. No barracks shenanigans, and an occasional promotion ceremony. As much as I hate my job here, the Guard is entirely so much fucking better because they leave me alone.

  18. Just got back from SLC and about half the class was active and the other Guard. By the end of the class every single active guy was trying to figure out how to go Guard. Those guys were so jealous of us after swapping stories.

  19. Scanning their cac? Man my shitty barracks on Shafter are starting to sound like paradise. We got away with literally everything there

  20. Schofield’s barracks that I stayed in had a little scanner you had to scan to get into your room, but CQ had zero way to identify whether someone scanned a ID to get in or not from the desk unless they visually watched you walk up to a door and be let in, which they really couldn’t do from where the desk was positioned.

  21. I’ve been to the barracks there once to pick someone up and they were pretty sweet tbh. All like individual small buildings shared with one person. Full patio and tons of space. They were sweet

  22. I feel like I was in this situation I would've just got in my car and left. Wouldn't that have worked?

  23. this is why you always whip out your CAC before you get to the barracks. Personally for the price I paid, I wanna make sure everyone sees all 4 inches of my glorious CAC

  24. Sometimes I consider re-enlisting, thinking it wasnt so bad and the benefits are solid...then I read fuck shit like that and go, "ohhhhh yeahhhh"

  25. Seeing this kind of thread response is hilariiooouuusss. Come Monday everyone will know the guy and he’ll be perma-barrassed. I bet he gets a little humbled real quick.

  26. I've been saying this for YEARS. First time I've seen someone else say it. It's a huge problem that no one is paying attention to imo

  27. Get you a girl with kids they will have to cook and you get yourself a free meal. Follow me for more useful tips on how to skip the Bs on the wkend.

  28. Living in the barracks was the most intrusive moment of my adult life. Having another grown man tell you how your a piece of shit for not folding your laundry after you just took them out of the dryer and tossed them in your basket.

  29. Ah yes. The dichotomy of E7. This one is on me friends sorry. My E7 just covered down for me not being at formation again so naturally something horrible needed to happen elsewhere.

  30. So heres the skinny 1.) We had an incident in those barracks a week prior where we had an ACTUAL gunman try to enter the premises (word is he was after his gf/wife who was placed or was in the building at the time.) 2.) The guy who enter withiut his CAC disobeyed orders to stop in place and bolted up the stairs into someone's room. 3.) If we had one actual firearms issue and someone who didnt scan walked in with a guitar case, being safe seems to be a legit reasonable course of action no? 4.) That SFC gave the soldier 15mins over the intercom telling him to come down which he did not do.( I'm pretty sure that soldier was drunk - i was watching the show unfold in that hallway at the end of formation lol) 5.) This was at 1845. Late? For a work day yea - but for a Saturday? I wish i was outta town instead fr tho

  31. 1.) I didn't hear about this so I'll leave it be. 2.) You can't enter a room without knowing the door code or having someone inside it open it for you. 3.) I didn't go downstairs to check but from what I heard and who the person was they probably had their guitar strapped on their side or back rather than in a case. 4.) Even before using the intercom the SFC got the floor CQ to start banging on doors then after not finding him used the intercom. 5.) 1845 on a Saturday feels very late for a formation in civilians outside where I live.

  32. I love the Army and I became very close with some soldiers in Iraq but damn they would have to go through some straight up childish b.s. because of something dumb….yea chair force was pussies blah blah blah but I was always treated with the utmost respect 90% of the time

  33. Sounds like someone’s piss he has weekend duty….. and the farm animals are taking the ass pounding for it

  34. If anyone of the rank E-1 through E-8 from another BN tried to make me stand in formation on a Saturday night, I'd tell him to feast on my entire ass and just stay in my room. Hell, I'd probably do the same thing to an NCO from another company in my own BN.

  35. Um, how did someone get on post without showing their CAC? Visitors should’ve checked in with CQ…or don’t I understand cause I’m old?

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