Can anyone provide the proof of election fraud in Arizona that Kari Lake is claiming? Finchem and Lake continue to say the proof is out there and that they have it. I want to see the proof to assess it. Has it been published anywhere? Has it been turned over to AG Brnovich or FBI for investigation?

  1. As a former Arizona resident it saddens me to see the state be the butt of so many jokes nationally. People are smart enough to know that Arizona elections effect the entire country. The fact that Arizonans can't understand that when one third of your voting machines break in the middle of an election, that sows real doubt. The fact that Ms. Hobbs oversaw her own election by refusing to recuse, sows doubt. When the country has to wait well over a week for officials to count the votes, that shows complete incompentecy and more doubt. If Arizonans wonder why people, even those out of state, do not trust Arizona elections, I have listed why. I'm sure there are more. People believe Arizona is corrupt and its because of things like this.

  2. You are working off of false assumptions. Go watch multiple videos about the process. How the mechanics work and who passed the laws to make it that way. Republicans have slowed the process.

  3. It is such a weird unnecessary obsession. I am a more left wing guy, but this should be an easy year for Republicans. All they had to do was nominate some boring Mitt Romney types and the election is theirs.

  4. The real rebuke and will not sell out to have some corpse like Romney represent them. Democrats on the other hand, hello everyone good night

  5. Lake is only wanting to divide people. Not Hobbs, she is actually talking about what she supports. Kari Lake is an actor news personality who only is fooling herself.

  6. There is no proof, but if you repeat the same lie over and over again, you'll plant a seed in people's minds. Even asking the question when this has been debunked over and over again is proof enough that her BS works.

  7. Absolutely correct. And I keep hearing a lie repeated; that there's 0% of election fraud... Men can get pregnant but elections can't be defrauded... Ahem- unless we're talking about DTrump... It sucks that tribalism has everyone so caught up in their group identity that folks can't disassociate from their group and think critically anymore

  8. It’s true and polls are unfortunately showing it’s sinking in. That’s why I want to confront them and not give them a free pass.

  9. Finchem is on my mail-in ballot in Arizona. You are looking at page 2. On page 1, all 3 columns are filled. I had to vote on 15 political offices, 3 boards, 4 bonds, 53 judges and 10 ballot propositions. And this guy wants everyone to vote in-person, on election day, on paper ballots all counted only by hand - no electronic counting.

  10. Trump taught them well: Lie, and back it with more lies. Do it loudly with indignation and bullying and the ignorant will follow.

  11. There is definitely more than zero my fellow fraud denier. Vote counts of a closely contested race DO NOT go vertical, not organically, and that one did, in the highest populated counties, in swing states, all around 6:00AM. Lots of coincidences combined with this "miracle" of the vertical blue line. But I suppose we are now supposed to believe in miracles instead of questioning these things, eh?

  12. I agree with you. Sadly, the latest B.S. I've heard from the MAGA kool-aid is that it was rigged because news of Hunter Biden wasn't properly disseminated. These people are batshit crazy.

  13. No there is zero evidence of any systematic or widespread voter fraud that could have changed the outcome of any State's election. In any set of elections with scores of millions of voters there is always going to be some fraud or malfeasance.

  14. Stolen is a misnomer. I think it’s fair to say there were tactics used to increase turnout of voters who voted Democrat but that’s not really theft, that’s just running a winning campaign.

  15. Aren’t they also attempting to throw majority rule voting and also throw out electoral votes if the right person doesn’t win?

  16. I've got some invincible elephants. They don't smell, or make noise or need to eat! Perfect pets, maybe you would like to buy them. Only 59.99 a piece!

  17. There simply isn’t proof. They are lying and pushing disinformation. The moment they are pushed to ropes, they fall back on marginal nonsense that doesn’t prove anything except that no human organization or process is perfect, but that could not and did not change the outcome of any elections. Or they simply tell more unfounded lies. For instance, when pressed on CNN by Bash, Lake lied about hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots not having ‘a chain of custody’ and should not have been counted. Utter nonsense, repeatedly debunked, see:

  18. No one can provide the proof because IT DOESN'T EXIST!! They are lying because, for the GOP, it works. Lake and Finchem just continue to feed the MAGATS exactly what they want to hear. Sad, but actually pretty simple to accomplish. Some people can't deal with the truth.

  19. The "740,000 without chain of custody" is specifically a misinterpretation and/or deliberate misunderstanding of the process. Basically, there are several steps to chain of custody and one of them, writing the number of ballots in the bag on a slip, wasnt done.

  20. Lake is just lying through her teeth again. Just like donald, lie, lie, lie, scream the election was "rigged" unless you win. More proof of her being an anti democracy and anti US traitor.

  21. so what you are saying is that fox propaganda, hate radio and donald lying through his teeth have managed to convince extremely gullible and profoundly ignorant people, with absolutely no proof, that "cheating" occurred. There point being only if a republican is elected was it a fair election. That, apparently according to republicans, if a democrat is ever elected it can only be through cheating and "fraud". That, according to republicans, if black people, brown people, gay people vote that the votes are illegal and fraudulent because they aren't "real mericans".

  22. Lol dude you can’t come w this condescending tone of “let’s say this sub has certain self-reinforced views” and then offer Rasmussen, the ultimate self-reinforcing pollster for Republicans, as a counterpoint

  23. So in your mind, polls can somehow stand as proof of electoral fraud? The only thing you've found evidence of is widespread delusion.

  24. Lmao where have you been the last 2 years? 60 different courts determined there was no evidence presented to show evidence of fraud.

  25. I am not an election denier or a Qari supporter. She and MTG keep saying they have evidence but never share. To me they get a pass when we stop asking them to put up or shut up.

  26. At this point, Republican voters look like fools for not calling out election lies from their party leaders. It’s Obama’s birth certificate 2.0.

  27. Kinda seems like moving the goal posts. Either voters are committing fraud or people running the system are. The inference by these people is someone is cheating. Voting machines is a Finchem favorite. Also mail in ballots. The inference and accusations are key to their complaint.

  28. What I don't understand is how seemingly intelligent people actually still believe the bullshit the Maga crowd spew and the networks are more than happy to give them air time all in the name of journalism.

  29. To some degree, since around oh I dont know, 2016ish- all of the news outlets have figured out drama sells and gets people to watch depending on the click bait they're using for the day. Even my favorite news channels have jumped on the wagon, to a lesser degree but still in the game. Makes me want to watch nothing but PBS News hour. Our quality of news coverage has fallen so far, hard to distinguish from Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood.

  30. They don't believe it, they just want certain people to win so they keep repeating it in an attempt to make it the 'new truth'

  31. Back in my day, saying that the election was a fraud *BEFORE* the election, and *WITHOUT* evidence to back it up, was something that voters would find disqualifying.

  32. Every accusation is a confession. The VERY few cases of election fraud are mostly committed by MAGAs. If there was any proof of widespread fraud the "audit" would have found something.

  33. They say this in ads and on the campaign trail, but NEVER in front of a judge. Because there penalties for lying in court.

  34. Well the Republican government spent how much money on a company who never audited an election (and never will again because IIRC they folded), and that audit took nearly an entire year, and that audit found that there were actually even more votes for Biden than originally counted...

  35. I know yet Qari still claims the proof is out there and never shares. Blames the press but she could go around the press and publish it on the internet for scrutiny and/or verification.

  36. This is a challenge to the MAGAs. Finchem and Lake, along with MTG and others have claimed they have proof. MTG in her debate just a few hours ago claimed her husband has proof he got from a FOIA. Lake has claimed for months that she has it and claims that the media won't cover it, yet she's all over the media and never has it with her and never sends it to the press.

  37. The offense would misprision of a felony. I doubt any prosecutor would seek such charges, however. There’s no underlying crime. At best, this is plain old-fashioned lying.

  38. Republicans new Standard Operating Procedure: Republicans win it’s fair election, Republicans lose its voter Fraud election stolen, you will see this all through the midterms and 2024.

  39. FYI, the state government - including the voting process - was controlled by Republicans during the 2020 election, the 2016 election, the 2012 election, and there was never any claim of "widespread voter fraud" when the state went for (checks notes):

  40. Dems never claimed election fraud in any of those elections: what we claimed was voter SUPPRESSION. Strictly ‘legal’ - though often violative of Constitutional principles and the 1965 VRA- restrictions of voting, misinformation, and voter roll purges that disproportionately affected Dem voters were used, resulting in GOP victories in close races. The GOP is abusing a facile and false equivalence to make the argument that Dems have in the past made fraud claims. Simply untrue.

  41. I absolutely agree. My post is a challenge to the MAGA's here. Withholding evidence of fraud is in itself a crime. MTG, Finchem and Qari are making claims and won't put up OR shut up.

  42. Lake already said she will not accept the results if she loses, as if we needed hei to say it. She said there was fraud in the primary, she won the primary.

  43. Recall this same song and dance by Trump leading up to his loss? Not sure why these Trump politicians think his strategy will work for them when it didn't for him. He eventually put forth some "evidence," to appease his followers and it was all disproven or was never meant to be anything more than an outright distraction; what a waste of time and money cyber ninjas was. Now she and other Trump politicians are pulling the same shit because for the most part, Trump voters will only hear the allegations but look no further. They want angry paranoid voters, not informed and rational ones.

  44. They are lying. They are traitorous POS. This year I am an acid test voter: You’re endorsed by trump, no vote for you. You’re an election denying or spotting election fraud lies, no vote for you. I can’t even believe we have to debate this stuff.

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